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From the author: "This story was told by a relative of the grandmother's line. In the 20s of the beginning of the century in one of the villages of the Tver province, an old man lived, the kind of good soul. "

Solva walked around him around the edge: Melted a man and a birth to all sorts of cure, and the word to help, and who suffered from pain in his stomach, that he punished such a medicine to do ...


1 Lukovitsa

200 g of brewed tea

Clean the bulb from the husk.

Cut the bulb will cross, but not until the end so that it does not break apart.

Place the bulb into a glass with hot tea and let it breed 5-10 minutes. Use the drink whenever a feeling of discomfort in the intestines appears.

Indeed, discomfort in the intestines can take us at the most inopportune moment when there is no saving pill or medicine at hand. This method will help get rid of abdominal pain, intestinal disorders and will give the opportunity to normalize the chair.

An interesting fact: in a circle with tea, the bulb always turns the cross up. In this, probably, there is the power of an effective drink! Many people tried to just crumble onions in tea - it does not help ...

The beneficial properties of Luke have long been known to everyone. There are even scientific confirmation. On this product, a large number of different means to combat all sorts of diseases are founded. Their effectiveness is tested by time, because more of our grandmothers used such unique recipes for recovery. Even Luke's husk is useful. For example, it is used to dye Easter eggs, although, in fact, it has a rather large range of applications. Surely, every mistress knows a lot of ways to apply a bow or onion husk.

Useful properties of tea

Luke husk serves as the basis for drugs such as ointment, tincture, various oils. Its most important advantages are accessibility throughout the year and low price. The funds made on the basis are used both externally and inside. It all depends on the existing health problems. Original and tea from Luka. It can be purchased in a specialized store or prepare yourself.

Luke tea, contrary to its name, brewed from the husk of Luke. Of course, this drink is very difficult to name fragrant: all the same, the special smell of Luka remains. In order to get rid of it, you can add lemon to tea or a little honey. The taste of such a drink, surprisingly, pleasant, and beneficial properties allow you to drink it regularly.

The composition of the drink

Long husk has a large number of useful and unique components. Among them you can select the following:

  • Ascorbic acid is necessary for the prevention of colds, as well as to maintain immunity;
  • Carotine - contributes to the improvement of the process of digestion and brain activity;
  • Quercetin - a positive way affects the cardiovascular system;
  • Vitamin E - slows down the aging processes, supports cardiac activity;
  • phytoncides - strengthen immunity, bones, teeth;
  • Iron - improves metabolism, hormonal background;
  • Potassium is needed to improve the intestinal, kidney, protein synthesis;
  • Calcium - for bones and musculoskeletal system.

Already only in composition you can understand how much such tea is used.

Of course, with excessive use, there is probability of harm to organize. You should not use such a drink to people with individual Luke intolerance. In all other cases, only the beverage will be the benefits.

Long husk

How to use onion tea in folk medicine?

All preparations prepared on the basis of husks can be used at:

  • allergies of any genesis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • kidney diseases;
  • colds;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hair loss;
  • dermatological diseases.

Pluses drink

Tea, cooked on the basis of husks, retains all its valuable qualities. That is why it is useful in the following directions:

  • Prevention of heart attacks and thrombus;
  • Prevention of oncology;
  • cleansing from toxins and slags;
  • assistance in the treatment of cold and dry cough;
  • auxiliary remedy for skin diseases;
  • Normalization of metabolism;
  • As a hair rinse, makes them shiny.


Tea has no contraindications. Of course, it is relevant only in case of a reasonable approach to its use. This drink has no unpleasant qualities that are inherent onions.

After its use, there is no characteristic smell, and also there is no heartburn.


Rules of cooking tea

You need to know how to cook tea. If you brew it correctly, it will please the pleasant taste and maximum beneficial properties. To do this, take a great handful of shiny husk and put in suitable dishes. Next you need to pour it with boiling water and peak on a weak heat about 15 minutes. Then insist for another 10 minutes. Before applying to strain.

