How to completely remove Skype from the computer and install a new one, delete an earlier version of Skype

Skype became a rather obsessive messenger. It does not offer its services, and independently activated when installing the Windows operating system. Many users cannot completely remove Skype from the computer, others cannot deactivate their account. It is worthwhile, whether it is possible to do it.

How to remove Skype

The process of removing both versions of Skype - desktop and for Windows 10 is practically no different. In both cases, this can be done through the "Applications" section.

Skype version For desktop For Windows.
Installation Through Microsoft Store. Through the official site Skype
Removal Through "applications and opportunities"

To remove the messenger from the computer, you must:

  1. Open the Start menu. Press the gear.
  2. Go to "Appendices", "Applications and Features" section.
  3. In the list find Skype. The desktop version will not be indicated by the number.
  4. Version number
  5. To delete the built-in Skype in Windows 10, you need to click on its name and go to "Advanced Parameters". Scroll through the page to the end. Click "Delete".
  6. To remove the Skype version for Windows 10, you need to click on the name of the messenger and select "Delete". Confirm your actions, wait for the end of uninstalling.
  7. Delete button

To finally delete Skype, you need to go to the "Registry Editor" by entering its name in the search for the "Start" menu or writing the "REGEDIT" in the command prompt. Skype files can be found at Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE. You can also start the check for the presence of data by pressing Ctrl + F and entering the name of the messenger.

How to delete the early version of Skype

If you cannot delete the earlier version of Skype, you can use the troubleshooting agent associated with the installation and removal of programs. Utility can be downloaded by reference: .

You need to upload the file, click on it twice and install. In the window that opens, click "Next", after which the utility will start finding the problems. If the problem was not found, it will be proposed to choose what the problem happened. Select "Delete". Find Skype in the opening list. If it is not there, click on "no in the list" and enter the product code. After that, the system will remove Skype.

Enter code

How to remove from Skype

You can disable your account in Skype, only by closing the Microsoft account. The removal process can be started both in the desktop and in the classic version of the program. This can be done as follows:

  1. Open Skype. Press the Troytiech next to the username. Select "Settings".
  2. In the "Account and Profile" section, select "Close Account".
  3. Account menu
  4. Confirm your actions by entering the email address to which the profile in the messenger is tied, and the password. After that choose "Letter: (mail address)". You can see the email address by clicking on the avatar on the Skype main screen. Mail will be located under the user name.
  5. Window profile
  6. Go to the mailbox. Open a letter from Microsoft. Introduce seven security code in the messenger, confirm the deactivation of the account. Select exit or stay in the system.
  7. Enter code
  8. To retire, you need to go to the Microsoft Account Closure page ( ), read all the conditions, click "Next".
  9. On the next page you need to put flags and choose the reason for closing the account. Click "Mark for closing".
  10. Removal Agreement

On a note: Full shutdown will occur after 60 days.

When you close the Microsoft page, it does not occur. It is simply deactivated, because of which the user loses access to the account and to all accounts that were tied to it. Therefore, before turning off Skype, it is better to remove all correspondence and personal data from the profile.

Delete Skype for Business


I am trying to remove Skype from a laptop, but the notification pops up that it cannot be removed. How to fix it?

Most often, this situation occurs when the messenger is open. You must check whether Skype is enabled by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the taskbar. If the program icon is located there, then you need to click on it right mouse button. Then click "Exit Skype." If it does not help, you need to restart the laptop and try to remove Skype again.

Skype from Microsoft Store is not downloaded. What to do?

Try to go to the store again. If there are still some programs on the download, then you should download them first. They can interfere with the download of the messenger.

I want to reinstall the classic version of Skype, but keep it on Disk D. Can I do this?

Unlike other messengers, Skype does not allow you to choose where to install it.


Tip №1

Those who want to reinstall Skype, you need to remove it with one of the above methods. After that, you need to go to the site of developers or the Microsoft store, depending on which version interests. Download Installation File, Install the messenger and enter the account.

Tip №2.

To remove the deactivated skype account from the login menu, you need to go to C: \ Users \ User \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype, find a folder with the account name and delete it.

