Love messages to the girl [110+ gentle sms for her]

Girls really need gentle words from you. They melt and fall in love with ears from gentle phrases. Therefore, today I prepared you a powerful list of love messages to the girl. Send them to SMS or say aimed one at the meeting. Effect you guarantee! Let's start.

Sweet messages for a girl

  • You know? I never, never planned to love so much, and never thought that I would think so often about you. But I like it!
  • About you my last thought, when I go to bed at night, and the first when I get up in the morning.
  • When you are with me, time stops, and everything else in the world ceases to matter.
  • Do you know how to wake up perfectly every day, knowing that I have you? You are ideal.
  • Do you know how magnets are magically drawn to each other? That feels my heart when I am with you. I can not even explain this attraction that I feel.
  • This morning I woke up and went smiling, and then I realized that I think about you.
  • I could spend with you every minute of the day and still feel that I have little.
  • I always thought that "happiness" begins with the letter with but now I know that it begins on the M / first girl name /.
  • It is very important for me every day to hear the sound of your voice.
  • I want time to stay when I am with you, but it always finds the way to fly by.
  • You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I like our night conversations and how you fall asleep at my chest when we look at the movies.
  • You are such a bright light in my life that I almost do not remember what my life was before your appearance.
  • You understand me so well, as if you can read my thoughts.
  • Parents said never to give up their dreams while I studied at school. That is why I will never let you go, the girl of my dreams.
  • With his beautiful smile, you make my sadness disappear.
  • If I could fulfill the desire, I would give you the opportunity to see myself with my eyes. Then you would understand how special for me.
  • Good morning. Tell me something in the voice message - if I hear your voice in the morning, then my day will be better.
  • You have the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen.
  • You are the embodiment of my dreams.

Love messages for a girl

Love SMS for her

♥ I want every day to be like today and next to you, my girl!

♥ I tried to stop thinking about you, but it is simply impossible.

♥ Because of you, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. You never get out of my head, even in my dreams.

♥ I wanted to tell you that wherever I was, whatever happened, I always think about you.

♥ You have me. While all the stars in the galaxy are expensive. You have me.

♥ I never loved you more than now. And I will never love you less than now.

♥ When we met, it was an attraction, and now it turned into love and keeps us very hard.

♥ You helped me see the true meaning of life with my love. Thank you for you are always there!

♥ You're close by when I fall asleep, you are near, when I wake up, and, most importantly, you are there, when I need you most. Thank you for it.

♥ I miss your smile, your tender touch, your caring about me. I just can't wait to be with you again!

♥ With you in my life, the world seems much happier, the birds are chirped louder (I began to hear birds!), The sun shines brighter, the grass becomes greener, and my heart beats faster.

♥ You are so beautiful and charming. And you also have a stunning sense of humor, my baby.

♥ Previously, I thought that a person could experience happiness in his life. But with you I realized that happiness for me is every minute, every second, every day I spend with you. With you, everything is different.

♥ For the first time in life, I do not need to try to be happy. When I'm with you, it happens by itself.

♥ Hold you in your hands - my favorite occupation.

♥ You have no idea. Sometimes it's so hard to force yourself to stop thinking about you.

♥ While you have not entered my life, I have never been afraid to miss something. I will never let you go.

♥ You are the mistress of my heart, my feelings, my soul and my body.

♥ I believe that dreams come true, because mine - came true when I met you, my love.

♥ I saw your eyes and realized that in this my world.

♥ No matter how terrible is my day, your smile returns everything to its place. I love you sweet.

♥ You were asked for me.

I realized that I love you when I stopped thinking about how beautiful you were, and began to see the beauty inside you.

Love SMS for a girl

List of love messages that can be sent to your girlfriend

  • At the moment, as I met you, I realized that you had something that I need. It turns out that it was not something. It was all you.
  • I remember the first day when I looked into your eyes and felt the whole world turned over.
  • I was so lucky with you. When you're near, I have incredible forces to move forward.
  • Your smile is my favorite thing in the world!
  • My Angel, you are the best, what happened to me.
  • Baby, my heart will be broken if I won't see you all day. I miss you!
  • I can do one hundred times at the same time, but always think about you!
  • You do not know, but your smiles can sweeten anything, including my life, my days and my coffee. How can I believe that you are not sugar?
  • You are the reason for every wonder in my life.
  • Your kiss is my daily dose of happiness and comfort.
  • If love was a cup of coffee, she would be a mocha latte - sweet, hot and filled with pepper.
  • Before you, my life was similar to a puzzle with the missing piece. You turned out to be this missing element, thank you for solving my puzzle. Love you.
  • You awaken in me the best in every situation. You, honestly, what I was lacking. You are my personal piece of sunlight.
  • To fall asleep at night, I imagine that you are here, next to me, with your hair / hair, tied to a random beam, and hug me.
  • You can't imagine how I need to hear your voice every day. I so want to hug you, wake up with you and be near to love you.
  • My heart freezes, my mind is spinning in a circle, my smile stretches from the ear to the ear: all because you are near.
  • I saw that you were ideal and loved you. Then I realized that you were not perfect, and loved you even more, a gentle girl.

Romantic SMS Girl

  • You slipped into my skin, invaded my blood and captured my heart.
  • All over the world there is no such heart for me as yours. All over the world there is no such love for you like mine.
  • Love you - it means to know what real love is. My feelings there is no logical explanation. My heart responds only to yours.
  • Love and be loved - the best feeling I've ever experienced. It is beautiful, insanely, unexpectedly and even magically.
  • I want to always take care of you and surround you with love, my treasure.
  • You will always be the most beautiful girl in the world. At least in my world. Because you are my world.
  • Thank you for painting my life with paints of happiness: you make me feel your loved ones, we carry and special.
  • You make a million little things that bring joy into my life.
  • Kiss you, hug you, hear how you dare over my jokes, staring at you like a crazy fan, miss you when you are not. I just love you and want to do this all my life.
  • You are so beautiful that sometimes I can't tear off your eyes
  • You are the most magnificent, pretty, beautiful, dazzling, sensual and stunning. You are everything for me. I can no longer submit my life without you.
  • I am the happiest man, because you have in my life! Every day is beautiful thanks to you! You are everything for me!
  • I want to be close to keep your hand and protect from any trouble that will meet you on the way.
  • You are the only person I can count on. You are always there, when I need the most. Thank you, my angel.
  • Every time I look in your wonderful eyes, I Tay and fall in love with you again, and again, and again.

I love you - Messages for a girl

  • I can't remember the night so that I do not dream of you, I can not remember the day so that I don't think about you. And every moment I love you!
  • I need you to be in my life forever. Love you.
  • Whatever happens. No matter what you did. No matter what you do. I will always love you.
  • My love, I look in your eyes and know what I want to look into these beautiful full of eyes all the rest of your life! I love you!
  • I love you not for your gentle beauty or kindness, but for the fact that you sing a song that I hear only me.
  • I fall in love with you all stronger every day.
  • The biggest reward of the day is a smile on your face when you see me. She shows that you love me, and I also love you too.
  • Whatever happens, you will always be my lady, my queen, my life, mine. I love you very much!
  • No one in this world can make me so sincerely happy as you! Thank you, my sun, I love you!
  • My princess, you make my life filled with meaning! I love you so much!
  • Your touch makes me the same thing that the sand, when soothes the waves of the sea. I love you.
  • If you ever ask me how many times you come in mind, I would answer - once. Because you came and never left. I love you too much, my heart!
  • Explain how much and why I love you, anyway, what to describe the taste of water. It's impossible. I just love you!
  • You make me so happy!
  • I did not believe in love until I met you.
  • The more we spend time with each other, the more I fall in love with you.
  • I want me to have 8 days a week and 25 hours a day, so that I could be with you longer every day, because I can't get enough to you. I already miss you.
  • Baby, you hypnotized me from the first day, every day I find all the new reasons to love you even more. Be my forever!
  • You are so honey like a Barbie doll. The main thing is that dolls are not fighting and do not shout to anyone! 🙂 Love SMS for a girl

Romantic messages for a girl

  • Nothing in this world can never prevent me from thinking about you. No one in this world will be able to take your place in my heart!
  • Love you - not my weakness. This is my greatest strength and my greatest confidence.
  • Memories that we create together will always delight me until the end of my life. I want you to always be there to share my happiness!
  • I like kissing you on the lips and in the nose. You are so sweet, as if the chocolate.
  • All the quarrels that we sometimes do not matter if I see your smile at the end of the day!
  • Nothing in my life does not give me so much joy as your happiness! I want to always make you happy!
  • Your love is my inspiration. I can't even imagine what my life would be without you.
  • My gentle sun, my presence in my life you warming me every day.
  • You are just perfect. When you are next to me, my day is filled with joy and tranquility.
  • Perhaps I am not the perfect guy. But my love for you is sincere. Every blow to my heart says it's true!
  • You have a special. With you, all concerns and sadness remain somewhere far away. Love you my girl.
  • Just as nothing and no one can approach the same beautiful as you, nothing and no one can get closer to love you so much like me.
  • You are a treasure that I was looking for all my life.
  • The greatest joy in my life is to wake up every morning, knowing that you are mine.

I will add periodically new love SMS for girls, you can still find more luxurious options for yourself in my article about the compliments to girls or affectionate words and phrases for your beloved.

Your Tatyana Cracker.

Well, video on the topic:


Break your head over what to say to the girl so she melted, in his own words? Then I study the selection of pleasant phrases and compliments, save yourself and dare to communicate with the opposite sex. Below you find replicas for any case. They are enough to put the girl with compliments all year round. Let's not delay, proceed!

50 short and gentle phrases with your favorite girl to raise the mood


Girls and women love compliments. Excess the following options and use at the right time. Phrases are simple and non-banknal. Pick up the words for the character of the girl. Believe me, it melts from such attention.

