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In the fall of 2016, the Samsung Pay mobile payment service was available in Russia. With it, you can pay for purchases, applying Samsung Galaxy smartphones * to the terminal in grocery stores, at the cinema checks, in restaurants and other places. The editorial board of 4pda decided to find out what it was like to wear a wallet or even a bank card with him and everywhere to pay a smartphone. We tell about your feelings, as well as present you a detailed guide on the Samsung Pay.


In the yard of 2017, and let cash and do not completely go out of the turnover, but they will noticeably pass positions compared to plastic cards that have almost everyone. We get on the card salary, scholarship, sometimes even pension. Go to the supermarket near the house and pay the purchases by a cashless way - part of our everyday life. In Moscow and St. Petersburg last year, the terminals appeared even at the cash desks.

  • 250.9 million Bank cards issued by Russian banks on January 10, 2016.
  • 1.7 bank cards falls on one Russian, including old men and babies
  • 50 to 50% The ratio of non-cash payments and cash withdrawals from Sberbank cards
  • 4 out of 10 Russians living in cities enjoy a plastic card more often than two times a week
  • 120 billion rubles The total amount of mobile payments for six months of 2015
  • $ 2.5 The average amount of mobile payment for goods and services in Russia. In the world - $ 42
  • + 20% Expected growth in the number of non-cash operations in the Russian Federation over the next 3-5 years

Sources: Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Visa, Sberbank, Ipsos Comcon, AC & M-Consulting, J'son & Partners Consulting

The next stage after switching to maps is contactless payment, which gradually becomes familiar too. With it, you can pay, simply by attaching a bank card to the terminal, and if necessary, entering a password (depends on specific security settings). For example, in the Moscow metro this technology, the terminals were equipped at the entrance, which makes it possible to touch the turnstile with a card or smartphone, which records the number of paid trips, and go through without buying a material ticket or travel.

What does it mean to "pay a smartphone"?

With the help of Samsung Pay, you can bind your bank card to your smartphone and get rid of the need to constantly carry "plastic" with you. The service works with both non-contact terminals (NFC) and with terminals receiving cards with a magnetic strip or chip (this technology is called Samsung MST - Magnetic Secure Transmission). Samsung Galaxy * smartphones compatible with samsung pay and support MST technology can emit a magnetic field similar to a magnetic bandwidth signal. It happens that the sellers themselves do not know what is possible in their stores - and payment perfectly works. Terminals, where there is no contactless payment technology are common: in the networks of fast food, coffee shops and restaurants, supermarkets and ordinary grocery stores.

All about samsung pay All about samsung pay

To carry out the transaction, you do not need to connect the smartphone to the Internet - the terminal itself communicates with the bank to which you apply the gadget. In general, the payment principle is like cards with PayPass or PayWave. The only difference is that the card itself is not needed itself, you can create it an electronic copy in my smartphone, and plastic leave at home.

All about samsung pay

Where can I use Samsung Pay in Russia?

According to the Central Bank, payment terminals in Russia more than one and a half million. Of these, NFC is supported by two hundred thousand technology, and the rest work with magnetic plastic cards. Samsung Pay supports payments in any terminal, thanks to MST technology (except S6, S6 EDGE smartphones - they only work with NFC terminals). This means that the smartphone can be paid in any trading point in Russia - with the exception of those institutions where completely old devices are used in which you need to insert the card.

All about samsung pay

Plus this technology not only in its prevalence, but also in accessibility. Samsung Pay works on the model Galaxy A5 (2016), the value of which in the Russian retail is about 18,000 rubles. Galaxy A7 (2016), Note5, S6, S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE +, S7, S7 EDGE and New Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017) are also supported. Simply put - users have to choose from what, focusing on their wallet.

All about samsung pay

What banks can you bind to Samsung Pay?

A complete list of supported banks can be viewed on the official website. The probability is that you already have a desired card (for example, salary) and there is no need to start a new one. Among the major banks collaborating with Samsung Pay - Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Tinkoff Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and others.

The main payment system is MasterCard. There is support for Visa, but only in Alpha Bank, VTB24, MTS Bank, Raiffeisenbank and Tinkoff Bank. In the future, this list promises to expand.

Do I need to go to the bank to activate the map for Samsung Pay?

No, you do not need to visit the department of the bank. First of all, you need to make sure that your bank and the card support the Samsung Pay service. Then to activate the Samsung Pay application and be sure to install a fingerprint or PIN code to unlock the screen - in this way you will confirm the purchase in the future. In the application itself, you add a map: You can either scan it or enter data manually. For security reasons, the resulting images in the application cannot be screamed. If the map is suitable, the application will ask to adopt the Samsung Agreement and the Bank's Agreement. After that, on the phone number you specified when opening the account, a disposable code will come to SMS with which you want to complete the registration. At the end, a window will appear for the signature - it can be introduced simply with your finger. The seller in the store may wanted to compare the signature on the map and on the check, for this purpose it will be useful for its electronic copy.