The Windows 10 user can remove Skype from its computer completely, both both desktop and classic version. In addition, he can deactivate his account in the messenger through the Microsoft account. However, its shutdown does not refer to the removal.

Skype is a unique messenger with the possibility of calls and video calls, as well as with paid access to IP telephony and calls to any phones of the world. The program began its existence in a distance in 2003, since then several times changed the "owners", until it was in the hands of Microsoft. However, at the moment there are more successful its analogues, so the user may encounter the need to remove Skype from its PC or phone.

Why may you need to remove Skype

With increasing competition in the messenger market, more and more users refuse Skype. Therefore, if the need for the program disappeared, it is better to remove it. Otherwise, unnecessary files will litter a place on a hard disk. If Skype is in autoload, the system performance will be also injured, since the processor and RAM will be allocated to work.

Of course, this is not the only reason for removing the program. It is possible that you will need to reinstall applications due to failures or updates that messenger "did not want to" establish yourself.

Standard Skype Removal from Computer

You can remove Skype from a computer as standard tools and special programs.

Manual deletion passes in several stages: you first need to remove the program itself, then residual files, and after deal with Skype's traces in the Windows registry.

  1. We press the Win and R keys, in the opened utility, enter the CONTROL command and run it into operation with the "OK" button. How to open "Control Panel"

    We press the Win and R keys, in the opened utility, enter the CONTROL command and run it into operation with the "OK" button

  2. The "Control Panel" window opens, in it, click the "Delete Program" link. How to open a device for removing programs

    On the main page of the control panels, click the link "Delete Program"

  3. In the list of programs, select Skype, click the Delete button and confirm the uninstallation of the program. How to remove Skype

    Select Skype and click "Delete"

  4. We expect the end of the process and click "OK" when we receive confirmation of the success of the operation. Confirmation of the removal of Skype

    Upon completion of uninstallation, the program will give a message about success.

This is completed on this uninstallation. However, with the active use of the messenger, you will inevitably encounter caching of different data, loading pictures and preservation of correspondence stories. All of these temporary data is stored on the computer, but the removal program cannot delete them, as it is impossible to enter the availability of certain files in its code. Therefore, cache data must be destroyed manually:

  1. Open any folder "Explorer", for example, "This computer". And the address bar is recorded% appdata% and press the Enter key. How to open a temporary data folder

    In the address string "Explorer", write% appdata% and press the Enter key

  2. We find the directory with the name Skype in the list, select it and remove the SHIFT + DEL key combination. How to delete Skype temporary data

    We highlight the Skype folder and delete it.

Skype registry cleaner

Unfortunately, the distribution of the registry from Skype is difficult, since Skype keyword is found in many applications. If you delete all the parameters, which will give a search, you can deprive the capacity of several applications or even the operating system as a whole. I have repeatedly met on the Internet about the story that when cleaning the registry from Skype, some programs lost their capabilities: someone in the Google Chrome browser, the cursor could not click on the links, someone stopped working desktop labels and so on. Therefore, before registry edits and deleting Skype in them, I recommend making a backup of sections.

  1. In the executing program we prescribe Regedit and click "OK". How to open a registry editor "

    In the executing program we prescribe a REGEDIT and click "OK"

  2. In the Registry Editor window, click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section and select Export item. How to export registry settings

    Right-click on the registry section and select "Export"

  3. We specify the name of the backup file and click "Save". How to save registry entries

    We prescribe the file name and click "Save"

  4. The similar procedure is carried out for the HKEY_CURRENT_USER partition.

After these procedures, if you "break something", it will be enough to run by double click these files and the registry will return to the state that was at that moment. Now you can proceed directly to the removal of Skype data:

  1. In the registry editor, we open the following directory:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \;
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ WOW6432NODE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \.
  2. We find the folders with the name Skype and remove them. How to delete residual Skype data in the registry

    Open folders with records about programs and remove the Skype directory

Video: How to remove Skype

Delete Skype using third-party programs

Using additional programs, the removal of Skype can be carried out automatically. In addition, such utilities can help to help if the uninstaller was damaged in any way, from which the messenger cannot be removed by the standard method.

