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Insist on your: recipes of vintage Russian beverages


Medolukha Source:

Unprecedented popularity, this drink has acquired in the XI century. And all because honey began to boil, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cooking time. Before that, Medovukhu was prepared differently - honey in oak barrel buried to the ground and waited until the drug would acquire a desirable taste. For this reason, the drink was also called "put honey", that is, the one that stood for a long time. Medovuhu was submitted to large holidays, by the way, it was possible to drink it only before meals.

Recipe: 1 kg of honey pour in three liters of water, bring to a boil, constantly stirring. Add 10 g of spices to the choice - cinnamon, grated ginger root, podpid pepper, as well as 5 g of hops and a zest of one lemon. Again boil. Cool the future drink, strain, add 100 g of yeast (wine or beer) to it and leave in a warm place for 5 days.

Malinovaya emphasis

Malinic Source Source:

This liquor in ancient times was used in winter to strengthen immunity. Of course, it used her only adults. The fortress of liquor, as a rule, was high. She depended on how hot was summer. The sweeter and more juicy the berry, the stronger the drink.

Recipe: Two kilograms of raspberries lay out in a three-liter jar, layers spending sugar (it will take 0.8 kg). Pour the raspberry mass with water so that the banks remain free of 2-3 centimeters from the neck. Drink a wooden rolling pin, after which, install the jars on the neck. Put the jar into a warm sunny place. Powered will be ready after 3 weeks. It will only remain strain and pour around the bottle. Store in a cool place for up to 3 months.


Source Source:

The basis of this drink also lies honey, but its taste is significantly different from the honeycomb. Preparing a landing with the mandatory use of medicinal herbs - for example, the Hypericum and Sage, as well as the fruits of sea buckthorn with the addition of seasonings. Interestingly, foreigners appreciated the taste of the shot, gave him the name "Russian Mulled wine".

Recipe: 90 g fresh or frozen sea buckthorn fill the water liter and negotiate for 20 minutes before the formation of foam. Perfect the resulting decoction and cool down.

Separately, in a small amount of boiling water, dissolve 150 g of honey, add spices: 5 grams of carnations and cinnamon, as well as a ginger root, sliced ​​by thin rings ½ part of the orange. The resulting mass boost and hold on 10 minutes on fire, constantly stirring. After the honey mixture cools, connect with a sea buckthorn, stir well. The finished shot down is preheated.


Khrenovuha Source:

Khreni in Russia called the "Russian root of life", it was used to prepare many dishes, including drinks. In almost every house there was a recipe for hrenovukhi.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the XVIII century Peter I. A decree was issued, according to which, in each house there should be 5-quarters of vodka with horseradish, especially if the head of the family was engaged in severe physical labor.

Recipe: Khrena root (80 g) and half of red Bulgarian pepper (approximately 50 g) Cut on thin strips and place in a prepared vessel. Fill half liters of vodka and insist in a warm place at least two weeks.



Alcoholic beverages can harm your health. There are contraindications. The possibility of receiving drinks to coordinate with your doctor!

Expert comment

Gintautas Zamis, Professional Tastor

Gintautas Zamis, Professional Tastor

The process of making drinks with alcohol content from ancient times has not changed. Today they are prepared by the same principle as a few centuries ago. The same base, "flavors" and sweeteners are used. New technologies only accelerated this process and made it less harmful.

Thus, today there are high demands on the quality and purity of raw materials, safe ingredients are applied - dyes and sweeteners of natural origin with minimal calorie content. The industry introduced connoisseurs of exquisite drinks with new tastes from different parts of the world.

Despite this, the same liqueurs, for example, are not as popular as before. Alcohol consumption culture has changed. The younger generation chooses lighter drinks, such as beer, siders and cocktails. But the emphasis on tradition and high quality products give a chance to break the situation.