So, that you can say a pleasant woman to melted:

  1. Is this not a violation of the law - to be so beautiful every day?
  2. You are the most harmful, but at the same time a cute and cheerful creation on the planet.
  3. Although today we have not met, but you look gorgeous! But as always.
  4. I feel my clock that you constantly start ...
  5. Sorry with friends that angels exist. Pliz, came their photo.
  6. My heart freezes when you appear on the horizon. I think it's time to look for a good cardiologist.
  7. In the wanted, the most beautiful woman who kidding my heart. Signs: Cute, charming and damn smart.
  8. First SMS: "I adore you!". Second message: "Sorry, the error came out." Third SMS: "I adore you more than life!".
  9. Next to you, I come true. Your kisses make my face as beautiful that the surrounding began to ask questions about my transformation. Of course, I will not reveal all the cards.
  10. I melted when I first saw such a beautiful girl. Tell me the road to your heart?
  11. Hi, my joy. How is your day going? I miss madly. I can not think about any thoughts.
  12. Every minute away from you - torture. I do not see the point of spending time without my beloved.
  13. I want to be a dawn to see the first to see smiling and sleepy you.
  14. Someone the morning starts with coffee ... I have - with thoughts about you, your smile and beauty.
  15. I always wanted to be with a girl who will become my universe. Know, dreams come true. You are my Everything.
  16. What to say the most beautiful and beloved girlfriend to melting? Damn, I do not follow my own words, I said. Adore you.
  17. Today was at the doctor. He wrote to me 50 kisses every day from the most cute and sincere girl. I urgently need your help.
  18. We have not seen a whole eternity. I sit and talk with a TV. Breakfast with a toaster. Still a little bit and entailing with a vacuum cleaner. You do not seem to meet us?
  19. How is the girl with sweet sugar sponges? Do you miss me?
  20. How are you? I thought here ... How can you be on earth if the angels hang out in heaven?
  21. Hello! How do you feel about the idea - take the viniche and play the picture for undressing?
  22. Decided, it means to write you sms. Your cute lyrco appeared in my head, and then I got ... I forgot about everything I wanted to say. Baby, you are a real miracle.
  23. How can you be so smart, beautiful and kind? A unique girl, not otherwise. I want to caress you in my words to melted.
  24. Pretty woman, you can rely on me in any situation and in every sense of this word. Including - physically.
  25. I love indecent dreams with your participation ... Straight Do not take a glance ... It is a pity that the alarm clock rang.
  26. Love comes us, men, for crazy actions. You deserve the best, my cute girl.
  27. Kisa, how is the work? Warring strength, in the evening, arrange the marathon. Let's see who surrenders first.
  28. I collect suitcases to go with you even on the edge of the world.
  29. Every time we talk to each other "while", one cat cries in the world. I propose never to part so as not to force the animals to suffer.
  30. On the whole of white, there is no such beautiful and kind girl like you. I appreciate, I love, I will protect my treasure all my life.
  31. My soul, in the morning you like a cat ... Graceful and elegant, sleepy and so unusual.
  32. I thought for a long time to say such a beautiful girl so that she melted. But in your own words it is impossible to describe everything that I feel. You bring me to dizziness.
  33. I do not understand why the American stars are constantly included in the rating of the most beautiful women in the world. In my opinion, first place is given to you.
  34. What does my beltenious ray do now? I consider moments to our meeting. I can confidently say that every second stretches like eternity.
  35. I want to wake up in the mornings not from the noise of neighbors or birds outside the window, but from your gentle and sensual kisses. My affectionate girl, how I missed ...
  36. I decided to calculate everything that I like in you. As a result, a calculator broke ... from overvoltage.
  37. Hi, my tenderness. Tell me how you can be so cute, kind and smart at the same time?
  38. Beauty will save the world, yes? So everyone urgently needs your help.
  39. In my dreams you are doing damn indecent. And you know, I do not want to wake up. Urgently demand sleep.
  40. When I look in your eyes, I see a reflection of myself. Baby, I want to be your support in everything.
  41. I am sure that such a bright girl glows even in the dark. Angel, it is illegal, be so beautiful.
  42. I want to be a mirror to see how you measuring outfits and undress. Seductive and beautiful kitty ...
  43. Only your smile can make this world better. Smile more often, everything will be fine, I'm with you.
  44. Hello my light. I want to offer you dinner together, and then - have breakfast. What do you think about it?
  45. I am the man who was lost until he met you. You are the woman who gave me real happiness. Bright star in the dark universe.
  46. Attached something hot to the correspondence so that you really melted. I send my photo, in general.
  47. If beauty was considered violation of the law, you would give life.
  48. I want to be a blanket that you blame with your beautiful legs at night.
  49. Beauty, cut out! No time to explain, urgently came to your photo. Only it can raise me the mood now.
  50. Your affectionate lips and tender hugs will make my day. Let's meet? I missed the impossibility ...

When you do not know what to tell your girlfriend, and in your own words, so that it melts, copy and send any of the short messages.

Save the selection of phrases to please the lover with funny and cute letters at least 50 days in a row.

What to say to the girl on correspondence so that she realize that you love her


Acknowledged in love with SMS, communication in VC or by mail has long become a classic. We suggest to consider sincere recognition to the girl by correspondence. Beautiful phrases and compliments will not only pleasantly surprise and make a woman, but will make it really happy.

*** I write SMS only to close people who want to take care of. I send you a message to say that with you a lifetime for me! Ready to caress you for days to melting from my hugs. This recognition serves as evidence of love. Save it.

*** Your messages turn my soul inside out. Does a man can be so sentimental? In a difficult situation, I always remember you. Only thoughts about your favorite girl help restore the strength and tune in to a positive. I am happy that we are from each other. Thank you, dear.

*** Together with your words in this text I send a thousand kisses to my beautiful girl so that she melted. I have a hurry to say, you are the most native person for me. We will be together all our lives. No prose describes all the feelings that I feel for you ...

*** Even if the whole world is against us ... Even if we come with enemies or loss of all friends ... Even if the end of the world comes ... I will not hurt to be with you. I adore you too much to retreat.

*** For today, nothing special happened, there is nothing to tell. But I still write SMS to give your words to understand what I think about you. My recognition is short, but sincerely. I miss ...

*** I love you so much, my good thing is that the whole life is not enough to express feelings. I want to be a cat, who has 9 lives. Then I can show every day how much you are the road.

*** Guys at work were told that I was lucky with you. You know, beauty, the compliment is better for me and can not be. No in the universe of a beautiful woman than you. The time will come, and I will make you a sentence so that you can not refuse me.

*** Sun, everything will work out, I promise. I will not allow your cheek at least one tears rolled. Is that, it will be tears of joy and complete happiness.

*** My soul, hello, how are you? I am writing to say that our relationship is the meaning of my life. And every day I fall in love with you again, and again ... Short messages are not for me, I am ready to devote our connection hundreds of books ...

*** Not every man knows what to say that adorable and the only girl so that she melted. But I'm in Lada with my own words, dear. Because the thoughts about you add up in gentle phrases that I wish to devote to my muse. We, as two particles in the universe, are created for each other.

*** At the first meeting, I thought: "What a beautiful girl with a cute smile and a charming figure?". But then learned that beauty is supplemented with a sharp mind. And then I got ... fell in love with irrevocable.

*** I would never have thought that a woman would be able to become everything for me, but you like a hurricane turned my world. I wish to be with you until older and never part. I want to write sms every minute when we are at a distance.

*** Even if you are busy, do not write messages, do not call ... I love you anyway. You are always in my thoughts. Waiting for a meeting and hugs so that you melted from the warmth of my feelings.

*** It is impossible to just take and transfer the entire depth of feelings by correspondence. We have not seen several hours, and I miss the way it walked like a year. What did you do with me, damn? I confess, I love you more than life.

*** My love, you know, I do not really love sweet ... But you are my lacquer dessert. It would have ate my piece of cake right now that your body melted from my caress. I'll bend, perhaps, with picking neck and ears.

*** When we met, I tried not to think about you, because the feelings overwhelmed me, I could not focus at work and on anything else. Now, when we together, I do not struggle with this, but on the contrary, I think about you 61 seconds per minute. I love so much and miss ...

*** You know, write to you messages - the best occupation. I do not pick up words, my heart says for me. You are a girl who won my soul. I completely belong to you and do not want to resist it. I love you so much that these feelings do not describe in any words.

*** When you laugh, I am ready to conquer the world to keep your happiness. I write because I want my kitten smiled. I will be with you in joy and in Mount, you can rely on me in any situation. Be sure that I am your wall, and you are my sweet and beloved girl.

*** Only with you I can be myself. I do not need to pretend, seem better and put on the mask. The most real happiness for a guy is to know that the girl fully accepts it. I am grateful for it a thousand times, my dear. With you, I become kinder and sincere.

*** I hurry to tell your girlfriend good and warm words so that she melted and felt herself happy. In my words I give to understand that I will never leave you. Smile, angel, I want to be the cause of your good mood.

*** I'm going in the car, heard a familiar song and immediately remembered you. My clothes smell like your spirits. Such a feeling that you are near. Just imagine how I hug you, the heart immediately begins to beat more from tenderness. No one except you knew me from such a part. I love you so much, you can't even imagine ...

*** Since you appeared in my life, I became another, the best version of myself. Every time, waking up in the mornings, I understand that life is beautiful. Yes, we do not have everything yet, about what you dream. But we love each other, feelings are the main thing, and the rest will achieve the rest.

Pleasant SMS girl who likes her smile


If you want to support the girl, say something pleasant, make a compliment on correspondence to raise the mood, we advise you to explore the nonbany words and phrases. When she will receive an SMS on the phone or a message in VK (Vomatup, Vibere), it will definitely smile. Do not think too long over the text, we did everything for you. Just choose the option you like and make a nice girl.