There are many applications that can be used to uninstall any products. The most popular from this group in our segment are Revo Uninstaller and CCleaner.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a unique assistant to remove installed programs. The application is fully automated and uninstalled not only deletes program files, but also in automatic mode clears the registry and temporary files.

  1. Download, install and run the program.
  2. In the list of programs we find Skype, highlight it and click the large "Delete" button. How to remove Skype Revo Uninstaller

    Select Skype in the list of programs and click "Delete"

  3. We expect the program to scan the system, then agree with the removal. How to agree with the removal of the program

    Agree with the removal and expect the end of the process

  4. After removing the program itself, we return to the Revo Uninstaller interface, choose all the elements that found in the registry, and click "Next". How to clean the registry after the program is deleted

    After deletion, mark all registry entries and clicking "Next"

  5. We allocate all temporary files and click "Finish". How to delete temporary data after removal

    We allocate the data that remains after the application and click "Finish"


CCleaner is a Windows Operating System Optimizer. The main task is to delete garbage, cleaning the registry and services optimization. The application also knows how to recognize browsers and clean their temporary data.


CCleaner is a Windows operating system optimizer program

  1. Download, install and run CCleaner.
  2. Open the "Service" tab, and in it "Delete programs".
  3. In the list, select Skype, and in the column on the right click "Delete". How to remove Skype CCleaner app

    Select Skype in the list of programs and click "Delete" or "Uninstall"

  4. We agree with the removal.
  5. After removing the program itself, it is necessary to clean the registry. Open the appropriate tab and click "Search for Problems". How to Scan Registry CCleaner Program

    In the Registry tab, click "Search for problems"

  6. After scanning clicking "Repair Favorites". How to Repair Registry Errors CCleaner Program

    After finding problems with clicking "correct selected" and agree with cleaning

Features of removal Skype from phone and tablet

Unlike Apple's products, where the application deletion automatically leads to the destruction of all its data on devices, the Android system has more common with Windows. That is, you first need to delete all the extra data, but only after that uninstall the application itself:

  1. Open the phone settings and go to the "All Applications" column. How to Open Application Settings in Android

    Open the phone settings and go to the Count "All Applications"

  2. Open the Skype program. How to open Skype installations

    In the list of applications we find Skype and open it information

  3. Go to "Memory". How to open application memory

    Go to the Count "Memory"

  4. Press the "Clear" button and wait for the completion of the process. How to Clean Skype data on Android

    In memory settings, click "Clear"

  5. Returning to the program menu and click the Delete button. Confirm uninstallation. How to remove Skype on Android

    Click "Delete" on the application page

How to delete an account in Skype

The ability to delete the Skype account appeared recently. You can destroy personal data directly in the program. However, it is worth remembering that the Skype account is one with a Microsoft account, so removing information in one system will lift all data. Account is not subject to recovery after the operation described below.

  1. Open the program, click the button with three dots, which is next to the avatar, and open the "settings". How to open Skype settings

    Open the program settings

  2. In the Count "Account and Profile", go to the Installation "Close Account". How to start the process of deleting Skype account

    In the Count "Account and Profile" go to the Installation "Close Account"

  3. Log in: We once again enter the login and password. How to delete Skype account

    Authorize to delete account

  4. Select and confirm the email address that is attached to the account. How to get a letter with code to delete an account

    Select one of the tied mail to which the code will come to

  5. We go to the mail, copy the code from the sending letter and insert it into a special field. Then I click "confirm" and within a few seconds your account will be deleted. How to delete Skype account

    Copy the code from the letter to a special field and click "Confirm"

Remove Skype from any media is quite simple. It is necessary to know only the principles of proper uninstalling the program: first removes the application, why the residual data is cleaned.

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Full deleting Skype may be required if it is incorrectly installed or works incorrectly. This means that after deleting the current program, a new version will be installed on top. The Skype feature is that after installation again he loves to "pick up" the remaining remnants of the previous version, and rebuild. Popular specialists that promise to complete the removal of any program and its traces, most often do not cope with the complete removal of Skype. This article describes in detail the technology of full cleaning of the operating system from Skype.

Skype removal options

First of all, consider the option of deleting the application by third-party utilities. Of course, you can solve the task and without resorting to third-party solutions, we will definitely talk about.