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Recipes of the best tinctures that can be cooked at home

You can surprise guests not only to culinary talents, but also tinctures of our own production. If this is your first experience, we advise you to start with classic recipes. More experienced can show fantasy and prepare their creative drinks. But remember, as in cooking, the key to a successful experiment is a sense of measure.

By the way, tinctures in small quantities are good for health. They improve digestion and help remove the consequences of overeating.


Let's start with a popular classic. You will need: horseradish - 100 g, ginger (fresh) - 30 g, cinnamon - on the tip of the knife, carnation - two buds. This amount is calculated for one liter of alcohol. You can take vodka or moonshine.

Put all the ingredients in the glass container and pour alcohol. Close the lid tightly. Insist the drink 3-4 days.

The tincture must be shaken several times a day. After the drink is ready, filter it and break it into the bottle.


The recipe for this tincture is extremely simple. And the taste and fragrance are just divine. As you guesses, you will need a tangerine zest and high-quality alcohol.

On one liter of alcohol, take eight tablespoons of crushed zest. Pre-tangerine crusts need to be addicted, for example, in the oven at low temperatures. Pour the zest by moonshine or vodka, close tightly with the lid and leave it for a week. Seven days later, add 1-3 tablespoons of sugar to the drink and leave it for another week.

After that, the tincture must be strain and pour on bottles.

Recipes of the best tinctures that can be cooked at home

Tincture on apples and cinoon

Cooking this tincture will take two weeks. You will need three large apples, cinnamon stick, a bit of vanillin and a liter of high-quality strong alcohol (vodka or moonshine).

Drive apples, remove the core and cut into small pieces. Put the apples in the jar, add vanillin on the tip of the knife, crushed half of the cinnamon sticks and fill with 500 ml of alcohol. Close the lid and send the bank to go down in a dark place for a week.

Strain the tincture and pour into the bottle. Now pour apples once again the second part of the alcohol (again 500 ml). And also leave for seven days. After a week, strain the second infusion.

Mix two parts in a liter bottle. If you wish, you can add some sugar if you like swelling drinks.

Recipes of the best tinctures that can be cooked at home


You will need one kilogram of sea buckthorn (can be frozen), one liter of strong alcohol (moonshine or vodka) and 150 g of sugar.

Be sure to beat the sea buckthorn, separating the spoiled berries. Rinse well in colander. Pour the jet into the jar and pour sugar. Sea buckthorn must be thoroughly crowded. After that, add alcohol, close the can with a lid and shake.

Send a drink for a month to a dark warm place. 2-3 times a week tincture must be mixed.

After a month, open the bank and thoroughly strain the drink. Use not only gauze, but also cotton disks. The tincture should be practically transparent. Pour it into a beautiful bottle. Store drink better in a cool place.


Our hit. If you like unusual taste combinations, be sure to prepare this tincture. Ingredients: Fresh Mint - One Bundle, Badyan - Two Stars, Zedra One Orange, Cedar Four Limes, Cardamom - Five Peels, Sugar - Two tablespoons, liter of strong alcohol (vodka or moonshine).

Pour alcohol in a bottle, add spices, zest and mint. Shake. Close the lid and leave for seven days. After recalcifying the drink, add sugar and insist for another week. Perfect again. Tincture ready!

Recipes of the best tinctures that can be cooked at home

Council. The tincture is better served with tea or coffee at the end of the meal. So guests can better appreciate their delicate taste, and at the same time remove the feeling of gravity after a rich feast.

Take berries and fruits and pour them with vodka (you can, however, take whiskey, rum, brandy or even a chance) is one of the best ideas for the recycling of the harvest in the country. Yes, and without any yield, a delicious tincture on berries or herbs will very decorate the cold autumn and winter evenings. Moreover, such drinks are made extremely simple: put the berries in the jar, poured with vodka - the tincture turned out, the sugar added - already emphasis. Everything else depends on fantasy. We share the recipes of delicious tinctures and emphasis on apples, berries, herbs, and so on.