What words to say and write in an SMS woman to her to be nice:

  1. Now I do not need to use Google or Yandex, because I found everything in you that I was looking for so long. Smile, babe, everything will be fine.
  2. I want us to be vampires. Imagine love from the first bite and eternity ahead ... Clean buzz.
  3. I remember the funny moments associated with you, in the most unexpected places and situations. People are nearby think that I am a fool. But I do not care, I am painted and happy.
  4. Why guys say they love their ladies with all his heart? My heart, for example, is not as big as the ass. Can I say that I love you with the whole ass? What do you think it sounds normally?
  5. Do you think that you are always in my thoughts, all day and all night? Think right.
  6. It is wrong to say that love is manifested in the form of butterflies in the stomach. When I'm with you, it is a feeling that inside me is the entire zoo.
  7. I hope in the next life I will become an octopus. Then I can give you caress and hugs with all your hands. Cool, tell me?
  8. In childhood, I was told that you need to go for your dream. You are a dream girl. I will go after you even on the edge of light, sweet and good.
  9. You like Red Bull, get over and make you feel the happiest guy in the world.
  10. I decided to look at the stars and list the reasons why you like me so much. In the end, all the stars ended ...
  11. I always know what to say to his beloved girl so that she melted. After all, when you love a person, you can manage my words very simple. Feelings come from the heart and form into affectionate phrases. You are the whole world to me…
  12. Be so affectionate, beautiful and sweet at the same time is illegal. If I were a sheriff, you had already punished you and arrested you. Although ... nothing bothers us to arrange role-playing games.
  13. How do you like to make a crime together? For example, I am driving your heart, and you are mine. It seems a good plan.
  14. Today we perfectly spent time together. Perhaps I need a "pause" button so that these moments never end. Maybe we will repeat?
  15. Hello, lend me your kiss. I will return it with interest, I promise. You can set a bet of 1000% per annum and even more.
  16. I want to see a smile of such a beautiful girl like you. Let the day bring a lot of positive and ... a meeting with me.
  17. Thanks for tenderness and support, I did not have enough. You deserve only the best.
  18. We and I are as if waves in the ocean. Noisy or calm, but always together. You make me melting from tenderness ...
  19. When I hear your voice and see your smile, my brain is immediately disconnected. Standing like inserted, and admiring his girlfriend.
  20. In ancient times you would have been burned on a fire. Because no one would believe that you are a real woman, and not creation from heaven.

As you can see, it is easy to call a smile from the girl and raise her mood. The main thing, do not strain, bring lightness and comfort to communicate. Let it relax next to you, but at the same time show themselves a strong and open man.

Save examples of pleasant words to a woman to be nice to get sms, you will definitely be able to raise the mood of the lady. These compliments and words can also be used in correspondence in VC, on a dating site or in messengers.

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Words for the beloved girl on the phone so that I took for the soul


Often the guys do not know that it is possible to say or write to your girlfriend to bring it to the tears of joy. At such a case, we have compiled a shifty-specific examples of messages that even the strongest and independent woman are touched. We advise you to save this selection to always know what to say to the girl on the phone in your own words so that it melted. You will help a list of short pricks.

*** Want to know my opinion about your profession? I think you should become a decorator of interiors. Wherever you come in, the room immediately illuminates. You, like a sun, warm everything around and raise your mood.

*** Only you can call me dozens of feelings at the same time, but it's not bad at all. I want to tell tenderness to emphasize your weakness, and vulgar words to make you blush. Ideal relationship.

*** The street is so cold ... I dream now to be near. Wrapped in a blanket, press you to yourself and stick to a cool movie. You can take a bottle of wine in the evening, order pizza or rolls. It is strange, but I really want to feed you.

*** Hi, native! I call to say that everything will be fine. You are my reason for living. The girl who makes me happy every day. We did not talk just a couple of hours, but I missed you mad. Even short parting seems eternity ...

*** What to say a girl to express her love in your own words? Oh, spoke. Kitchen, I miss insanely, I really liked today. I do not need anyone but you.

*** It is necessary to work, but I twit in the clouds all day, I think about you and I have a hurry to send love of love. Before the impossibility, I want to see. As it came out, every minute stretches like eternity. It seems that this day will never end. But our meeting will be a real dessert.

*** When my friends told me that it was crazy about their women, I did not understand them. But having met that the only thing, realize that nothing around no longer makes sense. I'm drowning in love for you.

*** It is not enough to talk to you only by phone. I want to make compliments to my girlfriend, looking into her beautiful eyes and seeing an infectious smile. Let's see you soon, I ask you.

*** With each meeting you become all the nurses and more beautiful. What is your secret? If the beauty is designed to save the world, then all of us urgently need your help. Such a woman can melt the heart of any man.

*** I never chose the words for a girl so carefully so that she melted from my compliments. But you changed my vision of relationships. I want to fall asleep you with compliments, hear your laughter and look at a satisfied smile. Tears of happiness in your eyes is the best proof that I do everything right.

*** See you with you, I lived as an average guy: Work-house-periodic meetings with friends. But you, like a hurricane, burst into my life and changed it. My Muse, now I want to move forward and conquer the highest mountains. I want you to have everything you dream.

*** Now I realize that life has prepared me for a very long time to meet you. I was wrong, stumbled, fell, but every time I rummaged and continued to go. I found the perfect, very clever and beautiful girl who will always protect and love.

*** Baby, thank you very much for your support, love and care. I really lacked this. I know that after the black strip always goes white. We just turn and go along it along. You are ideal for me, even in frowning days with you I am happy.

Gentle words to the girl in prose - recognition in a letter to tears


Among the men there is an opinion that real feelings are not accepted to express verbosity, they are enough to describe several sincere phrases. But if you want to write something nice to the girl, so that you bring it to tears in your own words (happiness, of course), then pay attention to prose. Any woman will like a sensual letter.

*** My dear, I am writing to say how wonderful you are. The most incredible girl in the universe. I have never met a lightest and cheerful person. Your beauty, tenderness, sensitivity and kindness reduce me crazy.

*** Prose is dedicated to my beautiful girl. In what time and peace we did not exist, I will never find such a beautiful woman like you. Beautiful, cute, elegant, charming and interesting. I can't not think about your smile, grace and beauty. Your look fascinates, and the inner world really amazes.

*** Hurry up to tell the best and beautiful girl warm words so that she melted. In my own words, I will warm your soul, I will raise my mood and make you smile. I am ready to go for you anywhere. You are a real miracle and the best that ever happened to me. I am happy that we met.

*** You are my man, I made it impossible by changing me forever. I would never have thought that a man could be so happy. Thanks for the beautiful moments that we spent together. I will protect you all my life, your smile makes me live truly.

*** My beloved, dear girl, as soon as you appeared in my life, I turned out to be as if in a fairy tale. I never believed that dreams come true, but you are with me. I am sure that neither in one galaxy does not exist as a sensitive, beautiful, amazing, talented, sincere and wonderful girl.

*** I say a little that you are amazing, unique, excellent, irresistible, charming, kind, shining, funny, outdoor and charming. My love, you decorate my life and this world. I want to fall asleep you with unusual gifts the rest of my life.

*** I always wanted to say that you are Divine, beautiful and charming. Until now, I can not believe that it is not a dream. I finally met the girl of my dreams. You are my fate and the most beautiful thing that could happen to me.

*** My happiness, in words it is impossible to describe how beautiful you are, extraordinary, caring, affectionate, irresistible, magnificent and charismatic. Looking at you, only warm feelings and happiness arise in my soul. Stay always so incredible.

*** You fascinated me at first sight. I always dreamed of meeting such a girl. I still do not believe that you are mine. You have become a whole world for me. Everything is perfect in you. Every day I penetrate you more and more.

*** See you with you, I never thought I could experience such emotions. You are an incredible girl who makes me not just wake up with a smile on the face, but also to make bold actions. I will give you a whole world in which you drown from happiness, love and joy.

If you express feelings in your own words, the girl will be touched to the depths of the soul. Such options for beautiful words can be pronounced by telephone, write in a letter, SMS or Vkontakte. Give your woman tender words to make her day extraordinary.

How to write a girlfriend "good morning" so that she melted


If you want to make the girl think about you all day, take care of it in advance. Wanted good morning in your own words, in order to get the tenderness in the evening. Do not forget that women love romantic, so paying a lady due attention.

So, what to say to the beloved and the only girl so that she melted and thought about you constantly? Consider options for phrases in your own words that will help you wish the girl good morning.

  1. Wake up, my good. Let the wonderful day will give a great mood, self-confidence and optimism. Today everything will turn out, luck will be with you.
  2. With beautiful, gentle, kind in the morning, my nymph. I wish the sunshine, stay radiant all day. I am sure you will get to achieve the goal.
  3. With good morning, babe. Let this day be the same pleasant and easy, as your dream. Remember, I believe in you, everything is possible in life. Smile!
  4. Perhaps you are still sleeping, but I know that after reading my SMS, you will have a great mood and a smile on your face. Stay the same bright all day. Good morning, my girl.
  5. In such a beautiful morning I want the sun to be caressed with my rays, like a warm wind pegs the leaves on the trees. Just smile and stay in a wonderful mood all day. Nothing should upset you.
  6. Good morning, my universe. I know that in a dream we were together. I gently stroked you and whispered pleasant words. I do not want it to stop, but it's time to wake up. Open your eyes, enjoy the sun, smile, because we will see you soon.
  7. Good morning, native. War off and wake up with the first rays of the sun. My flower, bloom and fragrance. Feel my love, save these wonderful moments for the whole day.
  8. Let you wake up a gentle sun, which will give a charge of cheerfulness and positive for the whole day. Inspire this moment, save smile for the whole day. Good morning, my baby.
  9. With good morning, my love. I wish you all the brightest and beautiful emotions. Charge positive and cheerfulness, spend the day with a smile on your face and thoughts about me.
  10. Wake up and read my message rather. Smile and save this wonderful mood for the whole day. I look forward to our meeting, my happiness!