All about samsung pay All about samsung pay

You can add up to ten bank cards to one smartphone, at the same time, one card add to a limited amount of mobile devices (depends on the requirements of a particular bank).

All about samsung pay

Can fraudsters steal money?

On the Internet, it is also a terrible liking that you can write off the money from a card or smartphone, bringing the terminal to your bag or pocket. Difference users are natural - to get used to the new technology, you need time. In fact, security issues are worked out from and to. First, the toxy system is used - this means that after adding a bank card, the Samsung Pay service instead of the card number is always used only token - a special digital code created randomly. Personal information during payment is not used and remains safe.

Secondly, to confirm the operation, it is necessary to log in with a fingerprint or using the PIN code. Even if you lose your smartphone, then the found it will not be able to use Samsung Pay - especially if it is protected by the print. With a PIN code, of course, you have to be careful. Especially in crowded places where it can be survived, so be careful.

Thirdly, Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a built-in SAMSUNG KNOX security system that protects the gadget from malicious attacks and continuously tracking possible vulnerabilities. In addition, even if the device threatens something, the KNOX system ensures data protection.

Before registering a map, the KNOX system checks the smartphone firmware. If root is detected on the smartphone, viruses or firmware is modified - the register card will not work. If the virus penetrates into the smartphone, samsung pay will be blocked.

In the following material, we will tell you in detail about the way Samsung Pay and why scammers will not be able to steal money.

One day with samsung pay: share with impressions

The very idea to combine the smartphone and the wallet is very interesting. Quietly leave money and maps at home and go to the shopping center: to buy products in the supermarket, take a couple of new things in the store, drink cappuccino in the coffee shop and have a snack in fast food. In large shopping center, the payment by a smartphone is worked almost everywhere, and for the day of use never had to get cash. It turns out even if you lose the map, it can be continued using Samsung Pay (depends on the requirements of a particular bank).

All about samsung pay

The first time to pay through Samsung Pay was unusual, but very simple - first you will unlock the fingerprint, then we apply to the terminal.

All about samsung pay

In the Russian capital, people do not perceive an attempt to pay a smartphone as a miracle - apparently already accustomed to.

All about samsung pay All about samsung pay

Plus SAMSUNG PAY in speed and convenience. The smartphone is almost always at hand: run SAMSUNG PAY, touch the dactylconic scanner and apply a smartphone to the terminal. You can configure Samsung Pay in such a way that it will be turned on by a simple swipe from the bottom up even when the smartphone screen is turned off.

Samsung Pay take not only in hipster coffee houses. You can pay and in the usual Foodcourt.

Definitely, paying with Samsung Pay, it turns out faster than the traditional way. For those who do not know how to save, it is even a disadvantage: so pulls something else.

All about samsung pay All about samsung pay

With the help of Samsung Pay it is easy to make unplanned purchases - this will be relevant, for example, at lunch, when you leave the office without taking a bag with money or a jacket.

All about samsung pay All about samsung pay

On the way to work, passing by the cafe, you can literally take coffee and sandwich on the fly, and do not delay the turn. Payment is faster than a card or cash - while they recalculate until they give.

All about samsung pay

In the Danilovsky market, sellers of vegetables and fruits are bred by their hands on the question of not the fact that Samsung Pay, but also about non-cash payment in general - while they have only cash in the go. But the emergence of new technologies in the kingdom of fresh fruits and other gifts of nature is only a matter of time. At the same time, absolutely all the dots of food nearby this technology is supported.


The main advantage of Samsung Pay is the ability to pay for a product or service with the help of a smartphone, forgetting about plastic cards and a wallet with cash. You can not worry if you forgot money at home. The service supports all major banks, and thanks to the unique simulation technology of the Samsung Pay, the Samsung Pay works not only with NFC terminals, but also with ordinary. After a day spent with Samsung Galaxy, instead of a wallet, it became clear that you can pay for the purchases with a smartphone on any outlet and network cafe.

Samsung Pay, as a way, always and everywhere platformsmartphone is constantly evolving: all-round banks will be connected to the service, the acolness of compatible gadgets increases. So, SAMSUNG GALAXY A-Series 2017 surcharges support SamsungPay. By the way, do you use or are you going to use non-contact compact systems? Answers - incoming.

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Text author: Alexandra Mitrushina

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Modern technologies make it possible to pay for goods and services without cash and even credit card. It is possible to do directly from the smartphone using mobile payment systems, such as Samsung Pay. How does the Samsung Pai system work and how to connect it and use it in the future?