Tincture on black rowan

Photo: Honest cuisine restaurant

Recipe Sergey Eroshenko, chefs restaurant "Honest cuisine"

  • 1 l vodka
  • 1 kg of black rowan
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 1 pod of acute pepper

Step 1. All ingredients to connect and insist within a month in a glass jar. Preferably away from sunlight, in a dark room.

Step 2. Stretch, pour the bottle.

Vodka and baked apple

Vodka and baked apple

Recipe Artem Lukyanova, Bar Manager Restaurant Junk Food and Bar

  • 1 l vodka
  • 500 g of fresh pineapple
  • 1 kg of Antonovsky apples
  • 1 kg of cane sugar
  • Cinnamon, carnation, cardamom - to taste

Step 1. Antonovka cut into quarters (with seeds, not clean).

Step 2. Pineapple without cleaning, cut into fragments.

Step 3. Fruits and spices mix and fall asleep sugar. The resulting mass we bake in the oven for one and a half hours at a temperature of 160-180 degrees. At the exit, caramel from apples and spices.

Step 4. The resulting mass is placed in a jar and pour vodka.

Step 5. Inspect the week. Then filter and bottling. As a result, an amber drink is obtained by a fortress of 20-25 degrees.

Juniper tincture

Juniper tincture
Photo: Lesnoy restaurant

Recipe Evgeny Maksimova, Lesnoy Restaurant Bar Manager

  • 3 l vodka
  • 6 g dried chamomile
  • 15 g of Lemongnik
  • 9 g juniper berries
  • 150 ml of honey

Step 1. The lemongrass is finely cut.

Step 2. Juniper and lemongrass slightly suppress.

Step 3. Chamomile, lemongrass and juniper pour vodka and insist 2 days.

Step 4. Strap over a waffle towel.

Step 5. Add honey, stir. Pour bottles for storage.

Home Lemoncello with Grapefruit

Home Lemoncello with Grapefruit
Photo: Farro Pasta Bar

Recipe author - Asan Safiullin, Bar Manager Farro Pasta Bar

  • 1 kg grapefruit
  • 150 g of Sahara
  • 1 pod of Vanilla
  • 700 ml vodka
  • 150 ml of water
  • 150 ml of Lemon Freasha
  • 150 ml of milk

Step 1. The grapefruit zest is rubbed on a shallow grater, trying not to touch the white part, otherwise Limoncello will be impatient.

Step 2. Cedra fill with vodka and leave in a dark place at room temperature for a week.

Step 3. Then add the vanilla pod, pre-cleaned from the grains, and insist for another 2 days, we take a little daily.

Step 4. The tincture is filtering through the sieve.

Step 5. The remaining zest is put in a scenery and add sugar and water. Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Enjoy.

Step 6. We indulge the tincture and lemon Fresh. We leave for 1 day.

Step 7. We pour milk. After about 2 hours, milk should be composed.

Step 8. Fix through paper filter packets. Apply Lemoncell cooled.

Chacha on Feichoa

Chacha on Feichoa
Photo: MEGOBARI wine bar

Recipe Nikolozo Mirzhulava, MEGOBARI Bar Manager

  • 3.5 liters of vodka
  • 1.5 l Chaqi
  • 2.5 kg of Feichoa (optionally can be more)
  • 400 g of sugar (preferably cane)

Step 1. Be sure to sterilize the jar.

Step 2. Fairoa is good and wipe it dry, then cut into 3 parts and throw it into a jar.

Step 3. Pour all the ingredients, add sugar and close the lid, put in a dark place.

Tip: Try to shake the tincture every day.

Step 4. Two weeks, your tincture is ready to use. It is necessary to read it only. Serve better cooled.

Cherry tincture

Cherry tincture
Photo: Restaurant «Nikita »

Recipe Andrei Pavlova, Chef Restaurant "Nikita"

  • 1.5 kg of cherry
  • 700 ml vodka
  • 500 g of sugar
  • 10 g of carnations
  • 10 g Cinta

Step 1. Wash the cherry, remove the tails and dry a little.