Now you don't have to reflect on what to say on the phone or write a girl in the correspondence so that it melts. Warm phrases, spoken in their own words, warm it in any weather. More often write pleasant messages to your chosen, but do not be intrusive. Recognition should be appropriate, moderately long and light.

Affectionate phrases for the night of a girl. "Good night" in your own words


After a heavy day, a woman wants to hear the pleasant words from his man before bed. Therefore, do not lose time, rather take the phone and start typing a message. If communication with the girl occurs by phone, then unobtrusively read the text. Do not forget to add a compliment from yourself at the end.

So that the girl melted, send SMS to the next content overnight:

  1. Enjoy today's sleep, because I will be in it. Enjoy tender kisses, my soul.
  2. Fall asleep, my little. Mildly immerse in sleep, smile and pour out. I kiss in your tender lips.
  3. Let this night give you a holiday with incredibly warm dreams. We will be together, as if in a fairy tale. Sleep, my sun, until tomorrow.
  4. Sweet dreams, my happiness. I am grateful for what you are. We have a happy and amazing life ahead. One prose will not describe everything that is waiting for us. I love you.
  5. My love, I wish you the most pleasant and gentle dreams. Pour and gain inspiration for tomorrow. Good night.
  6. Good night, baby. Seg your delicate hugs and passionate kisses. I hope today we will see in a dream.
  7. Let's not scary a blizzard nor the wind, I will always protect you. Fall asleep, thinking about us. Sweet Dreams.
  8. Let this night you will dream of a wonderful dream. I hope he will become a reality, and we will be together. Gently whole, I hug and send a letter to my beloved.
  9. Today in a dream you will be a real princess, and I - your prince. Rather, fall asleep to plunge into this fairy tale. Good night, my adorable girl.
  10. Gloss in a soft bed, covering a warm blanket, give to the beautiful way. Purge, native, good night!
  11. As soon as you read SMS, go to bed. In this dream, we will spend a wonderful day with you on the ocean. The wave of feelings will master us ...
  12. Imagine that I am right now. I whip the pillow, she hide you with a blanket and hug firmly. Whole, good night and sweet dreams.
  13. Let the most beautiful girl on Earth dictate wonderful and fabulous dreams. Sleep firmly my love so that it is more likely to see.
  14. Good night, angel. Enjoy sleeping. Relax and be sure to wake up with a smile and a wonderful mood.
  15. Gentle dreams, good. The day was too heavy. Circle forces and inspiration. I love you, in the morning we wait for my call.

We looked at what to say to your girlfriend to melted and smiled. As you can see, it is very easy to express feelings. If you still do not live together, warm words before bedtime will be the most pleasant. Believe me, Morning SMS from it will not have to wait long.

What to say and write a girl after a quarrel to make up


Loves quarrel, unfortunately. Therefore, if you know what is to blame, try to correct the situation. We will delight your angel with pleasant words so that she melts from one thought about your reconciliation. Women can forgive, you just need to find the right approach.

So, what to write to your beloved girl after a quarrel, so that she forgive you, and you have risen:

  1. I am ready to correct and become one who will no longer make such mistakes. Give me a chance.
  2. I do not think that it is worth embelling our precious life into small insults and quarrels. Let's put up ...
  3. I suggest to forgive each other and forget about all the troubles between us. Let's take a look that there was no quarrel, baby.
  4. Forgive me if you can. I did not want to do it. I'm trying to divide the guilt. I love you to the depths of the soul ...
  5. I understand that was wrong. Sorry, it was talked. Do not worry, love you with all my heart.
  6. Everyone allows mistakes, but this is not a reason to choose what is between us. Let's put up and never remember this quarrel.
  7. I apologize, my universe. I can not imagine how I exist further without you ...
  8. I do not know how, but I am ready to collect all the stars for you. You are my life, forgive me. I do not find places when we are in a quarrel ...
  9. Let's put up, my dream girl! Sorry, I was wrong. You are the most expensive that I have. I want to melt in the arms and kisses of your ...
  10. Let's talk, I repent and know that they offended you. I want to fix everything. I will send one letter after another until you answer.
  11. I live hope that not everything is lost. Give me the opportunity to fix the destroyed vessel.
  12. I know that I feel bad, but I really try to change. I'm trying to do it only for you.
  13. We need to calm down, and not leave each other in the past. I love you and I will not let anywhere.
  14. I know how much offended you. But I still hope that everything can be fixed. Sorry ... We will defeat this quarrel. Together against the whole world.
  15. You are the only one who knows me the present. I do not want to lose my man, I'm crazy about you.

Now you know what to tell the girl is so pleasant to melting it, in your own words. We accounted for many examples of pleasant compliments, short phrases and expressions for any occasion to take for the soul. Apply them when communicating with a woman by phone, in correspondence and SMS. If the girl like poetic long speeches, then send a letter with prose.

The question "What to write to a girl to be nice?", Puzzles many guys. Often it arises at the initial stage of the relationship, in the first days after the acquaintance. Indeed, not knowing a person, not just understand how to make the desired impression. Your message will depend on many factors - from the characteristics of its character, the cause and purpose of the message, on how close you are. However, there are several general recommendations that we are ready to share with you.

  1. If you want to write something nice to your girlfriend, try not to be banal. Phrases "How are you?", Uncertain "go somewhere in the evening" is so beaten that they became a simple expression of courtesy, and not romantic feelings. These are the most thoughts can be expressed differently:
    • "My horoscope claims that today an excellent day to continue a new acquaintance. Let's check in the evening?! "
    • "Angels always have a good mood, but just in case I will clarify: Do you all right?"
    • "How does the most wonderful girl feel in the world?"
  2. For example, it can take advantage of the expressions as irony or even sarcastic. Therefore, such words should not be used when writing a pleasant message for a girl.
    • First of all, they should be relevant, sincere and warm: "You are my sunshine. Siai and give this world beauty. "
    • Hold what you especially like in it: "I think about you all the time: before your eyes your cute smile, a gentle look, silky hair." "Excellent photos on your page. But in your life your figure is still luxurious. "
    • Note the strengths of her character: "You are one of the few who I can trust." "You know how to see unusual in the ordinary. This admires me. " "I like your desire for self-development and self-knowledge." "You do not deny your mistakes and remove lessons from them. I am amazed by these qualities. " "Your parents raised a beautiful daughter."
    • Emphasize its importance for you: "You charge me with a positive. Next to you I am happy. " "You inspire me to new accomplishments. Now I am ready for the exploits. "
  3. Compliments - severe weapons in skillful hands. What nice words can I write a girl?
  4. Do not abuse compliments, otherwise the girl will cease to appreciate them.
  5. To make a friend of pleasant, you can write to her that I prepared a surprise or a gift for her. "I took the tickets, fly tomorrow. The courier will give you my card, buy, which will be needed to relax on the sea. " "In the evening, a surprise awaits you. The same incredible, wonderful, sweet, like you. " "A gift for my beloved is already on the way."
  6. Brevity is the soul of wit. Be concisely in the expression of my thoughts. Try to meet in two or three suggestions.
  7. Your message should be competent, without obscene and vulgar expressions, vulgarity. In order to write text without errors, you can use special applications.

What to write in the morning?

How to make a message for your beloved?

Do not fall asleep her messages from the morning, because she just woke up, going to study or work. In order not to distract, it is better to simply wish good morning success in the afternoon.

How and what to write a girl in the morning "Hi" so that she melted? It will undoubtedly help the subtle art of the compliment. Words about how much you need to need it, your feelings will give her confidence necessary to solve important tasks. The girl will be grateful to you, which will definitely build your friendship. Here are some successful options:

  • "Let the sunny bunny give you my tenderness and wake you up with a light touch."
  • "When you wake up, the black and white universe is filled with bright colors."
  • "Now the birds outside the window sang me that a new day began at the wonderful girl in the world."
  • "I am in the excellent mood. I share it in half, on you and me, and send you a wish for a successful day. "
  • "The cloudless sky, a clear sun and a wonderful day for sleeping beauty ordered? Then accept and write out. "

If you are in a relationship for a long time, the message may be more intimate:

  • "With good morning, beauty. I feel the aftertaste of our wonderful night. I remember the fragrance of your beautiful body. From the first days of our dating, I knew that I was not mistaken in you. For me, you are the most perfect girl. "
  • "Thanks for the passionate night. I hope you still could relax and gain strength. Have a nice day! Will meet in the evening. Your loving man. "

What is pleasant you can write to your girlfriend in VKontakte, if you are not near? Tell her about how you sad and miss the separation:

  • "Cute, with good morning. Now we are far from each other, but I so want to wake you up with your hot kisses, hugs and breakfast in bed. "
  • "Favorite, far from you I even appreciate your affection and care. I do not have enough of your warmth. "
  • "We are separated by the distance, but in my today's dream we are gently and dusty made love. I look forward to incarnation of sleep in reality. "
  • "We are in separation, and it is hard. But when you wake up, come to the window: we can see the beginning of a new day together. And I know that at this moment you will smile. "
  • "Outside the window badness, but the thoughts are warmed about that somewhere I am waiting for my native person. You are the source of my strength. "

If you live with a girl together, a pleasant message that you will write in your words will refresh your feelings. Do not miss the opportunity to remind her of your love.