Samsung Pay - What is it and how does mobile payment service work on Android?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system developed by the popular samsung Korean manufacturer. Its main feature is the possibility of holding payments through payment terminals directly from the phone. This presence in modern SAMSUNG smartphones MST technology is provided. Thanks to her, the smartphone generates alternating current, creating a field capable of dynamic changes. It operates at a distance of about 8 cm from the reader.

In addition, work is provided by NFC technology, which allows non-contact payments. The system works as follows: the user adds data to his card to a special application, and in the future it can pay for purchases, only brings the smartphone with the terminal. The transactions occur in the same way as when paying directly the card.

Of the advantages of the system, the following should be noted :

  • She eliminates the need to carry a map with him. The phone is usually always at hand, and they pay much more convenient to them. This is the most obvious dignity, but there are other, no less significant.
  • Payments are safe. Payment terminal when making payment gets encrypted data, stealing which is impossible. Payments are confirmed by fingerprints, which each person is unique.
  • The developers did everything to ensure the protection of the user. To do this, serves the service KNOX. It is an antivirus embedded in a smartphone and caring for maps data to be stolen.
  • Also, the service tracks the correctness of the transaction processing. But the user needs to be vigilant. Before making payment, you need to pay attention to the amount of write-off.
  • An important advantage of the system in comparison with competitors is the ability to pay for any terminal, and not just that supports contactless payments.
  • The service is simple and understandable in work. To start using them, you only need a smartphone that supports the appropriate technology, and the installed application of the same name.

As already mentioned, the unique technology allows the service to carry out transactions at once on two types of terminals:

  1. Magnetic . Apply by conventional terminals for carrying out operations with plastic cards.
  2. Wireless . These types of payments are supported only by special devices working with NFC technology.

Working with NFC technology in Russia is not developing too fast, and such terminals are not in all outlets. This makes a universal system. Two types of transactions are maintained at the expense of a universal magnetic chip, which are equipped with smartphones. In view of this, the device recognizes even the most common terminals.

The company thoroughly thought out about the security of the service. The emerging errors and bugs are extremely quickly eliminated. When working with magnetic terminals, protection provides a mentioned chip generating a disposable code. The terminal will thus read the not number of the card, but a sent number that does not represent any value for intruders.

When applying an improved NFC, the data streaming mode is maintained, as well as the SE algorithm, in view of which the attempts of hacking and unauthorized access on the map are recognized very quickly.

We offer to watch a video about how Samsung Pay works:

How to use the algorithm step by step

To enjoy the system, the owner of the Samsung smartphone needs to add a bank card data to the application. In the future, they fall into Samsung Knox and remain encrypted there. Before making a payment, you need to select the necessary card and access access by providing a fingerprint either by entering the PIN code. Gadget must be reduced to the terminal and wait until the transaction is over .

The magnetic emitter embedded in smartphones works at the same frequency as plastic cards. The terminal perceives the phone like a map and produces a transaction similarly. You can pay for goods and services not only through terminals that support NFC, but also conventional, more outdated devices.

When you pay, your smartphone transmits the terminal not data cards, but a hex-digit code called token. Therefore, the risk of intercepting these fraudsters are absent. Even if they get tokens, they will not be able to do anything with it, because when repeated use, the system will block it.

Each operation can be confirmed not only by password, but also fingerprint . The last option is more reliable, since the imprint is impossible to fake. If the system will suspect a hacking attempt, all data that can be useful for fraudsters will be deleted: card numbers, financial operations history and so on.

We offer watch a video about how to use the Samsung_Pay application:

List of supported phones

At the moment, Samsung Pay allows contactless payment to the following smartphones:

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY: S7 and S7 EDGE, S8, S9.
  • Samsung A3, A5, A7 2016 and 2017, A8, A8 +.
  • Samsung S6 EDGE.

On the last two empty for payment, only NFC is used. SAMSUNG GEAR S2 and S3 smart watches can also be used. Need to consider that Payment service only works on smartphones with official sewing which was not routing and modified.

What do you need to connect?

In order to use the system, you need to do a number of simple actions: install the application, set some settings and link cards. It is worthwhile to deal with how it is done.

Install, register and configure

First you need to add a Samsung account to your gadget to be able to register with the payment service.

How to register :

  1. On the phone you need to open "Settings", then "Accounts".
  2. Next, the "Add Account" is specified and Samsung Account is selected.
  3. You can log in under the available entry or create a new one by filling out the appropriate fields and confirming the registration via email.
  4. Next, you need to go to the option of the smartphone and select the item "On Device".
  5. The "software update" is pressed and the "update" is selected.
  6. When you start the update, you need to wait for the end of the process.

Update required. Since the system requires the last version of the operating system on the phone.