Step 2. In the bank we fall asleep the berries, alternating them with sugar and spices, pour vodka.

Step 3. Remove into a cool place for 2 months, shaking every 2-3 days.

Step 4. To strain the finished tincture through the gauze and pour the bottle, tightly closing the lid.

Tincture on fragrant herbs

Tincture on fragrant herbs
Photo: Gastrobar. «Russian Pub »

Recipe for Alexey Semenova, Brand-Chef Restaurant "Russian Pub"

  • 1 l vodka
  • 100 ml of honey
  • 1 large pear
  • 1 g Timyan
  • 2 g of Oshinitsa
  • 2 g anisa
  • 3 g of the Zverboy
  • 2 g sage
  • 4 g Kardamona
  • 5 g Romashki.
  • Zezdra Lemon.

Tip: Herbs can be reached fresh or dried. The main thing - they should be fragrant.

Step 1. Clear pear from the peel and remove the seed box.

Tip: It's best to take a solid pear so that it is more standing.

Step 2. In a three-liter jar, pour vodka and other components for the tincture.

Step 3. insist in a cool place for 3 weeks.

Tip: 2 weeks later, you can taste and evaluate the taste. As soon as you realize that the tincture has reached its taste, she is ready.

Step 4. The tincture is filtered and bottled.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn
Photo: Restaurant «Shoe »

Recipe Andrei Kutanova, Bar Manager Restaurant "Shinok"

  • 200 g of sea buckthorn
  • 200 ml vodka

Tip: You can replace the currant, cranberry or raspberry.

Step 1. Rinse and dry berries, then pour berries with vodka (1/1 proportion) and insist 2 weeks.

Step 2. Strain - and the battery is ready. To storage to pour into a bottle.

Tincture "Red Currant"

Photo: Restaurant-glass "Welcome Vodka"

Recipe Evgeny Maksimova, Bar Manager Restaurant "Ryumka Vodka Leps"

  • 5.5 liter vodka
  • 5 kg of red currant
  • 5 g of currant leaves

Step 1. Insstruct 5 liters of vodka on berries and currant leaves for at least 7 days.

Step 2. Strap, overcuriate the berries through two sieves and add 0.5 liters of vodka.

Melon-yogurt tincture

Melon-yogurt tincture
Photo: Restaurant «Winery No. 1. »

Recipe Kirill Mikheev, Chef Barman Restaurant "Winery No. 1"

  • 900 g melon
  • 3.5 g of Kafir Lyme
  • 150 ml of yogurt liqueur
  • 100 ml of melon syrup (can be replaced by Fresh)
  • 1 l vodka

Step 1. All ingredients are evacuated in a special vacuum package.

Step 2. In the saucepiece heating water to 40 degrees, put the vacuum package there and keep there for 8 hours, maintaining the right temperature.

Step 3. When applying, at will, decorate a piece of melon.

Editor's Note: To maintain the right temperature, if there are no special equipment (su-species), you can use a multicooker, yogurt, or a conventional thermos. There you pour the heated ingredients and withstand them under a tightly closed lid.

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Good all the time of day!

Today, the review is devoted to the preparation of homemade tinctures. In general, various alcoholic beverages at home is made quite a lot. First of all, those who have their country sites are engaged in this preparation. Harvest is often, there are a lot of traditional compotes, jams and other conservation already enough, but I want to do something like that. Here is the help and recipes for various alcoholic beverages.