  • "My gentle sun, Ozari is the world with its shine. Adore you. Good day to you! "
  • "The most charming and attractive, with good morning! Let your eyes always glow from happiness, and the smile does not come down from the face."
  • "You are my joy. I'm proud of you. Let your day be filled with pleasant events, and nothing overshadows it. "
  • "This morning is like you: the same fresh, cloudless and sunny. Let it bring you good, good luck, little and great joy. "
  • "In the morning, all the stars are extinguished. And only one, the brightest and desired, illuminates my journey day and at night. "
  • "Let the new day give you only positive impressions and emotions. And in the evening in our castle, a romantic dinner is waiting for candles with your faithful knight. "

Morning messages will help the girl to understand what you think about her from the first minutes of your awakening. The wishes of a good day will give the vigor and the energy needed to achieve important goals.

During the day

She worked for several hours, a little tired. Tell her about how beautiful she is and clever. It charges it by positive, raise the mood. Now is the time to provide support and show attention and care that I will confirm the seriousness of your feelings.

  • "I can not focus on work. I think about the most wonderful girl in the world, with which I was lucky to meet. "
  • "I feel the pleasant smell of your perfume all day, I hear a melodious voice, feel gentle touch. It seems I am sick with you. "
  • "Every time I look forward to our meeting to spend time with smart and charming beauty."
  • "On the street rain, probably because you are sad. Give people joy - smile. "
  • Podibodari her, for example, a proposal to go with her on a weekend on shopping: "I hope you will be pleased to buy a new dress. I promise to get around all the shops and patiently choose things for you. Let's spend a round sum. You deserve it, my worker. "
  • "You're the best. Always remember this. "
  • "Shining, gorgeous, kind, smart, charismatic, special, beloved. I send you a million kisses and a good mood. "
  • "Let everything arouse in your hands, my hardworking bee. And if suddenly problems happen, I will be ready to protect you from any trouble and attack. "
  • "You are my guiding stars, illuminating my thorny life path. Your advice is so important, your support. I want to remain in your sweet captivity forever. "

For the dream is coming

Romanticism and soulfulness - recipe for the creation of evening messages. It is important here to observe the measure and will not hit the unfasteless flattery. Do not write about those qualities that it does not possess, because it can be a hurry and vulnerable girl. Your phrases should be figurative, but truthful.

  • "I am a lucky person, because next to me is delightful, charming, smart, funny and bold girl. I want to devote all my life to you. "
  • "My heart belongs to the most brilliant, charming, mysterious, good and tender girl in the Universe - you."

You can add some erotica and intima:

  • "I love to look at you when you are not living in the crib: warm, sensual, sexy."
  • "My seductive fairy, I hurry to you to go to an unforgettable love joy."
  • "The best night that we are doing together."

If your relationship is only tied, you should show restraint and restrict ourselves to the compliment or a hint of your sympathy:

  • "Even late autumn there are wonderful sunny days. Today was exactly the same, because we spent it together. "
  • "Next to you, I am easy and light. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be yourself and even a little better. "

Of course, in all cases it is appropriate for the wishes of pleasant dreams: "Let your dream be calm and strong. Forget the alarms of today, and tomorrow you will be accompanied only luck and luck. "

Messages can be less elevated, for example: "Sweet dreams of my adorable baby. Smoky smoky. " Or comic: "Let the best girl in the world will dream of a Mishutka in a pink pajamas, which rises with honey in the magic forest." If it is not a pink color, then there are options: "Let you dream our joint journey to a uninhabited island." ("... Our holiday outside the city, where I want to invite you in the coming weekend.")

No matter what time of day you write a message: in the morning, afternoon or late in the evening. The main thing is to be honest and frank with the girl, do not deceive her expectations. Then your messages will help her feel the necessary, desired, sole and beloved.

Test: Does your second half do not change?

Do you suspect your partner deceives you? Pass the test and learn whether you can drive your afternoon.

What to write a girl to smile? Top 100 phrases

2020-03-13 Girl in the topic smiling

In the modern world, virtual communication plays if the unmarked, then a sufficiently significant role. Young people just do not think their life of gadgets. And accordingly, it is in the network that acquaintance, communication, and the birth of gentle feelings occur.

And, of course, the fact that the Girls "Lyuboyushai" proved for a long time and is not a secret for anyone. But how to be if the help of making a compliment or please the girl is, but as such a job - no? It is in this case that an email and favorite mother will come to the rescue.

In which cases it is appropriate to write an SMS that make a girl smile i

  • A difficult period has come in her life, it's somehow I never need moral support;
  • She recently completed work on an important projection. Labiting her dignity and achievements, you will certainly be able to put it to smile;
  • The girl is not in the most convenience of the spirit, it does not matter for what reasons and, accordingly, positive items (albeit in the form of a cute message), it is simply shown;
  • Without visible reasons, just to remind your feelings.

100 phrases in the girl so she smiled 100

The most successful examples of messages that are without well possible a smile on the face of any girl are presented below.

  • My first thought after awakening - about you!
  • How nice to wake up, knowing that today I will see you.
  • Who is the happiest man on earth? Well, of course, I am! Because I'm familiar with you!
  • What dreamed of the most cute girl?
  • I didn't want to wake up at all, because in my dream I saw you.
  • Good morning, my beloved!
  • My head is busy only with thoughts about you!
  • I hope very soon we will see together.
  • I am ready to argue that today you look even more beautiful.
  • It is a pity that now I do not see your beautiful eyes.
  • You know, yesterday I fell asleep, hugging the phone, waiting for your message.
  • How long to reach moments in anticipation of our meeting.
  • All night I did not close the eye, thinking about you.
  • Dress warm, outdoor windy.
  • How slept like the most beautiful girl on earth?
  • Awareness that you are in my life makes me the happiest.
Girl in a pink hat
  • I'm so glad that the most amazing girl is mine!
  • I dream to wake up in your arms.
  • I would very much like the weather today was the same magnificent as your smile.
  • Just write to remind you: You are the best on earth.
  • I would like to believe that your dreams were the same sweet as you herself.
  • Today, and however, as always, my thoughts will be occupied only by you.
  • Have a good day, love! And remember, I am always there.
  • I'm proud of you. I believe in you. I love.
  • This dawn would be even more beautiful if you were there.
  • I hope next time I will wake me not singing birds, but your kiss.
  • Your smile lights my heart and makes him beat more often.
  • Let today bring you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises.
  • It does not matter what obstacles will wait for me today. I love you - and this is the main thing!
  • Wake up, sleepyhead! You are waiting for great feats!
  • Dear subscriber! A huge request to stretch sweet and nicely smile!
  • You know, I have only one cherished dream - so that you smile as much as possible.
  • I know that today you have a bad enough day. Smile and remember - I'm near.
  • No star in the sky does not compare with the smile of my beloved girl.
  • I will overcome everything if you give me your radiant smile.
Girl smiles cute
  • I thought so much about you today, and only 6 in the morning.
  • Dear subscriber! This message is the official proposal to smile before bedtime.
  • When you fall asleep, you're more beautiful!
  • I can not sleep ... Lear and smile, like a fool!
  • How cold without your smile!
  • I catch myself thinking that damn envy the dawn. After all, he first sees your incomparable smile.
  • Fabulous dreams, my unearthly!
  • I would rather come tomorrow, and I was able to enjoy your smile!
  • It is a pity that you have to see the sullen faces of colleagues, and not your magic smile.
  • Smile so that my thoughts are slightly spawned.
  • This message is charged to positive. It will be very ugly from your side to ignore him and do not smile!
  • The day you first smiled at me, was the happiest moment in my life!
Girl in glasses
  • Most of all, I love you when you smile.
  • I am ready to go for you on the edge of the world! Fees start today!
  • Do not worry on trifles. You are the most talented and targeted. I believe in you!
  • Success is not far off. Wider smile! I'm with you!
  • I just go crazy from impatience. Well, when will I see your smile again?
  • Thank you for being there!
  • I constantly remember your smile. Just remember this.
  • Just want to wish you a good day and remind you that I am next to ... Here ... Below, even lower. So stop, stop fling, I'm in your heart!
  • After all, you know that the best day starts with a smile?
  • Promise that after reading this message you will smile!
  • Every day, spent next to you, I love you a hundred times stronger!
  • Love you! Oh, I'm sorry, I was wrong. I very-very love you!
  • Without makeup, you look as smart as with him!
  • Once I fell in love with your smile. And, it seems, it's forever!
  • Tell the secret, how do you manage to always stay so sexual and attractive?
Girl with watermelon
  • What are the plans for the evening for the most harmful and at the same time a delightful girl on the planet?
  • I am confident that even in this cloudy day your smile is able to make me the happiest.
  • Once, with his unique smile, you have already managed to put me on the blade. Maybe we will repeat?
  • You're mine, and even more!
  • How did you manage to kidnap my peace in such a short time?
  • I do not know what you're on you now, but I know exactly what you really go!
  • I love you and cheerful, and sad. But I promise to regularly please me with your smile so that it happens.
  • I know that I will succeed next to me!
  • Interestingly, you also sadly without my smile, how do I feel without yours?
  • You can not answer this message, just smile.
Girl with candy
  • Is it generally legal, be so stunning?
  • Even when you do not call me and do not write anything, I always think about you.
  • You are my happiest "hello" and the saddest "while".
  • I love when you're angry, but even more - when you smile!
  • Congratulations! You won a fascinating journey called "together and forever"!
  • Attention attention! You are surrounded by limitless concern and caress. Please stay in place and smile.
  • If you don't smile within 10 seconds, responding to this message, I will have to finish you.
  • Millions of people dream of happiness, thousands of him everywhere are looking for. And I do not dream and do not seek, because every time I give his smile every time.
  • It would be nice if I had another girl, which I would also love strongly. And she would call you mom.
Girl in shock
  • I didn't think that the angels were allowed to walk along the ground.
  • If I were paid every time I saw someone more gorgeous - I would be the most nourishing.
  • I honestly tried to focus on affairs and not think about you. Sorry, I did not come out.
  • You are so ideal that I would not change anything to you. Is that only the surname.
  • I have not seen your smile already 86,500 long and painful seconds!
  • Only your smile fills my life with meaning.
  • Next to you I learned what he means paradise on earth.
  • Solemnly swear always and everywhere to protect you from any adversity.
  • I look forward to you! Returning more to my hugs.
  • Next to you time flies so inexorably, and without you turns into essential torture.
  • Thousands of words and millions of deeds will not fully express my love for you.
Girl with hearts
  • How do you manage to one glance, one smile, one touch to drive me crazy?
  • The one who says that the moon is beautiful, just did not see your smile.
  • Each time, waking up next to you, I understand - dreams come true!
  • Close your eyes and remember our first meeting.
  • Well, again overcast. Even the sky glooming your smile.
  • Only about one I sincerely regret that I did not meet you before.
  • Waking up triple easier when I know that I can kiss you soon.
  • No sweeter for me is your lips, there is no yellowing trophy than your smile.
Girl with flowers in hair

All of the above options are suitable in order to make a smile with a girl with which you are already a member of the romantic relationships. But what if the task number 1 is to give a smile while still unfamiliar, and even through virtual communication? In this case, it is important to remember some of the unwashed rules that will help create the necessary atmosphere of the emergence of the emerging sympathy to grow into something more.