Next begins loading and installing directly software product. :

  1. You need to open the Google Play shop and find Samsung Pay in it.
  2. After downloading, you need to find the application label on the phone screen and run it.
  3. You must also come up with a PIN code and apply it further to confirm transactions.


To use the technology, you need a gadget that supports it. Their list is listed above. At the same time, some models have only partial support for NFC technology. Most of the latest devices provide the possibility of payment on MST technology.

It is necessary to consider that Samsung Pay works only on the Samsung brand phones.

What cards are supported?

It should be borne in mind that Software supports not all cards . They must belong to specific payment systems. In addition, the bank must be a partner working with the payment service. The list of banks includes almost all major financial institutions.


You can tie cards operating on the MasterCard payment system. They are released by banks such as Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, VTB-24 and so on.


Visa cards are also supported. In Russia, they are published by a wide list of banks.

Virtual cards

Russian users can apply to pay a virtual map of Yandex.Money which can also be added to the SAMSUNG PAY service.

It is worth noting that Maestro cards and the world cannot be used in this system.

How to add them: binding to smartphone

After installing the application you need to tie a card with the phone With which funds will be charged when paying for goods and services.

This is done as follows:

  1. You must run the Samsung Pay and enter a fed-up pin code.
  2. Next, you need to click on the map icon or on the Add button.
  3. The card can be photographed or introduced into the appropriate fields its details.
  4. Click "Next" and get acquainted with the agreement.
  5. Press the "SMS" button and wait until the code comes, enter it and click "Send".
  6. The last thing you need to do is sign on the gadget screen.

For registration of payment data you need about ten minutes. If she did not pass, it is worth contacting the bank. The problem may be in the card - perhaps there are restrictions that do not give the opportunity to apply it for payments of this kind.

Technology contactless payment

After the application is installed, and the cards are added, you can use technology for contactless payment. It is simply used:

  1. You need to hold your finger on the bottom of the bottom up or open the Samsung Pay application.
  2. Next, you must log in through fingerprints or pin code.
  3. The phone is deposited to the terminal after a message will appear about the waiting for the payment.
  4. It remains only to wait for the successful completion of the operation.

For the use of Samsung Pay, the Commission is not charged . It is also not required to connect to the Internet at the time of payment. Authorization is performed at the expense of a smartphone. Therefore, in this way, you can make payments and abroad, staying in roaming, and even if the phone does not have a SIM card.

We offer to watch a video about nuances that may arise when paying using the application:

Problems that may occur when working?

Samsung Pey's service is very easy to use, and to deal with it easily. However, users may have certain problems, and you need to know how to eliminate them.

If you forgot the password

The question of recovering the password can be relevant if, tieting the card, the owner chose only one identification method - entering the digital code. In accordance with the Safety Policy, Samsung restore or change the password of the payment system is impossible. If the problem arose, you can use the following path :

  1. Reset SAMSUNG Pay settings and delete all cards information. This is done through the application manager in which you want to select the necessary and select the "Clear Data" function.
  2. Sign up to Samsung Pay again and re-enter the data on the cards.

The data can also be removed via reset settings, but this is a very complex method, as in the future you will need to restore the data of all applications, re-configure calls, backgrounds and other functions.

Not to forget passwords, it is better to write and store in an inaccessible place . A more reliable and effective is considered to identify the fingerprint.

What to do when you failed to connect to the server?

Why does Samsung Pay program does not work at all, or it is impossible to connect temporarily? Consider a number of main reasons:

  • If when connected to the Samsung Pay server, it gives an error, you can try to use it slightly later or restart the phone.
  • The reason for the impossibility of connecting may be that the phone does not support technology in principle. In the event, it is impossible to change the situation, since the device is simply devoid of the components required to make such operations.
  • Another possible reason, with which Samsung Pay is not launched, this is if the phone turned out to be "gray", that is, the official place of its sale is not Russia. You can solve such a problem by a hike to a service center, where experts through the relevant programs will change the region, and the phone will begin to support non-contact payments.
  • In addition, Samsung Pei may not work if the phone has been reflashing. Do nothing in this case.
  • If the problem is directly in the application, you can try to reinstall it, restart your smartphone or install updates. The smartphone can offer himself to put the latest version of the software, or the user must do it on a personal initiative.

The program is not updated

If the program is not updated, you can try to do it again after some time.

Sometimes you need to reinstall it completely. It is also worth making sure that the smartphone did not have any actions that could affect the impossibility of software work.

Lock due to unauthorized modifications

This character's message may appear on the rutted smartphones. Devices that have unlimited access to the file system are simply not allowed to use the service. It is not yet known whether this restriction will be eliminated. While users have to choose between root access and comfortable rapid payments.