Traditional is considered to prepare wine. However, do not forget about tinctures and emphasis. In addition to consuming them for holidays, they are well suited in culinary purposes as additives to various dishes. Such alcoholic beverages are preparing much faster than wine, which means that you can have a maximum of 20-25 days.

tincture of berries

Moreover, you can prepare them not only in summer in the season of berries and fruits, but also in winter. This uses frozen berries. Many gardeners freeze excess their crop. If you do not have your own garden - it does not matter, you can easily buy frozen products in the store. For tinctures, any berries are suitable, which you will find. They can also be mixed with each other. Usually, in the recipes of preparation for 0.5 liters of alcohol base, it is recommended to take from 400 to 500 g of berries. However, I use different quantities in my preparations of such drinks.

As for the alcohol base, only three options are used here: vodka, alcohol and moonshine. It all depends on what you have at hand, or what you can purchase.

Home tincture on vodka on frozen berries

So, we have a lot of frozen berries, from which you need to get rid of. Do not hurry to throw it away. Frozen berry is well suitable for cooking tincture.

We get from the freezer with a berry and choose the required amount for the preparation of tincture. You can take any, what you have: cherry, currant, raspberry, lingonberry, blueberries, etc.

Naturally, the alcohol base is also acquired, in this case, it is vodka as the most accessible option. Now choose the container where we will do tincture. Many use three-liter banks for this. However, I chose the most convenient option for myself - glass bottles made of pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate Bottle

By volume - they are liter, which is convenient, secondly, they are closed by screwing lids and there is no need to look for covers. It is best to use a bottle of dark glass, but is suitable from the usual light.

So, everyone was prepared. Now it is necessary to fill the container berry. This is where the question arises, and how many still put. Immediately I note that in such a bottle, I put the berry a little less than half of its volume. The taste of this in the tincture does not change at all, it turns out saturated and fragrant.

However, you can fill the bottle completely. If you are doing in three-liter banks, then fill it with the whole berry.

Another point is sugar. Often it is advised to lay right away, but some are put at the end of cooking. I also go on this path, but the sugar most often do not put. He will need if you want to make a sweet tincture - and this is a matter of taste. There will be about two or three glasses of sugar on the three-liter jar.

It remains only to pour all vodka. Fill up to the throat, the berry should be completely immersed in the liquid.

Capacity is closed hermetically and put insist on room temperature in a dark place for 25 days. Every day five capacities need to shake. By expiration of the insistence of the product, the product is tastefully and, if necessary, swees. If you have added sugar, mix well and put in a cold place: cellar or refrigerator for 4.

Many are finally finished product, the berries are thrown out, and the liquid is removed for storage. I note that I don't do this either, even more, I use the same berries again, after which I already throw out them. In this case, the taste of repeated berries does not change. In principle, you can add a handful of fresh.

Store the product is better in a dark place, then it can be held for about two years.

In addition to the berries this year, I decided to use and apricots.

The benefit of them is always a lot, but besides jam and compotes, they did not go anywhere. Fall asleep slightly more than half, pour vodka tanks and remove it in a dark place.

Well, after graduation, let's see what happened.

How to make a home tincture on cranberry vodka

Cranberries - a berry is very useful, although acidic. Tincture on cranberries are not only delicious, but also useful for health.

The berry contains many elements such as iodine, iron, magnesium, lemon and chinic acid and vitamins C, RR, K1, as well as groups B.

To apply in therapeutic purposes, such a tincture can be from pressure drops and stomach ulcers. And if you drink a glass for half an hour before meals, then you will increase your appetite.

In periods, when the flu is rampant, receive 50 g per day will help increase immunity.

Similar properties also possesses the tincture on the hawthorn, which is as easy to cook.

You can take sugar as a sweetener, however, like a hawthorn, cranberries are better combined with honey. However, this is the taste of everyone.

Classic Cranberry Tincture Recipe

There are a lot of recipes, almost every winemaker contributes to anything. However, there are classic recipes from which everyone else begins.

  • Vodka - 0.5 liters;
  • cranberries - 250 g.;
  • Sugar or honey - 2 tbsp. l.

The best tinctures without sweeteners. However, when using acidic berries, they will taste with acidic, so if you are not an amateur kitty, put sugar. In this recipe, honey is also offered. With honey will be much more useful. Honey is best used liquid. If you have a thick, then I pre-assume it.