What not to write? 2

  • Solid "no" vulgar jokes! If communication with the girl you like, only originates, then even one minor vulgar hint to be able to further develop relations for no. At the same time, it is completely no matter how funny and funny will be the joke itself. To smile, she is unlikely lying. But send you to the blacklist and stop communicating - easily.
  • Ridiculous, albeit in a cute form, is unacceptable. Such a message only offended a girl and as a result, will kill your hope for a succession future.
  • It is important to inject messages to specific (for example, political or prison) themes. Well, in your opinion, this is the funniest joke that is capable of raising an extension.
Girl surprised

What to write an unfamiliar girlfriend to cause a smile on the face 3

  • To begin with, it will not be superfluous to study the tastes of certificate of chosen. Surely they can become an excellent tip. I didn't even find suitable words, you can always send a funny filler with a fun filler or artist.
  • Nothing forcing compliments is a good way to make any girl smile. However, it should be remembered that there is a fairly thin face that is better not to move the initial stage.
  • A funny poem in a comic odnamment will laugh an object of your adoration. The perfect option is if it is a comprehensive essay. And it does not matter if with you since childhood are not very friendly to sinks. The main thing is the creative and sincere desire to raise the mood to the girl.
Girl with phone in hands

Or the original short messages that are in the taste of any "princess of non-vessels". For example:

  • Of course, we are still too little familiar, but it seems to me that it is easy to fix it. I hope you still smile when you see me "online."
  • Today, twenty times went to your page. Your smile is just a magnet!
  • Today they were asked who attractive - Megan Fox or the one I write this message. Guess what I answered?
  • How are things at the most mysterious girl? Well, if all is well. But if not, then I am immediately ready to make every effort to correct this misunderstanding.
  • Hey! Just decided to wish you a good day and thus recall again.
  • I dream to become a regular causal of your smile.
  • I can share with you thousands of reasons for a smile. If you promise to give me at least one.
  • If in my power to do everything so that you smiled - I am ready to execute it immediately!
  • Girl, do not tell me how to go to your heart?
  • Your smile is the most elegant that I have ever seen!
Girl in blue glasses

In general, the female nature is simple and multifaceted. And sometimes there is enough even a minor emoticon of Ipara-Troika Warm words, so that a smile shone on the face of the girl.

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What nice words can you write to a girl so that she was nice?

ТThe Ekters of the warmest words of his favorite girl in their own words to tears, just like that.

МOya native, the best and most beloved, you are for me, like 4 elements, you are a storm of emotions, my joy, love. You are the most tender and desirable in the world, only I enjoy me again and again.

* * *

МWearing my, I want to tell you that you are not only your favorite girl on this planet, you are the most wonderful and wonderful, incredible and interesting, extraordinary and sensitive, kind and gentle, beautiful and fun, radiant and best.

Nice words in prose girl who likes

Мmy il, the most beautiful, amazing, charming, charming, incomparable and extraordinary girl, you are the rustling of foliage and the sweet song of the birds, you are a gentle wind and a bright sun, you are a fragrant flower and charming nymph, you are my happy fate and the joy of all of my life.

* * *

МOya Queen, my favorite happiness, you are the most beautiful, my most beloved, extraordinary and gentle, affectionate and caring, smart and kind, talented and fun, charismatic and joyful, unique and irrigible, great and invulnerable.

* * *

ДMy oroga, my favorite girl, you are a fairy tale in my life, you for my heart - happiness, you are for me - hope and dream. I love you very much. All over the world there is no such amazing, beautiful, talented, sincere, good, responsive, perfect and wonderful girl, like you, you are excellent and unique.

* * *

ВOh all times there were no among all the peoples, there is no such wonderful, tender, elegant, beautiful, cheerful, radiant, interesting, charming girl, like you. Everything is fine with you, your smile, your grace, your look and the inner world are fond of sweet dreams and love.

* * *

ЛYubiima, cute, unique, you have the best. I am ready for you on the edge of light, and in space, and at the greatest depth. You are a miracle of miracles, the greatest joy in life. Your eyes are attracted by a magnet, your smile hit in an instant, your beauty is perfect, and your inner world is incredibly rich. I love you so much.

* * *

РOne is mine, I want to say a compliment, but I just want to warn that he will not be a monotonous flow of words, and what I say, you will certainly remember for a long time. So, my beloved, you managed to make it impossible, namely: change my life, for which I am infinitely grateful to you. You are the long-awaited ray of the Sun, which managed to break through the clouds that I needed. With my smile, you gave me faith in happiness, returned joy and feelings. You, as if a good wizard, who so suddenly appeared from nowhere and whose magic I will try to keep forever.

* * *

МIalate, beautiful, gentle, mysterious, amazing, charming, funny, sincere, kind, sensitive, open, radiant, charming, sophisticated, irresistible and shining. You can always talk about your beauty and wealth of your soul. You are divine, thank you that you decorate this world and my life.

* * *

МOya loveable features, my favorite girl, I want to tell you that you are the best in the world, the most amazing, charming, dear, kind, sincere, graceful, delightful, open, brave, unique and irresistible. I was very lucky to meet such a little man, such a girl, because you open the door with each day for me to the world of happiness, dreams and bliss.

Warm words beloved girlfriend b (2)

Warm words in verses Girl to raise mood

ЯI thought for a long time, how to express to me with words like you beautiful and wonderful every moment. And that I felt when we met our eyes, and how I got used to you during this time.

And it is impossible to transmit all feelings, there is no such words in the world. To describe how without you anxious, and how with you I feel love.

* * *

ЛIchiko cute, clear eyes, smile shines, Like a star: Know, you are a princess, like a fairy tale, you can conquer everyone without difficulty!

How beautiful your mill and gait, good heart, soul so clean! You, in one word, just a beauty, manits me so your beauty!

* * *

ТB is the best, cool, cool! You are gentle, honey, just beautiful! Unrivaled and incomparable, you are the brightest and awesome! Spectacular, fashionable, irresistible, you are the most heart of your favorite!

* * *

ТAircultural, gentle, like the ocean, vast and bright, mounted - you are a real fairy!

Desired and passionate, air, beautiful and strict, playful - my unique!

* * *

ТSo beautiful as the picture, as if rose, gentle, sweet, beautiful, like a goddess, and, of course, smart!

Your smile - the sun rake, shines bright and beautiful, you picked up to the heart of the key, my smiling sofa!

* * *

ТThe angel sent from heaven, about this heart whispering me you are just a miracle of miracles, it seems to me that I am in a dream!

In your eyes, my world shines, you are so beautiful as a dream! Let your heart know: I'm your now forever!

Warm words beloved Girl b (3)

Do not underestimate the influence of beautiful words on girls. Pleasant words or compliments will help melt the heart of any beauty. Tender words will help to fall in love or strengthen the relationship. What to write a pleasant beloved girlfriend, wife or your future girl? What words cause a girl from a smile or to touched it to tears?

When it comes to romantics and heartfers, girls always fall into captivity of beautiful love speeches. For this reason, poets, singers and people with suspended languages ​​always enjoy enormous popularity of beautiful sex. To tell the girl nice words and compliments are a need for any good relationship.

Why do you need to talk nice words to the girl?

"You know how important for women when they say they are beautiful, and that they love them and want! After all, we have to pretend forever, as if we are confident when you really don't matter. We need us to constantly encourage us. If you knew how women were grateful for the most insignificant sincere praise. We like cats in front of a cream saucer, and lick them. Only cream should be real, do you understand? " Richard Oldington

The girls are forever inure in themselves, which gives rise to their doubts, anxiety and sadness. If you praise, notice the advantages and strengths of the girl, then everything will change. Girlfriend will be sincerely grateful. She will be happy that he found himself a man who cares, admires and loves her.

One of the easiest and right paths to the heart of the girl lies through her adorable ears. Gentle, affectionate and pleasant words to the girl are able to turn any situation in your direction. Good words raise the girl mood and cause a smile that adds a man of sympathy points.

Even at a distance you can flirt, flirt and seduce the girl. Here are some examples of messages that you can send a girl in the morning, before bedtime or at any other time. The girl will think about you right from the morning, all day or falling asleep. This will add you points, and her heart will tremble.

Tet-a-tet and alone with a girl will be even more efficient. Nice words well not only write, but also to say tiptoe personally. Say beautiful words looking straight into the eyes of the girl. It's a good tenderness when you hug a girl and whisper it to her on the ear. Goosebumps, delight and smile girls are provided. Girls swollen when a man says pleasant and exciting things.