Samsung Pay great simplifies phone owner life , allowing you to apply it instead of a card or wallet. Completing financial transactions with this service is convenient and safe. The only negative is that the technology is not supported by all Samsung brand smartphones.

In one of the past materials, we have already talked about Google Pay Mobile Payments from Google. This time it will be discussed about a similar solution from Samsung. Now you will learn what Samsung Pay is how to install it, set up and how to use it.

Samsung Pay: What is this program

Samsung Pay.Samsung Pay is a service of mobile contactless payments, developed by Samsung Electronics and applied on the phones of this manufacturer. The service allows users to pay for purchases using mobile phones and smart watches.

One of the main differences of Samsung Pay from competitors is that it supports not only payments through NFC, but also payments using electromagnetic transmission technology (MST). This allows you to pay even on old terms that support only maps with a magnetic ribbon.

Technology "Magnetic Protected Data Transmission" or "Magnetic Secure Transmission" (MST) transmits information about the payment card directly to the hole for the plastic card. It deceives the terminal and makes him think that a real map was held.

To ensure the service of the Samsung Pay service, an application is used with the same name.

How to install samsung pay

If you have a phone from Samsung, then this application must be pre-installed. If it is not, you can install it from the Google Play app store. To do this, just go to Google Play, use the search and install Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay in App App

After installation, the Samsung Pay application will need to be configured by adding payment cards to it. After that, Samsung Pay will be ready to pay for purchases.

What phones are supported by samsung pay

Unlike Google Pay, which works on any modern smartphone with NFC, the SAMSUNG PAY payment service is available only to smartphone users from Samsung. At the same time, only relatively fresh models are supported. Below, we give a complete list of devices where this service can be used.

Galaxy S10E (SM-G970F)

Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F)

Galaxy S10 + (SM-G975F)

Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)

Galaxy S9 + (SM-G965F)

Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F)

Galaxy S8 + (SM-G955F)

Galaxy S7 EDGE (SM-G935F)

Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)

Galaxy S6 EDGE + (SM-G928F)

Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) - only NFC

Galaxy S6 EDGE (SM-G925) - only NFC

Galaxy Note9 (SM-N960F)

Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950F)

Galaxy Note5 (SM-N920C)

Galaxy A70 (SM-A705F)

Galaxy A50 128 GB (SM-A505FM)

Galaxy A50 64 GB (SM-A505FN) - only NFC

Galaxy A40 (SM-A405F)

Galaxy A30 (SM-A305F) - Only NFC

Galaxy A20 (SM-A205F) - Only NFC

Galaxy A9 2018 (SM-A920F) - Only NFC

Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750FN) - NFC only

Galaxy A8 (SM-A530F)

Galaxy A8 + (SM-A730F)

Galaxy A6 (SM-A600F) - Only NFC

Galaxy A6 + (SM-A605F) - only NFC

Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F)

Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)

Galaxy A3 2017 (SM-A320F)

Galaxy A7 2016 (SM-A710F)

Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)

Galaxy J6 + (SM-J610FN) - only NFC

Galaxy J4 + (SM-J415F) - only NFC

Galaxy J7 2017 (SM-J730F)

Galaxy J5 2017 (SM-J530F)

Gear S3 Classic (SM-R770) | Frontier (SM-R760)

Gear Sport (SM-R600) - only NFC

Galaxy Watch (SM-R800N, SM-R810N) - only NFC

Galaxy Watch Active (SM-R500) - only NFC

It should also be noted that Samsung Pay will not work on devices where the user received root rights. In this case, the restoration of the standard firmware will not help. Devices with root rights are forever lose the opportunity to work with Samsung Pay.

What cards supports samsung pay

In order for Samsung Pay's contactless payment service, it should be supported not only by the phone, but also a user's bank. At the moment, the following payment cards can be connected to the service:

  • Alpha Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Tinkoff Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • "VTB24" (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Rockt Bank and Point (MasterCard);
  • "Yandex" (MasterCard);
  • Raiffeisenbank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • MTS-Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Sberbank (MasterCard and Visa, except Electer Series);
  • Bank St. Petersburg (MasterCard);
  • Russian Standard (MasterCard);
  • "Opening" (MasterCard and Visa);
  • BINBANK (MDM Bank cards)

In the future, the list of banks and cards will expand. Contact your bank support in order to provide detailed information on supporting this service.

How to configure samsung pay

To pay through Samsung Pay, it must be preset. To do this, run the Samsung Pay application, log in to your Samsung account and agree with the terms of use.

Sign in your Samsung account

After that, configure the way for you to unlock the phone. To work with the SAMSUNG PAY service, only reliable unlocking methods can be used. For example, scan iris eye or fingerprint.

Select phone unlocking method

Also, the application will ask you to enter a separate PIN code for Samsung Pay. This PIN code will be used only in this application and differs from the main PIN code that is used to unlock the phone.