Berries can be missed or used entirely. In the second version, the tincture will be more transparent.

We take a suitable container, we fall asleep into it berries and pour vodka. Then we close the lid and put into the warm and dark place of the week for two. Periodically, a bottle or a bank we take up. Two weeks we drag the tincture. If you pressed the berries, then you fix it through the filter.

The result will be the finished product, but it will be awax. If you need sweet, add sugar or honey to it. Stir and put to stabilize the product for a month.

Fast recipe cranberry tincture

If you want to get a ready-made drink already in a couple of hours, then this recipe for you. Unlike the previous recipe, this berries will be amenable to thermal processing.

  • Cranberry - 500 g
  • Vodka - 1 l
  • Sugar - 250 g

Berries put in a large bowl and we blow them with boiling water. Then, through a colander, we merge water, and we rinse the berries. After that, we embarrass the sugar and inherit the berry. Put the mass to put in the glass container: a jar or a bottle and pour vodka. We close the lid and put it for two hours. After that, they fix the drink, the grated cranberry is pressed.

Once again filtering the drink and pour into bottles. You can use such a tincture immediately.

Tincture on vodka from grapes at home

It would seem grapes - this is the ingredient for the production of wine. However, it can be prepared from it and a good tincture. Moreover, depending on which grapes - white or red, the result will also differ.

Sweet tincture of red grapes

Based on the name for this drink, we use any variety of red grapes having a sweet taste.

  • Grapes - 1 kg
  • Vodka - 1 l
  • Sugar - 300 g

First of all prepare berries. We remove them from the covers, rinse, remove bad berries. Then take the jar and put grapes there. Next, we fall asleep them with sugar and pour vodka. We climb the bank and put in a warm and dark place to appease. The time of insteading is about two weeks. The finished berries should be readiness.

After readiness, the tincture is profiled and bottled. Bottles are set for storage for a week, after which it can be tried.

If you need a bitter tincture, then you do not need sugar.

Tincture on white grapes

We use white (or as accepted, green grapes).

  • Grapes - 2 kg
  • Vodka - 0.5 l

Sugar use as needed if you need to sweeten the tincture. We prepare grapes, my, let's give and fold into the bank. We use three-liter containers to such a volume of grapes. Fill with vodka, close and put it in a dark place for two weeks. Periodically necessary to shabby.

Recipe home tincture on vodka with mint

Mint is good not only in tea, although it is more profitable here in its useful qualities. You can use this plant for cooking tincture.

  • Mint leaves - 50 g
  • Vodka - 500 ml
  • Sugar - 150 g

Mint is going to bushes, however, it is better to use the leaves for cooking. We tear the required number of mint leaves and put them in a jar or other tank for tincture. Pre-knead or rub the leaves, whatever they let a little juice. Then pour everything with vodka. We close the jar with a lid and put for insistence in a dark place for 40 days. Periodically, the contents need to shabby.

After the expiration of the insteading, the drink is filtered and overflowed into the bottle. If necessary, the tincture can be sweeten with sugar. Stored in a cool place, ideal in the refrigerator.

If you wish, you can add other ingredients with mint, for example, raspberry.

The best recipes of tincture on raspberry vodka

Raspberry is useful not only for colds as a tea beam. This berry can also be used to prepare tinctures. For example, very tasty is obtained from raspberry with mint, as mentioned in the previous section. However, about this recipe somewhat later, but for now, the recipe from the raspberry on vodka.

  • Malina - 1 kg
  • Vodka - 1 l

Sugar to sweeten the beverage as in previous recipes add already at the end of the preparation as needed.

Malina hardened, clean and mine. If you have frozen berries, we use as it is. We put the berry in the bank and the meters. To give a more tart taste, you can add up to 10 leaves of raspberry. But it is possible without them. Then we pour vodka and put in a dark place to insist for 40 days. Then filter and transfix into the bottle. If there is a need - add sugar, but at the same time the tincture must still be delivered for about a month.