Method 1: Uninstall Tool

The popular Uninstall Tool application will help us in solving today's task.

Download Uninstall Tool.

  1. Open the installed program - immediately see the list of existing programs. We find Skype in it and click on it right mouse button and choose item "Uninstall" .
  2. Remove Skype using Uninstall Tool

  3. Next, the standard Skype uninstal will open - you need to follow its instructions.
  4. After completing it, Uninstall Tool will review the system for residual traces and suggests them to remove them. Most often, the uninstallator programs find only one folder in Roaming, which will clearly be visible in the proposed results.

The operation is elementary and does not require a user of any special knowledge or skills: the utility will make all the work itself.

Method 2: "Programs and Components"

Universal option to delete any application on Windows is to use the means "Programs and Components" . Consequently, Skype can also be deleted through this solution.

  1. To do this, you need to open the menu "Start" , and at the bottom in the search to dial Programs and components , after which one click open the first result. Immediately the window will open in which all program installed on the computer will be presented.
  2. Programs and components in the Windows 7 operating system

  3. In the list of programs you need to find Skype, click on the entry right mouse button and click "Delete" After that, proceed to the recommendations of the Skype removal program.
  4. After the removal programs completed their work, our goal will be residual files. For some reason, uninstallator programs do not see them. But we know where to find them. Open the Start menu, pick up the word in the search bar "Hidden" and choose the first result - "Show hidden files and folders" . Then with help "Explorer" Get to the folders C: \ Users \ user_name \ APPDATA \ LOCAL и C: \ Users \ user_name \ APPDATA \ ROAMING . On both addresses we find the folder with the same name. Skype. And delete them. Thus, after the program, all user data is flying out, providing complete removal.
  5. Now the system is ready for a new installation - from the official site download the latest version of the installation file and start using Skype again.

Also, nothing complicated, the only problem can be the search for residual files.

Method 3: Parameters (Windows 10)

Skype in Windows 10 is most often supplied with the operating system or installed by Microsoft Store. Programs from this store are not displayed in the usual environment. "Programs and Components" , so all manipulations with them can only be performed through "Parameters" .

  1. Press the key combination Win + I. To call "Parameters" and select Option "Applications" .
  2. Open Skype deletion options in Windows 10

    2Dee down in the list of applications Find option Skype And click on it with the left mouse button. Find an application in the list to remove Skype in Windows 10

  3. The button must be available. "Delete" Click on it. Select Skype deletion in Windows 10 parametersConfirm the deletion by repeatedly pressing the same button.
  4. Confirm the removal of Skype in Windows 10 parameters

  5. At the end of the Skype procedure and all the data associated with it will be deleted.

Skype removal process in Windows 10 parameters

This method is more convenient than typical uninstall, since this system means assumes the task of deleting trace files.


Thus, the article covered the options for deleting Skype. The procedure can be made both using third-party programs and Windows systems Windows.

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A bundle "Install-deletion" is old as a world, because most applications previously added to the internal storage, it subsequently disappear from it. Of course, not by their will, but with the easy hand of the user who, the functionality of the software or weaknesses of the project became more tangible. Today we will talk about how to remove Skype, Consider the characteristic features of the procedure for different devices and OS.

Removing Skype.

The procedure for uninstalling the previously installed program does not require serious effort. However, the average user, sometimes it is difficult to understand the intricacies of the process.

In the course of the story, we will look at the removal of the messenger with popular devices managed by different "Operations". For the convenience of perception, we break a further narration into several logical blocks.

How to remove skype from a computer

About how to remove Skype from the computer completely, we will tell us step-by-step instructions, presented below for each operating system.

Eliminate with Windows.

The operating system, like most of its fellows, provides a standard package that can set and delete software:

  1. Go to B. Control Panel , click on the tab Programs and components .Control panel windows
  2. A window opens with a list of stored applications, choose the object you need.
  3. We highlight it, click on the button Delete , I confirm serious intentions. Removing Skype in Winds
  4. We are waiting for the completion of the standard procedure.

Full cleaning of the system from residual files will require the use of specific in-cleaners (for example - CCleaner).