Enter PIN code for Samsung Pay

After that, you will be taken to the primary interface of the Samsung Pay application. Here you need to go to the "Payment" section and click on the "Add Map" button.

Add map button

To add a map, it is easy enough to scan with the phone camera.

Card Scanning With Camera

If difficulties arise with scanning, you can click on the "Enter manual" button and fill the card data yourself.

Manual entry of payment card data

After entering the payment card data, the application will require checking using an SMS message. Your phone will come SMS with the code to be entered into a special field.

Check using SMS messages

The last stage of the SAMSUNG PAY setting is to enjoy your own signature in a special field on the screen.

Enter your own signature in a special field

This is completed on this. Wait about 10 minutes so that your card has been successfully registered in Samsung Pay. After that, the phone can be used to pay for purchases.

How samsung pay works

After everything is configured, the Samsung Pay service is ready to work. To pay for purchases you need to tell the cashier that you will pay with the help of the card, then spend your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen. This gesture will automatically launch the Samsung Pay application and prepare it to work.

SAMSUNG PAY application is ready for payment

After starting the application, you will need to log in one of the configured methods. It can be scanning eye iris, checking the print or enter the PIN code. After authorization, the phone must be reduced by the payment terminal.

Payments for purchases using Samsung Pay

To pay with the NFC technology, the phone needs to be brought to the top of the terminal.

Payment using NFC technology

If the terminal does not support contactless payment using NFC, the phone needs to be brought to the magnetic strip reader (in the right part of the terminal). In this case, payment will be executed using the Samsung MST technology (Magnetic Secure Transmission), which emulates the operation of the magnetic billing card.

Payment using a magnetic strip reader

After that, the terminal must fix the payment, and the corresponding message should appear on the phone.

The world develops and technology does not stand still, if earlier the transition from cash payment to bank cards has become a real breakthrough, then contactless payments received great popularity. A special advantage of this method is conciseness, only a mobile phone will be required. In this regard, manufacturers of gadgets try to release unique applications for payment, no exception and South Korean concern. We will tell about Samsung Pey and how to use it.

How to use samsung pay

SAMSUNG PAY is a modern and convenient method of contactless payment. With it, the user can pay for the purchase at any store where the appropriate payment terminal is installed and accept bank cards. The main advantage of such a service is that NFC technology is used as well as MST. Thanks to this symbiosis, the subscriber has the ability to make payment transactions, even with terminals that read the magnetic strip of credit card.

Why Samsung Pay.

Samsung company has created its own technology by which the mobile device forms an individual magnetic field that simulates a simple bank card. This means that, having one mobile phone in your pocket, the consumer can fulfill any purchase without an additional commission collection. This opportunity appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, so many sellers do not believe that the payment can be held a cell phone.

You are quite simple to pay the phone, for this you need to perform a number of simple operations:

  1. Purchase a mobile device that supports such an opportunity.
  2. Add your virtual map to the app.
  3. Select the desired credit card from the list added earlier. This can be done in the main utility in the appropriate tab or from the Favorites list. Opens after the finger from the bottom up the screen of the smartphone. To configure a list of selected cards, go to the phone settings. Here you can establish the features of displaying credit cards on the main screen, as well as add the list you need.
  4. Complete authorization, To do this, enter a protective password or scan your fingerprint and bring the device to the payment terminal.
  5. After that, you have thirty seconds in your reserve to make payment. After 20 seconds, the repeat icon appears on the display. If you press it, the waiting time will increase by another 20 seconds.
  6. Ready. Expect a check from the terminal. The operation will be successful only if cash on the bank account.

samsung pay how to use

What devices support

It should be borne in mind that such a system is not supported on all mobile devices. Contactless payment using Samsung Pay available on the following smartphone models:

  1. Product line from the S series, from the phone S6 to S9 plus. But the S6 is provided only by the NFC module, which means that the magnetic tape is not available.
  2. Devices from the family A, with A5 from 2016, finishing A6 from 2017.
  3. Galaxy Note fifth and eighth model.
  4. Smartphones marked J5 and J7, no earlier than 2017.
  5. Smart Watch Gear Sport and Gear S # 3.

samsung pay which models support

Unfortunately, the other models from the manufacturer, cheaper and simple do not support such a type of contactless transaction. Therefore, carefully read the user manual before buying a smartphone.

What cards supports samsung pay

So, you purchased a compatible device, now the question arises, and which banks support this function? You do not even worry about this. Currently, the company has been cooperating with more than 60 banks and this list is constantly updated. Here you will find both the State Sberbank and the popular Tinkoff recently.