Compliments of a girl

Pleasant words girl

Life is hard and fussing that we forget to say gentle words with your loved ones. But maybe it's time to remind how people are close and dear to you? We made a list of romantic quotes and nice words to please your favorite girl.

Some men are looking for beautiful poems in prose to impress the girl. But the poems need to write himself, and not to use others. It is better to write sincere and cute message, it will have a greater influence on the girl.

She will feel special and beloved. Some words will cause her smile, and other tears of tenderness. Save a list of cute words not to lose and then do not look. I am glad to the girl with sweet speeches, and she will not go debt you.

1. I thought about you today just twice: all day and all night.

2. I no longer need Google and Yandex. In you, I found absolutely everything I was looking for.

3. I love you with my back. Just my heart is not so big.

4. If we were vampires, we would have love from the first bite.

5. Sometimes I think about you when there is no one and unexpectedly smile. The surrounding thinks I'm a nutty, like a joker. But I do not care.

6. I dream to be an octopus so that I have more hands to hug and caress you.

7. My parents always say to follow the dream. And you are a girl of my dreams. I go beyond you, baby.

8. You are such a beauty and look so great that it is almost illegally and indecent. You need to arrest and punish.

9. Love is the butterfly in the stomach? Forget. With you inside me the whole zoo.

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

10. It is possible that another girl will appear in my life, but she will love you and call "mom."

11. At night I looked at the stars and called the reason why I love you. Initially, everything was fine, but then the stars ended.

12. You need to be the interior decorator. As soon as you appear somewhere, there it becomes very beautiful. You can be a sun that illuminates and warms everything around.

13. Can I take your kiss? I promise to return with interest.

14. They say that love gives us wings. With you I feel in the seventh heaven. Coincidence? I do not think.

15. Your name is my favorite word, your voice is my favorite sound, your hugs is my favorite place in the world.

16. In antiquity you would be burned on a fire for your incredible beauty. No one would believe that you are a person, and not the creation of over.

17. You're like asthma. You just intercept my breath, as soon as you appear.

18. I did not know that the angels were allowed to descend from heaven and walk along the ground.

19. You are my form of amnesia. With you I forgot about all other girls on the planet.

20. If I had paid the ruble, when I see a beautiful girl similar to you. I would have zero rubles.

21. I propose to make a joint crime. You will steal my heart, and I am yours.

Pleasant words beloved

22. The brain is a stunning and most complex device. But it immediately turns off, as I just see you or hear your voice.

23. I do not know what the hell and how do you do it, but I am the happiest guy on the planet.

24. I think that there are no such beautiful and pleasant words that can explain how wonderful and cool girl.

25. I want to say something that makes your heart beat faster and louder. We are sitting in a cafe and now a waiter will come to calculate. And I forgot the wallet.

26. I would like to have a pause button in life. I would prescribe each time we perfectly spend time together.

27. I tried not to think about you, but I did not succeed.

28. On 10 ball valuation of beauty and characters you easily reach the mark 100.

29. You are ideal in all senses and amazes. But you need to change something, and I personally do it. You need to change the surname to my.

30. I needed time to find you. But it was worth it. It is a pity that we did not meet in kindergarten on the pots.

31. The last 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds I missed you, the sun.

32. I love the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the glitter of your adorable eyes.

33. I would like to fall asleep and wake up with you near every day.

34. Our love is similar to the waves in the sea. Sometimes calm, sometimes noisy. But always together.

35. Your eye penetrates directly in the soul, and in delicious eyes very easily and pleasantly drown.

36. I wanted to give you a kitten or a puppy, but would envy them. They would spend time with you and slept in the same bed.

37. Love for you makes my heart beat faster and faster. You are my adrenaline, coffee and all extreme in the world.

38. You are not only my girlfriend, but also my best friend. I trust you, and you can always rely on me. All the ways to rely on. You're the love of my life.

How to sew a girl?

39. In my life there are such moments when I fall in love with you even more. Although it seems that it is simply impossible.

40. I love to wake up in the morning for the reason you have. Love you.

Compliments of a girl

41. You are all that I was looking for in life and even much more. More than the man deserved on the planet.

42. The day seems lost without you, and with you as if a second.

43. You are such a magnificent and beautiful flower that you have no competitors on this field called Earth.

44. A date for me is a formality before you kiss and say how I love you much.

45. You make my heart beat without doing anything. Fire in my heart will never go out, and love does not run out.

46. ​​We are very similar to you, and our souls are related.

47. Now I understand what love is when I met you. Before that, I did not understand love movies and all the fuss around the senses. Yes, it is worth it.

48. The day begins with me not with coffee, but thoughts about you. But even at night I think about you when you dream of me in gentle and hot dreams.

49. I want to be a bed so you can sleep on me. I want to be a pillow you hug. I want to be a blanket that hugs you. I want to be close to you.

50. Fall in love with you - it's how to enter a stormy and dangerous river. It is very easy and simple. But it is impossible to get out of you, without perishing at the same time.

51. If you had to describe in one word, it would be the word "life."

52. Your smile, look, hugs and kisses make my heart sang.

53. You are my favorite talisman who gave fate for happiness.

54. My life would never be so bright, full and happy without you.

55. You call me versatile feelings. At the same time I want to tell you gentle words and vicious, which will make you blush you.

56. Sometimes when I see you, I have a spiral breathing and losing a gift of speech from your beauty.

57. I tried to come up with pleasant words for my beloved girl. But all that comes to me is pleasant, it's only you yourself.

58. The most difficult thing in the world is to look at you without a smile and do not want to hug you.

59. Every morning I thank God that he sent me such an excellent angel into my life. This angel made my life to the paradise right on Earth.

60. If I tried to create an ideal girl, then I would not work better than you.

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

61. This world is beautiful, wonderful and beautiful. But the main reason for this you. You make it such a great presence.

62. I want to keep your hand and protect from any trouble that are found on your path.

63. When I look at you, my breathing is intercepting, the brain turns off and cuts into the pants.

64. Why do I drink coffee in the morning? If you kissed me, I would be enough to vigorously and feelings of happiness.

65. Stars in the sky are beautiful, but they look like cheap fluorescent light bulbs, if compared with your awesome eyes.

66. The whole world, all the sounds and all odors remind you of you. Go back to my hugs.

67. You are so beautiful that all people, children, flowers and animals love you.

68. I can not decide that you feel more beautiful: soul or body? I think that at the same time everything. You are an ideal girl.

69. I love your smell. You smell happiness, love and tenderness.

70. Your shortcomings and fad make you special and unique.

71. Time does not matter if it is carried out without you. The most pleasant in the world is to spend it with you.

72. You have not only your heart, but also mine. Keep him safe.

73. You look so stunning that you had to arrest. This is exactly illegal.

74. I think that it is meaningless. You are the best that happened to me in life.

75. One hundred hearts would be too little to carry all my love for you.

76. Your smile illuminates my life path like Fire Prometheus.

77. Know that at that moment I think about you, my beloved. Every minute spent without you is spent meaningless. I miss.

78. You are the perfect and ideal. I think it is pointless to argue that we are the perfect couple.

79. I tried to live without you, but after 5 minutes I fell with a crash.

80. You make my heart beat quickly and slowly at the same time.

Pleasant words beloved

81. They say that love causes pain. But I'm desperate and brave, which is ready to ride with you.

82. You are pretty and charming than all beautiful things in the world.

83. I knew that I love you before meeting with you.

84. My life was a long preparation for meeting you. I needed years to find perfection. I will never give you away to somebody.

85. I love and hate your smile. I love is very beautiful. I hate - this is what makes me do anything.

86. Not such nice words to describe your wonderful character and attractive appearance. You are perfection itself, ideal and standard.

87. I like you as it is. Ideal or with disadvantages, it doesn't matter.

88. Sometimes I think about what I deserved such a great gift like you. I guess I did everything right in my life.

89. You are an ideal girl, and your parents clearly created a masterpiece. The world would have been beautiful if the rest of the people were at least a drop like you.

90. I give you a flower, but it is not so beautiful as you. Let the flower sees what real beauty is. With time it will start, not withstanding the superiority of your beauty.

91. In the Middle Ages, due to such as you, beautiful and unforgettable girls, war was carried out and the empires conquered.

92. You are the brightest light in the darkest night. You want to go at least to the very end of the Earth.

93. Love you - how to breathe. So simple, obvious and easy.

94. Stars in the sky are beautiful, but it only says the one who has not seen your eyes.

95. I will love you even when I will emanize the spirit. But I will continue to love you from the other side of the world.

96. I thought for a long time that I like more. Pretty face, beautiful figure, stunning smile, pleasant smell or playful character. But I can't make a decision. All good.

97. If you left me, I would wait. Day, month, year or a lifetime. You are standing in order to wait for you as an eternity. But I'd rather wait for you when you are late on our date.

98. You become more beautiful every time I see. How do you manage it?

99. How are you not falling in love with you? You are beautiful, smart, cheerful, cheerful and sexy.

100. I am ready to make you the most honest compliment. Marry me.

Why do you need to talk nice words to the girl?

101. Your love makes me believe that dreams really come true.

102. What are the wonderful words to say the most beautiful, delightful, magnificent, unforgettable and wonderful girl? I do not know.