How to use the drink?

Standard drink recipe is 50 g. Tea 2-3 times a day. This amount contributes to the normalization of pressure and has a positive effect on all organism systems.

For outdoor use, the decoction is suitable as a compress. It helps with fungus and eczema. Apply it as a rinse in sore throat.

Additives for tea

There is an opinion that the husk of Luke is combined with any tea (black and green), does not lose its qualities. And it is true. You can pay attention to the following recipes.

When avitaminosis use tea with lemon. Prepare it from traditional onion tea with lemon juice in proportion 1: 2. Take a means of 0.5 glasses twice a day.

With rosehip you can also drink onion tea. For cooking, you should take a handful of husk and one art pack. Spoon of rosehip and currant. All pour boiling water. After 30 minutes, the drink is ready. You can add honey to it.

Hypertension is a disease that can be struggling with folk methods. In order to bring Her hell to normal, you can use tea prepared by the standard way.

If the beverage taste is too unpleasant, you can add such a flavor to it like pine needles.

Interesting! Coniferous infusions help strengthen the cardiovascular system.

We will need husk, rosehip and young coniferous needles in proportion 2: 3: 4. As a measure, taking a tablespoon. All ingredients wash and add 500 ml of water to them. Heat on a non-well heat for 10 minutes and insist about 6 hours. Apply a drink 2-3 times a day 1/3 cup before meal.

Walled diseases take place much faster if we use onion tea. For the treatment of colds, such a decoction is used: 2 spoons of lime color, onion husks, honey should be pouring 500 ml of boiling water. Insist 20 minutes, strain and drink. In this case, Lipa and Honey works well, and the husk only enhances their action. Thanks to this, the patient is more recoverable.


Their tea is onion sludge

Many want to know how with the help of tea from Luke husk, you can cope with extra kilograms. To do this, it should be prepared correctly and use it.

Tea welding rules for weight normalization

There will be a luche husk (1 tbsp. Spoon), water (1 l). The husk must be pouring boiling water, put not a plate and slaughter approximately 20 minutes on a small fire. Next, you should cool and strain the drink.

Rules of use

Drink tea should be used 2 times a day on one cup. If the taste of the drink seems unpleasant, it can be dissolved with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Also, the drink is allowed to breed by unsweetened green tea.

Menu diet

Together with tea, it is necessary to observe a specific power scheme:

  1. First day: Different fruits, cranberry juice, on this day is not allowed to eat bananas.
  2. The second day: vegetables in fresh or stewed form, several small baked potatoes (legumes are prohibited).
  3. The third day: you can eat all kinds of fruits (with the exception of bananas), as well as vegetables (except potatoes), cranberry juice or morse.
  4. Fourth day: In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can drink about 250 ml of low fat milk and eat 2 banana.
  5. Fifth day: 0.5 kg of meat or boiled fish, tomatoes.
  6. Sixth day: porridge rice, vegetables, juice from fruit.

Another rule of the diet is the use of approximately 1.5 liters of water daily.

Such tea helps to cope with unnecessary kilograms due to the fact that it eliminates the body from excess fluid. Also tea has a laxative effect and is able to burn fat deposits.

My girlfriend cut down the bow and put it in tea ... having learned the cause, I do the same constantly!

Pictures on request cut the bulb will cross, but not to the end so that it does not break

This story was told by a relative of the grandmother's line. In the 20s of the beginning of the century in one of the villages of the Tver province, an old man lived, the kind of good soul. Solva walked around him around the edge: Melted a man and a birth to all sorts of cure, and the word to help, and who suffered from pain in his stomach, that he punished such a medicine to do ...


  • 1 Lukovitsa
  • 200 g of brewed tea


  • Clean the bulb from the husk.

Pictures on request cut the bulb will cross, but not to the end so that it does not break

  • Cut the bulb will cross, but not to the end so that it does not break apart.
  • Placing a bulb into a glass with hot tea and let her breed 5-10 minutes. Use the drink whenever a feeling of discomfort in the intestines appears.