The procedure described above is valid for the entire Windows OS family, because it does not make sense to consider each version separately.

Removing the built-in Windows 10 Skype details listing

This article


Eliminate Skype With Linux

This OS requires special attention, as its interaction with the user is quite specific. So, to remove Skype with Linux we need:

  • Open the Ubuntu terminal;
  • Find the desired object, enter the following letter sequence Sudo Apt-Get Remove --Purge Skype && RM -R ~ / .shype Press the ENTER key;
  • Enter a special password, as well as the letter "Y" to confirm the perfect actions;
  • wait for the completion of the procedure, the duration of which depends on the size of the object;
  • Close Standard Terminal.

Delete Skype in Mac OS

To remove Skype in Mac OS, it is enough to transfer the program icon to the basket. Removing Skype in Mac OS

How to remove Skype from the phone

To the question "How to remove Skype from the phone?" We will be answered by a list of steps, the sequence of which is dictated by years of practice for various OS.

Eliminate with Android

The device under the control of Android OS has a number of specific features that affect the nature of the uninstalling of the final product.

  1. We go to the Custom Settings section to your smartphone.
  2. Select item Applications , We see a list of installed software, broken into several groups. Section application in phone settings
  3. We are looking for the emblem of the messenger, tadam on him. Skype in the application list
  4. To start We wash data and cache , then activate the button by pressing the button Delete .Removing Skype with Android Phone

Removal with iOS.

To remove Skype from iPhone, the following procedure is suitable:

  1. In the menu we find the icon corresponding to Skype, clamp it for a few seconds.
  2. After a small "shaking" above the image, a red cross appears on which we press. Skype removal with iPhone
  3. A pop-up window appears, requiring the seriousness of intentions. Confirmation of Skype removal with iPhone
  4. We are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

What to do if Skype is not deleted

Subsequent instructions are relevant for Windows XP / VISTA / 7.

  • Download the Microsoft Fix It PrograminsTallinstall application.
  • Install the program in the standard way.
  • Choose Identify problems and install corrections .Identifying problems
  • Next choose Removal.
  • In the list of programs to choose Skype .
  • Further Yes, try to remove Yes, try delete
  • The program will delete Skype and at the same time fix all damaged components.

There is no application in the standard list

If Skype is not deleted to the methods described above, or it is simply no on this list, consider another way:

  1. Opening a notepad program and so far we turn.
  2. We find the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ all Users \ Application Data \ Skype On the system disk, open its contents.
  3. Copy the name of objects in the text field of the previously open program (format - letters + numbers), for example {7F09FF7F-BFCB-7D87-C788-CD77F5755C9D} or {6B5579B9-1C96-798C-BCBC-3971401FFC19}
  4. We go to the address C: \ Windows \ Installer open the search and enter there Skypelcon.exe. . Next, transfer files found in notepad (their names).
  5. Then we allocate unique names, we remove repeating.
  6. Run the Microsoft Fix application (see previous instruction), select item Not on the list When you need to specify the file being deleted.
  7. Cut the unique sequence from the notepad, transfer it to the active field.
  8. Repeat the N-O procedure the number of times, after which I reload the computer.

This method with a 100% probability will remove the messenger, its accompanying files and residual fractions of the source code.

This article will talk about how to remove Skype from any device, as well as how to completely get rid of all traces of the program. This has its own features, not everyone has to finish the removal process to the end, because any program necessarily leaves traces of its livelihoods on the device.

Moreover, with incorrect removal, problems may occur when the application is re-installed.

How to remove Skype from the computer completely

So, consider how to remove Skype from a computer or laptop that you need to do and what methods exist.

Using an uninstaller

Now Remove Skype from Computer or Laptop It is enough simple - in any, more or less modern operating system Windows for this purpose there is a special uninstaller. Here is how to use it:

  • Open in the menu "Start" "Control Panel" or find it in the search
  • Choose "Programs and Components"
  • Find the desired program in the list and put it with the right mouse button
  • In the upper left corner will appear the "Delete" button. Click on it
  • Execute the system team (ate, of course, they will)
  • After all the above actions, the application will be deleted

Find out on our website as Sign Up Skype. , as well as where download Skype. Portable .