103. I can not tear off your eyes. You are perfection itself.

104. Your charming smile does not leave my head. I think about you all the time.

105. I feel completely different. Happier. You are my happiness.

106. I want to think all day and night only about you, not work.

107. I liked how perfectly and great we spent time together.

108. No one needs me, besides you, love.

109. Every time you see you, we get everything more beautiful and charming.

110. You are my muse, which inspires me to feats.

111. Kid, you taught me to be happy and love.

112. You decorate the world with your presence and save it with your beauty.

113. Your voice lifts me a mood and not only.

114. You changed me and all my life, put it down on my head. I'm happy.

115. You are perfection itself and ideal. How do you manage it?

116. Thank you for all the support, affection, kindness and love that you give.

117. You look like an angel in the flesh. What is this gift for me?

118. I am bored and bad when there is no such baby as you.

119. Feeling kinship souls between us and sincere love. How is this possible?

120. Difficulties of little things when there is such a crumb as you.

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

121. You are present in all my plans for life.

122. You have any clothes to face and suitable. Maybe you yourself decorate your beauty yourself?

123. You have an aristocratic profile.

124. Ready to go anywhere if you are next to me.

125. Damn. You look stunning and amazing.

126. You look like a star, bright and unforgettable.

127. You are engaged in sports. Immediately noticeably on a sharp figure.

128. You have everything I was looking for. And even more.

129. I myself envy that you have me.

130. Flowers will not compare with your beauty.

131. Baby you are all right. I am your fire extinguisher. Push-puff.

132. You are a real nurse that you want to go.

133. There is a connection between us. We were together in the past life.

134. You have a cute manicure, my cat.

135. Your legs like a gate to heaven.

136. You have such velvet and delicate skin.

137. You are such an exciting chick. You all chick chicks.

138. You have excellent manners. You're like a princess.

139. I like a smile, voice, face, character. Everything.

140. You should be arrested for theft of my heart and peace.

141. The main secret of a good day is to take you with you.

142. Your kiss will resurrect even dead.

143. Your gaze melts my heart and willpower.

144. Femininity is your second name.

145. I want to mive the sheets all night with you and a lifetime.

146. I love when your hair falls on my face.

147. You have a very cute dress. It emphasizes your beauty and shape.

148. I love to touch you. It's like a fairy tale.

149. If the stars fall, when I think about you, the sky will become empty very soon.

150. I like to wake up and climb with you.

151. You have something from Tsigritis as you behave in bed.

152. I want to spend a thousand years with you, and then a little more.

153. Your adorable ass requires punishment and affection at the same time.

154. You have beautiful earrings. They emphasize the beauty of your neck.

155. You are my fate, love, desire, universe and life. You are my Everything.

156. You make me awake, like strong coffee and drunk, like strong alcohol.

157. I never thought that I would have such a cool chick.

158. You have a cool ass. It is indisputable.

159. You are similar to unprepared lunch. You should carefully please.

160. The brilliance of your eyes inspires me.

161. It's legally look so sexy?

Compliments of a girl

162. You are my talisman, this fate for good luck.

163. Such cracker, like you, suggests a kiss.

164. I want our children to look like you.

165. Your body is directly asking for sin.

166. You have fragile and spaceless shoulders that you want to kiss.

167. You're somewhere at the junction of the ideal and angel.

168. Your kisses of honey and chocolate taste.

169. Every day, I wade on you my baby is stronger.

170. I did not believe in real love, see you with you.

171. You are all the whole Dolce Gabana.

172. Song with you my most unloved lesson.

173. When you are engaged in sports, you look very hot and defiantly.

174. Where did you get such delightful sponges? Where did you get such sweet appearance?

175. You are more than like you, baby.

176. Your kisses taste of happiness, tenderness and heat.

177. Under your magnificent breast, no less than magnificent heart beats.

178. I want to get closer to you so much so that there is a negative distance between us.

179. You want to not sleep all night.

180. Because of your smile in antiquity there would be war.

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

181. You are real Fitonish.

182. I myself envy that I embrace such an awesome girl.

183. The world consists of moments when I meet you.

184. Your hair is so beautiful, as in a fairy tale.

185. Your breast causes me an increased heartbeat.

186. You have a sensitive heart. I am amazed by your kindness.

187. Your body is flawless, as if you are the goddess of the beauty of Aphrodite.

188. Your parents of chemists? They closed such an explosive mixture.

189. You are unpredictable as a hurricane. But it makes you even better.

190. Your blush / freckles / snaps on the cheeks are set me.

191. You look awesome. Like with pictures. Not. Better pictures.

192. The past date was unreal. Like everything with you.

193. You even in a bag of potatoes will look perfect.

194. You inflicted me in the heart of the wound, but immediately quenched her with his love.

195. With you, even the boring business turns into an adventure.

196. In bed, you are great. You are sex itself.

197. The whole world and time stop when you are nearby.

198. Your juicy buns make me stand.

199. You are great to tears and excitement of the soul.

200. You are such a juicy pacifier. This is not appropriate.

Compliments of a girl

201. Your tummy is very pretty and suggests a kisper.

202. I caught my breath when I met you.

203. You are my hedgehog, and I am your bearish.

204. You are a hot bomb that is dangerous and attractive.

205. In the crowd of people always subconsciously seeking you.

206. I miss you, even when you're near.

207. You look so juicy as if peach.

208. Life has gained the second meaning for me, after meeting with you.

209. Can you stroke your cat?

210. When we together, the time seems to stop.

211. Babe, you are in the zone of my interests, and therefore in the risk area.

212. You have a ass like a nut, which asks for sin.

213. Your voice and moan starts me.

214. With you everything is always good. You're like luck.

215. You are a very attractive chick.

216. I involuntarily smile, even when I think about you.

217. These flowers are you. I wanted to show real beauty.

218. I have not noticed what you wonderful, sensitive and thin soul.

219. You look so hotly that it is indecent. As if you are a criminal.

220. Your voice is similar to a burning fairy tale. Adult fairy tale.

Nice words in his wife

221. You look like a work of art.

222. I undress you eyes. This is above my strength.

223. Wah! What a chick. What legs. What a ass. What a waist. Wah! Come here.

224. With you, I want to roam so that the world flinches.

225. You can always rely on me. Both morally and physically.

226. You look like a cute fluffy cat, whom I want to take on the handles.

227. Even when you're angry, then beautiful and excitement.

228. The day without you seems the year of life, and the day with you moment.

229. If for the beauty of the soul and character would be a competition, then you would be Miss Universe.

230. What is the most beautiful person every day in the mirror?

231. You are very smart and read. I am amazed.

232. To not say, it sounds nice.

233. Ready to put the whole world for your feet.

234. I think that the words or text are not invented to express my love.

235. Which is not looking at you, you are great.

236. You have a great sense of humor, it is rare.

237. You are a very romantic girl with a wonderful heart.

238. Your kisses for breakfast are a warranty of a great day.

239. Congratulations to the most magnificent girl with the abduction of my heart.

240. Your father, probably, military, since you are such a dangerous bomb?

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

241. You are very hot chick. Straight fire.

242. You have neck like an aristocrat.

243. Your nudity is the best of your decoration.

244. The simplest thing in life is to say beautiful words beautiful girl.

245. Oh, what a woman.

246. You are cool as supermodel.

247. You are very intelligent and wise girl.

248. There are you between the dream, happiness and magic.

249. I do not need anyone except you.

250. You have tender hands, as if hugs an angel.

251. You are very beautiful from above and nothing from the bottom, as the Serduchka Verka sang.

252. I like your tits. They are filled with dreams and happiness.

253. The most affectionate phrase or word for me is your name.

254. You seem to read my thoughts when you guess my desires.

255. Your melons are worried.

256. Who will offend you, will not live and the day.

257. Dance Russia and cry europe. You have the most, most beautiful ass.

258. I thought about you yesterday. And all other days with nights too.

259. You have an controversial, plump, restless and original.

260. You can always throw your legs on me.

Pleasant words beloved

261. Wah! Come here, I will fly your house pipe.

262. You call me goosebumps all over the body.

263. I want to be with you always.

264. It seems to me that I am intoxicated by your presence, hugs and kisses.

265. You are a gift that your presence improves any place.

266. Beautiful words for the most beautiful girl? I love you!

267. I will not take parting with such a baby who stole my peace.

268. You have hair fluttering so in the wind, as if you are an actress from the movies.

269. I changed my favorite hobby. Now it's you.

270. Your second name is tenderness.

271. What to say before bedtime your favorite girlfriend? She is the best and most beloved.

272. An intelligent girl like you, perfectly understands how I got sang on you.

273. My favorite color is the color of your eyes.

274. You are very spectacular, respectable, intelligent, simple, graceful and attractive girl.

275. You have a sensitive, kind, responsive and huge heart.

Compliments of a girl

276. I love to observe how you sleep.

277. You have the right vitality.

278. The most charming girl on the planet is you.

279. You will be an excellent mother.

280. I cut the kisses all your body many times.

281. You have at the same time explosive and cute character.

282. You have such a juicy that you want to grab them and stroke.

283. You're a girl from ordinary, with whom very well and great.

284. Your hips are so exciting and causing.

285. I miss your kisses and hugs. I am always small.

286. You will start me and cause goosebumps by body.

287. You never bother you.

288. Did you lose weight? You look awesome.

289. Peach, Peach, I am a carrot, docking begins.

290. Give me wines. You look like a holiday.

Pleasant words girl. 101 word or message

291. You have such sensual and attractive lips.

292. I am terribly grateful to fate for meeting you.

293. What good words of good and beautiful girls can be said? Oops. I already said.

294. To hell with modesty. You are the most important person of my life.

295. Looking at you, I want to immediately smoke. This is so exciting.

296. All women as women, and my goddess.

297. I want to love with you.

298. You are my crash.

299. You have a very cute animal face, but a very vicious sinner body.

300. My soul was looking for you all my life.

301. You are so sweet that you want to eat all.

302. When you do not online and disappear somewhere, I'm worried. I like it better when you sleep under the barrel.

303. Are you free on the nearest life?

304. Are you stunning today or look unlikely? I have to prepare.

305. I do not have time to explain, but I urgently need your kisses.

When you say beautiful, good and affectionate words, it flourishes. The girl smiles wide, and her eyes light up with love and tenderness. It's worth it. We tell the girl nice words, and she will make it nice to you in every sense.

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