Indeed, discomfort in the intestines can take us at the most inopportune moment when there is no saving pill or medicine at hand. This method will help get rid of abdominal pain, intestinal disorders and will give the opportunity to normalize the chair.

Pictures on request cut the bulb will cross, but not to the end so that it does not break

Interesting fact: In a circle with tea, the bulb always turns the cross up.

In this, probably, there is the power of an effective drink! Many people tried to just crumble onions in tea - it does not help!

A source

Recipe Tver Starta: Why put the bulb in tea

Many different folk remedies came from the wise men who lived in past times. The preparation rules were transmitted from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation and so "lived" to the present day. This is not surprising, because many drugs that are doing according to old records are more effective than modern expensive medicines. Today you will learn about one such product. Moreover, you will understand why put the bulb in tea and how to do it right.

Where did the tradition come from?

In the 20s of the 19th century, there lived in one of the villages of the Tver province Zakar. People from different ends of the country with a request for healing appealed to him. He could not refuse anyone. Especially often people came to him who complained about discomfort in the stomach. It was them that he gave his miracle tool. From those times, we reached us that this product quickly improved well-being. For this reason, the product began to enjoy in high demand and began to be used everywhere. Such a means of the zone prepared just - added onions to the drink, but did it in a certain way, and how exactly learn later.


For cooking, you will need:

• The head of the bunch - 1 pc.;

• Welded tea - 200 ml.

The bulb can be cleaned from husks. After that, cut it back, but not until the end, so that it keeps the integrity below. Put the product in the drink and leave for insteading for 5 minutes. Use infusion is recommended for pain in the stomach.

Such a simple recipe will quickly improve well-being. The main thing is to resort to this method only in rare cases and find out from the doctor the reason for the appearance of unpleasant sensations.

Mug of hot teaOnion tea can bring amazing health benefits - the use of the cup of this drink per day can protect the body from the development of hypertension and other ailments, strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of cold.

When it comes to healthy drinks, onion tea can be the last thing you think about. Perhaps you did not even hear about this drink. But experts state that this is one of the best teas that increase the immune system, which can be prepared on its own, informs the health portal about the health of The Health Site.

Experts explained why it is worth starting to drink onion tea daily.

Provides protection against colds.

Specialists say that in the cold months, a cup of such a drink may have a healing effect. His reception increases the level of antioxidants in the blood, which strengthens the immunity. Onions contain powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that improve the protection of the body from the development of colds, cough, ORVI.

Helps adjust cholesterol levels.

Onions are rich in flavonoid quvercetin - this connection is known for its property to normalize the level of cholesterol. To improve the condition of the heart, experts advise to drink a cup or two onion tea every day.

May improve blood sugar performance.

According to the study published in The Journal of Medicinal Food, the bow prevents harsh blood sugar jumps. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, it reduces the manifestation of diabetes symptoms.

Improves sleep quality.

One cup of onion tea per day will help help hard sleep. Onions contain L-tryptophan, the form of amino acid, which is a natural soothing means. It also helps reduce the overall stress level.

Fits hypertensive.

Flavonola Luke helps to control blood pressure. In addition, it contains sulfur compounds that promote blood dilution and prevent thrombus formation.

How to cook.

It is a half glass of water to bring to a boil, add one sliced ​​bulb, 2-3 crushed garlic cloves, one bay leaf and to appear while the water does not change the color to the deeper. Strain, pour into a cup, add a bit of honey, cinnamon, lemon juice to taste.

Previously, portal wrote about how


It is useful to drink tea.

The beneficial properties of the bow for many centuries are used by traditional medicine. This vegetable could save many lives during the plague epidemic in Europe, in the 14th century. Most of those people who endured their homes with ligaments of the cut-off onions remained alive. The beneficial properties of the plant were used in antique times. The doctors of ancient Greece to destroy the infection launched near the bed of the sick pneumonia pieces of this unique vegetable. And also pierced patients onion tea.