Samsung Pay Card Support

If you doubt, you can always view compatibility information on the official Samsung portal. For this:

  1. On the dealer's website, go to the Samsung Pey tab.
  2. After that, in the main window you will see the bank checks tab.
  3. Here you will see a list of all organizations with which the function of contactless payment is collaborated.
  4. If you do not want to search, then write the name of your bank in the appropriate field. The system will instantly give you a reliable answer.

In addition, you can add club cards to the application. To see the list of partner companies, click on the point of discount cards, and the display shows a complete list of organizations.

Add map to Samsung Pay

Before adding a credit card to the list, you need to configure the application of the application. To do this, follow a simple instruction:

  1. Run the mobile application on the phone. SAMSUNG PAY entrance
  2. Make an entry under your account in the Samsung Account system, if not, you have to register. Log in to the Samsung Account account
  3. Install the protective password to authorize the user when paying. Protective Password Samsung PeyGo to the Check Method section and specify the use of a fingerprint, but for this you have to come up with a PIN or a graphic key. Samsung Pey Pin Code
  4. After that, the system will ask to scan your finger. Move it on the mobile device scanner. Adding a fingerprint to Samsung Pei
  5. Now it remains only to check whether the skin pattern is read correctly. Checking the task of Samsung Pei
  6. Ready. SAMSUNG PAY setup completed

To register a new card, use the technique:

  1. In the main menu, the utilities enter the Add Card section.
  2. In the next window, give the numeric number of credit card. In order not to write manually to scan it enough. SAMSUNG PAY Adding a Card
  3. Carefully read the conditions and restrictions, confirm activation. Samsung Pay Adding a Card - Confirmation
  4. Pass identification. Click on the Refirmation SMS button. SMS confirmation Samsung Pey
  5. After that, your phone number will receive a notification with a protective code to be entered in the application. Entering SMS code on Samsung Peah
  6. In the next window, depict your signature and save the changes. Introduction Signature Samsung Payments
  7. Ready, now your card will appear in the main menu of the application and it can be removed at any time as desired. Map Added Samsung Pey
  8. To add the following plastic, repeat the procedure.

To register in the discount card system, it is enough to click on the appropriate button in the main window "Discount cards" program, then the list shows all previously added. To replenish the list, click on the Add button. Now scan the barcode from the rear surface of the plastic. Now you can not only pay, but also receive discounts.


Among users a sufficient number of those who are afraid of the safety of their data and cash when using such a payment method. Manufacturers guarantee the maximum security level. And here are solid arguments:

  1. When transaction, personal data is not transmitted to the payment terminal and it is impossible to intercept them.
  2. No one except you can confirm the payment, because for this you need a fingerprint.
  3. On all mobile devices, Samsung initially installed an anti-virus program that blocks infection and prevents the information leakage. With suspected penetration, it automatically erases all bank data and the history of operations.


Each user is desirable to observe the following precautions:

  1. Nobody call the protective code for entering the application, even representatives of banking organizations and relatives.
  2. Try to come up with a complex pin-code and remember it. If you forgot, then restore the password without a print will not work.
  3. Do not leave a smartphone unattended in a crowded place and do not pass to third parties.
  4. When losing or stealing a mobile device, lock it using the Samsung Find My Mobile service and must contact the bank to block the account.
  5. When suspected hacking also contact the bank.
  6. When transferring a device to repair or sell your data, make a full reset settings.
  7. Install the Samsung Peah's updates in a timely manner.
  8. Check the amount on the terminal before the transaction.
  9. Do not block system security features.

If all these recommendations are followed, your funds will be securely protected.

What to do if Samsung Pei does not work

Samsung Pei does not work

When you first start the utility, it can swear and will not start working for a number of reasons that can be corrected independently. Possible failures:

  1. Be sure to update the firmware of the mobile device to the last topical version. Old androids or self-made software does not support the operation of the service.
  2. For the function to work, create an account in the Samsung system, otherwise you will not be able to log in in the Appendix.
  3. It should be borne in mind that contactless payment works only with certain model ranges of smartphones, so specify the compatibility of the utility with the phone in advance.

Sometimes breakdowns and problems cannot be solved on their own. For such cases, the manufacturer's company has a hotline telephone, technical support works clouds and without days off. Dial the number 88005555555, wait for a specialist answer and ask a question. Sometimes the culprit of incorrect work is the NFC chip itself, in this case it is necessary to go to the service department and order a replacement.

We can summarize, Samsung Pei is a unique payment system. The user can make purchases at any store with any terminal, as well as use discount cards. The only negative is a small range of devices that support the function, but soon it will be replenished.

Detailed instructions for using Samsung Pay

Detailed instructions for using Samsung Pay

In Russia, the new modern SAMSUNG PAY payment system was started, the main direction of which is working with mobile phones and smartphones. In Russian, she sounds like Samsung Pey and, as you probably guessed, her author and developer is a South Korean company. Today, the user service base has already exceeded 1 million people!

