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Словарик игрока – Катка

"Go katku", "easy katka" - but what is this "katku" that everyone is talking about on the Internet? Understands GameXP team .

Skating rink - this is how gamers refer to an easily won or short competitive match in an online game in the gaming environment. There are several theories about the origin of this word.

The first theory, nagibatorial.

According to this theory, "roller" comes from the word "roll out". Outside of the prize-winning championships, experienced players gathered in small teams and played several short matches either against inexperienced players or against single players randomly assigned to one team in order to "roll out" them and raise themselves a little rating.

The second theory, criminal.

Catala is one of the representatives of the thieves' professions, which belong to the elite in the criminal world and receive income from the gambling business. In order to be successful in your work, it is not so important to play very well as to get a weaker player to play for money. Originally, katala is a billiards player. I guess many are familiar with the expression "roll the balls." Thus: roll> roll> roll. But the meaning is the same as in the first case - an experienced player gains an advantage in battle with inexperienced ones.

Theory three, translation

In CSGO, when all the participants in the match confirm their readiness, at the final countdown before the start of the battle, the system tells them Let’s roll! ("Let's go" or "let's light it up"), and the Russian players translated the word Roll literally - to roll, roll, that's where the skating rink arose.

Where is it used?

First of all, this term became widespread among Dota 2 players, then moved to CS GO and similar games based on the system of short matches, and then spread to non-gaming spheres of life.

How to use?

Easy skating rink (English Easy - easy, calm, unhurried) - an extremely easily won match. Usually this phrase is used by the winning team in order to show their superiority over the losing players. Usually after the end of the match in the chat of the game you can see "yy easy rink" (abbreviated gg - good game), thus the players for the last time in a humiliating manner taunt the losers. This expression became so popular that it even migrated into real life - in sports competitions: football, hockey, basketball, the winning players also end the match with the phrase "easy ice rink".

Sweaty skating rink - On the contrary, a match that was harder than planned, and the opponents made you sweat.

Go skating rink (English Go - go, go, go) - "let's play", the easiest way to call a friend for a short match.

"Katnem?" - see "go rink".

Good game!

A source: Game portal GameXP

Skating rink Is a kind of replacement for the word "play". In most cases, the well-known phrase "Easy skating" is written in chats at the end of the match or during the climax, when it becomes clear which opponent will win. This expression is commonly used by match winners.

Sweaty skating rink

In addition to the usual "Easy skating rink", there is also the so-called "sweaty skating rink". This expression denotes a complex game that made its participants and spectators really sweat. It is not always certain to win or lose. Usually, these are long games / rounds with serious playing stress.

Drain the skating rink - what does it mean?

To drain the skating rink means to lose. If you lost a round in games such as Dota 2 or HotS, then, speaking in the language of gamers, you lost the rink!

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9What does rink mean?What does rink mean?



environment, there are many interesting


terms and expressions that are not clear to novice players. In this publication, we will just sort out another word that is often used by players and professional gamers today. As you already understood, we will touch on such a "clear" concept as

Katka, which means

you can find out a little below.

We have already written earlier,

what does Easy Katka mean

, although it was necessary to publish the articles in reverse order.


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However, before I continue, I would like to recommend you some more sensible articles on

subject matter



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; who is called


; which means


; what


; how to understand a word


and many other catchy terms.

So, "Katka", this term is mostly used by players in

Dota 2



, and in other equally popular games. Write in the comments where the word "Katka" is still used, because I'm too lazy "


". Why" Katka "? The fact is that this word means" to roll "or" slide ", that is, to do something very light when you do not need to make any special efforts.

Skating rink - this is how gamers call an easily won match, or a competitive match in a computer, usually online game.

Skating rink in real life - is to ride something, for example, ice skating, snowboarding, bicycle or scooter.

After reading this short but very informative article, you finally learned

what does Katka mean



, and now you won't get


if you suddenly hear or read this slang word again.


Skating rink

Hello chuvaaaaak!

Skating rink

(stress on the first "a") is a school slang word meaning passing a level of a computer game. If they say “


skating rink ”, it means that the level was passed easily, and there was almost no effort to get through it.

The word “skating” is derived from the verb “to roll”. In this sense, "rolling" means passing a level or just playing a game. Well, now, nerd, stop hanging around on the Internet and march to learn geography.

Did you find out where the word came from

Skating rink

, its explanation in simple words, translation, origin and meaning.

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29 Sep 2015

What does “skating rink” mean in games?

Have you met such expressions as "ice rink", "easy ice rink", "sweaty ice rink" in games, but do not know what it is? This article will help you figure it out.

Skating rink Is a gameplay, a round. This expression is often used in games such as KS (Counter-Strike), DotA (Defense of the Ancients), HotS (Heroes of the Storm).

What does Easy Skating mean?

Easy translated from English means "easy", "simple". Respectively, easy ice rink Is an easy game, an easy win. This expression is similar in meaning to "yy izi".

Sweaty skating rink, what is it?

The challenging game that made you really sweat is called sweaty skating rink ... It doesn't have to be victory or defeat. As a rule, these are long games / rounds with a solid playing tension.

Sweaty skating rink


Слить катку – проиграть. Если Вы проиграли раунд в Доте 2 или ХотСе, значит, Вы слили катку!

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