Low tea

Unique drink

Onions contain a huge number of different vitamins and trace elements. Its juice is a natural antibiotic capable of destroying staphylococcus, streptococcus, tuberculosis, diphtheria and dysenteric wand. As well as viruses. In addition, the vegetable contributes to blood formation, removes toxins and is even able to withstand cancer.

Several scores of the onions can be found almost in any kitchen. During the cooking of food, his husk is thrown as a useless garbage. In fact, this is the most valuable product from which you can prepare useful onion tea. This unusual drink is used to strengthen the body and treat numerous pathologies.

Long husks for tea

The composition of tea from Luca includes such substances:

  1. Quercetin. This is a strongest antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Strengthens the cardiovascular system. It is part of many bodies.
  2. Ascorbic acid. An indispensable assistant in colds and viral diseases.
  3. Carotene. Improves brain activity and positively affects digestion.
  4. Vitamin E. Improves skin condition and hair. Supports vessel elasticity, strengthens the heart muscle.
  5. Phytoncides. Strengthen the immune system, as well as teeth and bones.
  6. Iron. Normalizes the work of the hormonal system and improves metabolism.
  7. Potassium. We are necessary for protein synthesis, normal operation of the kidneys and intestines.
  8. Calcium. Even children are known about the benefits of this element for bones and teeth.

Low tea contains many useful substances. But the most valuable is quercetin. Scientists have proven that this substance reduces the risk of thrombosis, stroke and heart attack. Quercetin stops the development of blood cancer, chest and other oncological diseases. In addition, flavonoids have the following properties:

  1. Antihistamine.
  2. Hypotensive.
  3. Antioxidant.
  4. Oncoprotective.
  5. Antisclerotic.
  6. Cardioprotective.
  7. Regenerative.
  8. Immunostimulating.

Properties of tea

Tea, cooked from Luke or his husk, has a specific taste and smell. But these shortcomings easily compensate for its unique composition and benefit. Low tea has such an impact on the body:

  1. Reduces swelling and pain in the legs.
  2. It has an antihistamine effect. This is a very good remedy against any manifestations of allergies.
  3. Improves digestion, fights meteorism.
  4. Displays heavy metals and other toxins from the body.
  5. Stabilizes pressure, heals the heart, protects the vessels. Helps to avoid stroke and heart attack. Effectively struggling with thrombophlebitis.
  6. Raises immunity. Effective in the fight against cold and flu.
  7. Helps in the fight against overweight. Normalizes metabolism.
  8. Reduces the likelihood of development of oncology. It can be used during the treatment of chemotherapy.
  9. Effective in diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis and gingivitis.
  10. It has a choleretic effect. Can be used as a soft laxative.
  11. Removes headache.
  12. Improves eyesight. It struggles with the manifestations of glaucoma and cataracts.
  13. Helps with cystitis and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.
  14. Eliminates pain during menstruation.
  15. Allows you to normalize blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.
  16. Reduces the number of attacks at bronchial asthma. Well helps with dry cough. Low tea how to drink


Long husk is absolutely safe for the body. It does not contain toxins and harmful substances. Despite this, drinking onion tea, as ordinary black, is not worth it. Still, this is a drug that is not recommended to abuse.

With caution take this drink you need to people who have increased blood clotting. The onion contains a quercetin, the high concentration of which can be dangerous. Abuse drink can lead to the fact that the blood will become more thick.

Abandoning tea from Luke is recommended to people with allergies to this vegetable. And also to those who suffer from the intolerance of individual substances that are included in its composition. Caution should take tea from the husk of hypotoniki.


There are several options for brewing tea. The classic option can be used if the drink is used in preventive purposes, and not to combat a specific disease. It is important to remember that it is imprined to brew a husk. It loses its healing properties and turns into poison. Therefore, it should be prepared directly before use.