Now the phone is your electronic wallet. Just, quickly, comfortable!

What is her "chip"? If we speak with simple words, the peculiarity of this feature is that thanks to it you can not carry a credit card with you, but simply bring your mobile phone to the terminal and pay off it.

How it works in theory

SAMSUNG PAY operation principle

Payment is very simple. To pay, it is enough to open the swipe application up and bring your phone to the banking terminal, confirming the purchase. All user data is stored in encrypted form, and information about virtual maps is passed to the terminal, which allows you to save real security data. No commission is charged.

Instructions for use

The distance to the utility terminal should be less than 10 cm

To take advantage of all the charms of the newest mobile payment system, it is necessary to start installing the Samsung Pay application to the smartphone. To do this, open the Google Play Store and find the application using the search. As an option - you can go through this link.

  1. Click on the "Install" button and wait for the end of the process.
  2. Next, run the installed program. First you need to configure it. The first step will need to create a virtual map of Samsung Pey. To do this, click on the "+" icon (Add Map).
  3. Now you need to take a picture of the plastic on the main phone chamber
  4. After that, data verification will start
  5. Next, it will be necessary to make its signature to the program base.
  6. If the check has passed successfully, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that you want to enter the application window
  7. After that, you will receive a message that the card is successfully added.
  8. Now she will appear in the wallet

In this way, all bank cards can be added to the database and no longer carry them with you. Now you can go to the store!

Use a virtual map for payment


So, you are standing near the cashier in the supermarket or cafe. How to pay for a purchase or service via Samsung Pay?

  1. First you need to make a swipe up, that is, pushing your finger at the bottom of the screen and pull it up:
  2. The application will open:
  3. Then you need to confirm your personality, putting a finger to the scanner of prints.
  4. Now you bring the phone Samsung to the banking terminal at the moment when the inscription "Insert the map" is burning:
  5. We enter the last 4 digits from the number, complete the transaction and get the check. The Samsung Pei payment is completed successfully and you can remove the phone into your pocket!

Make sure that the smartphone is in the list

bring your smartphone to the payment terminal

The new contactless payment service works only on the following devices:

  1. Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
  2. Galaxy S7 EDGE (SM-G935F)
  3. Galaxy S6 EDGE + (SM-G928F)
  4. Galaxy Note5 (SM-N920C)
  5. Galaxy A7 2016 (SM-A710F)
  6. Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)
  7. Galaxy S Line (starting with 6 series *)
  8. Galaxy A Rule 2017
  9. Galaxy Note 5.
  10. Gear S3.

Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE support payment only by NFC technology. Work via MST on these models is not available.

List of payment systems and banks

At the end of 2016, the service of the Korean company works with Visa and MasterCard payment systems. SAMSUNG PAY is compatible with the following banks.

Visa and Mastercard.

  • MTS Bank
  • Raiffeisenbank


  • VTB 24
  • Russian Standard Bank
  • Yandex money
  • Sberbank
  • Bank opening
  • Bank "Saint-Petersburg
  • Binbank Bank
  • Point
  • Bank Tinkoff
  • Rocket Bank

Unique data protection methods in Samsung Pay

Two seconds and payment gone

"Tochenization" of data is the first circle of protection of user data. The essence of the method is to replace real user data (numbers, owner name, etc.) to virtual. When plastic activation in Samsung Pay on the user's smartphone, the actual card number is replaced with an encrypted digital code - "Tocken", which is randomly generated.

The protected environment of KNOX is a second protection circle, which is a whole security system. This reliably protects the smartphone from possible attacks of various malicious programs and constantly monitors potential threats for user data.

Even if a viral spy program has hit the device - user data will remain reliably encrypted in a protected "container" inside Knox. Before registration, the security system checks the current firmware of the device.

If the smartphone is hacked, for example, attacked by viruses or an unofficial version of the firmware is installed on the machine - the user will not be able to register a credit card. If the smartphone is hacked by the user to provide administrator rights - root-rights, the KNOX security system will block the Samsung Pey service and its use will be impossible even after re-firmware and remove root rights.

SAMSUNG PAY payment instructions

Authorization with a fingerprint or pin-code - the third and final protection circle. To pay for each particular purchase using the service, uses a mandatory authorization of a fingerprint user or a unique PIN code.

Even if your smartphone gets into the hands of attackers - they will not be able to pay products through Samsung Pay without fingerprint of the owner of the device or pin-code, which is known only to you.


The payment system from the South Korean company allows you to save a precious place in the wallet, removing all extra cards from there, which is very relevant for those who use the services of several banks at once.

The main advantage of Samsung Pay is the ability to use not only terminals with contactless payment (NFC), but also classic magnetic (MST).


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