You can delete the Skype program from the computer manually.

  • First you need to clean the device from the following sections of the application. To do this, climb the program, and then stop the process in the "Task Manager" (Click Ctrl + Alt + Delete)

  • Open on the disk with the "Program Files" folder, and already in it - the Skype folder
  • Find a file with the program name and resolution of "EXE", click on it with the left mouse button and select "Delete".

  • You can remove the entire folder at once, but then not only Skype will disappear, so you can completely remove all correspondence and documents from a laptop or computer. If it was not in your plans, save the data in advance
  • The path is indicated standard, usually the system "machine" sets new programs to this folder.

Detailed instructions about this process for different operating systems you will find in the articles:

How to remove Skype from the phone

How to remove Skype from your android phone or tablet? It all depends on, you downloaded the application, or it is built-in. If you downloaded Skype, then take the following sequence of actions:

  • Open alternately "Settings" - "Applications"
  • Find the right program
  • Click on the icon and hold it for a while
  • At the top of the screen appears the image of the garbage basket
  • Drag in it the icon and the application will be deleted

If we are talking about a systemic application, then in order to completely remove it, you will need a special utility, for example, Root Explorer. With the help of it, you can make the necessary changes to the device on the rights of the administrator, and therefore get rid of unnecessary software.

How to remove Skype from the registry

It should be noted that it will not be possible to remove Skype in a different way, you will also need to write records in the registry. Here's how to remove Skype from the registry:


Using the CCleaner program. This is a wonderful, and most importantly, a free utility that cleans the registry and restores damaged files. In addition, this utility is very easy to handle. Download her, install and follow the instructions

Uninstaller Pr.

Using the Uninstaller Pro utility. Here we will explain more:

  1. Download the utility, open it and find Skype
  2. Click on the program icon twice, and then press the removal button
  3. Confirmation window will open if you are confident in your actions - once again click the removal button
  4. The service will ask the question "Remove all components?" . Answer agree
  5. In a new window, choose "Advanced Scan Mode" and Click "Scan"
  6. Actually, the scan process will begin, after which everything related to the program files will be displayed in the window.
  7. Running through your eyes once again not to remove anything superfluous
  8. If all of the specified files and folders still have to be eliminated from the device, once again click "Delete"
  9. The utility will complete the process, and the following applications will not be left on the device.

How to delete your Skype?

If you are interested in how to delete Skype account, that is, close the working account, you can find detailed information on our website, but in another article. Here we will touch this issue only superficially.

This is possible through technical support:

  • Go to the closing page of the profile. (path such - Help - drop-down menu and further "Closing an account")
  • Come in your bonds and click "Next."
  • Indicate the reason why you no longer want to use Skype.
  • Click "Mark for closing".

How to remove Skype completely

How to remove Skype completelyFor one reason or another, there is a need to remove Skype completely, but how many do not know how to do it correctly. We will try to illuminate this issue from all possible parties, and provide you with maximum information.

Initially, you need to make several simple actions that will allow you to prepare an application to delete from a computer:

  • The operating system account must have administrator rights, so it is better to enter the entrance immediately through it.
  • At the same time, press the keyboard combination "Ctrl + Alt + Delete", which will cause the "Task Manager". Being already in it, on the Processes tab, select Skype and click Finish Process.
  • If you are important than the correspondence or files participating in it, save the registry outside the Messenger folder.
  • Close all active applications on your computer.

How to remove Skype completely

After such actions, the chances of unmistakably and easily remove the messenger increase at times.

How to remove old skype and install a new

  1. Check if the Skype application is active on the right side of the bottom panel. If yes, you need to close it by clicking on the icon and using the "output" string. In most cases, it is the activity of the messenger prevents its removal.
  2. Go to "Start", where you choose the inscription "Control panel". In the window that opens, click on the "Install and Delete Programs".
  3. The new window will allow you to see all the programs installed on your computer. Among them are looking for Skype, we allocate and press the "Delete" button.

How to remove Skype completely

Upon completion of the removal process, restart the computer. After that, your PC will be fully cleaned from all Skype files, with the exception of the backup you saved.

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