Low tea harm

For one serving of tea, the husk will need from two medium bulbs. It is necessarily washed under running water. Then shifted into the glass and poured boiling water. Capacities are covered with a saucer. After half an hour, the drink is ready.

Drink tea from Luke will decide not every gourmet. At the view, this drink looks pretty appetizing. It is distinguished by a beautiful burgundy tint with golden overflows. In appearance, it resembles ordinary black tea. Only an unusual smell can give it.

Despite the specific taste, this drink has many fans. Especially easy, having studied their numerous positive feedback on different forums. Onion tea can be made even more useful if you add honey, rosehip, liquor, mint, lemon or black currant to it. Unfortunately, it will not help to improve the taste of the drink.

Treatment of branch bodies

Abdominal pain can be removed not only by pharmaceutical medicines. To get rid of discomfort and bowls, there is a very simple recipe. Onion tea, cooked from fresh vegetable, and not his husk, will allow you to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in minutes. He relieves pain, normalizes the stool and the work of the intestine.

For the preparation of the drink it will be necessary to brew half a glass of high-quality black tea. Then take a small bulb, clean from the husk and cut it will be crushed, but not through. She should keep shape.

The bulb is lowered in hot, freshly black tea and leave for 10 minutes. After that, the liquid can be drunk. Relief occurs within 20-30 minutes.

Treatment of colds and flu

Low tea tea is an excellent tool in the fight against cold, flu and respiratory diseases. It is recommended to use in a complex with medication therapy. But before brewing onion tea and treat himself or the child, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Low tea Reviews

With colds, the following recipes will be useful:

  1. Connect on the tablespoon of husks from the bow and the root of licorice, add 40 g of chopped needles. All this is pouring in two liters of boiling water. Put a mixture on a small fire for 20 minutes. For two or three minutes before the end of the preparation of the liquid add two tablespoons of crushed rosehip. Then the tea is overflowing into the thermos and leave for 12 hours. A day should drink no less liter of the recharge drink.
  2. Two tablespoons of crushed husk poured with two hot water glasses. For 15 minutes, tea is boiled on low heat. Use without additives, half a glass before meals. This tool perfectly helps with cough.
  3. To reduce the temperature, you will need to connect two tablespoons of the husks from onions, linden flowers and natural honey. Pour a mixture with three glasses of boiling water. After the tea cools, drink three times a day at 250 ml.

Allergy and asthma treatment

Onion tea helps to remove allergy symptoms and relieve the state during asthma. Recipes that are used to combat these pathologies are also suitable for stroke prevention:

  1. Five tablespoons of crushed pine needles are connected with 10 g onion husks and 20 g of crushed rosehip. The mixture is filled with a liter of boiling water and cooked on a weak heat for 10 minutes. Ready tea is poured into a thermos and insist overnight. During the day it is necessary to drink at least a liter of a warm drink.
  2. A tablespoon of husks are connected to the same volume of pine kidneys. Then add 20 g of chopped leaves of plantain and mother-and-stepmother. Plants are poured 500 ml of cold water. An hour later, the liquid should be boiled for seven minutes. Use 20 ml of drink three times a day. Onion tea recipe

Slimming and normalization of blood sugar

Low tea helps to normalize metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is useful to drink people who wish to lose weight, as well as diabetics.

For the preparation of tea, a tablespoon of chopped husk is pouring a liter of cold water. Put fluid on fire, bring to a boil and cook after that for five minutes. Ready tea must have a little. During the day, you should drink at least three glasses. You can add a lemon for a drink.


The effectiveness of the unique product is confirmed by numerous reviews. The benefits and harm of the onion tea are incomparable. This product is completely natural, cheap and safe. In addition, it has a minimum of contraindications.

Low tea benefit

In the reviews, people write that tea helps from pain in the spine, removes edema and normalizes the work of the intestine. Reception helps even treat migraine. The only disadvantage can be considered the specific smell and the unpleasant taste of the product. But it is possible to close the eyes due to the incredible healing properties of onion tea.

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