Tincture on raspberry with mint

This is an interesting option when useful ingredients are used together. Malina is better to take freshly collected.

  • Malina - 1 kg
  • Vodka - 500 ml
  • Sugar - 50 g
  • Mint - 6 leaves

The collected berries move, are washed. Then the raspberry must be crushed and put in the bank. We add sugar, mix. We knew well the leaves of mint and also put them in a jar. After that, we fill with vodka, we put it for 20 days in a dark place.

When the tincture is ready, you turn it out. If the taste is bitter - you can add some more sugar and put on an exposure for a month.

After that, it will be ready to use.

Recipes cooking home brandy

Using such an alcoholic base like vodka or moonshine, you can cook at home not only tincture or liquor, but even brandy.

Of course, you can buy it in the store, but very good brandy is expensive, and buy a surrogate, as it is not very ...

If you started the preparation of home wines and tinctures, then why not try cognacs. Moreover, the technology of their home cooking is not so complex. And we will not produce brandy with barrels, but just with banks, albeit three-liters.

Cognac recipe with coffee

I think this recipe will like the lovers of such a drink as coffee, because natural ground coffee is used in cooking cognac.

  • Hammer coffee - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Vodka - 3 l.
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp. l.
  • Water is 100 ml.
  • Carnation - 10 pcs.
  • Cinnamon - 1 pc.
  • Vanillin - 5 g

First of all, cook the coffee itself. You can cook more, part of the use for cooking brandy, and some drinks while cooking this cognac. While the coffee is hot, add cinnamon and carnation to it, leave for 15 minutes to appease.

Then take a three-liter jar, overflow coffee there and add vanillin. Vanillin attaches a sweet taste, so it's not worth adding a lot of it, but you can do without it. Then pour vodka.

Mix everything, cover with a lid, put it for two weeks in a dark place. Two weeks, we get the bank. We take sugar (three tablespoons), make a caramel-lollipart from it in a frying pan. We put this sugar lollipop in brandy and insist for a week.

At the end of the insistence, we filter the drink, pour into the bottles. Cognac is ready for use.

Cranemal Recipe

All components for the preparation of this brandy can be safely purchased in the store. The only thing here is the bark of oak, but you will find it in any pharmacy.

  • Prunes - 10 pcs.
  • Vodka - 2 liters.
  • Oak bark - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Carnation - 6 pcs.

Pre-bark pour boiling water and leave to soften 15 minutes. During this time, we prepare lemon juice that we get from the squeezed lemon. Next, we take the jar, put it there with a bark, add all the ingredients, except sugar and pour vodka.

The bank is closed with a lid, put in a dark place to appear for three weeks.

After this period, we get a jar, put in prepaid sugar caramel into it. Close the jar again, put it for five days to incase.

Filter the cognac in five days and spread it on the bottle. Drink is ready to eat.

Cognac recipe with red pepper

Very interesting and original recipe, which also includes Melissa. All ingredients, as in the previous recipe are available, and therefore it will be quite simple to make such a drink.

  • Vodka - 3 l.
  • Red pepper - 1 pc.
  • Melissa - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Tea welding - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Sugar - 3 tbsp. l.

We take a three-liter jar, put a dry tea brewing there, lemon leaves, sugar. Peppers are pre-grinding and add to the rest of the components.

We climb the bank and put it for 15 days. At the end of the insteading, the drink is filtered and bottled.

Quick Recipe Cognac

This recipe suggests the preparation of a virtually original drink. The main ingredient here serves oak bark. In addition, on this recipe you can cook brandy in just 24 hours. For those who do not like to wait for weeks it will be good. As an alcohol additive, it is better to use moonshine, however, as I am for any brandy. But vodka is suitable for the lack of such.

  • Moonshine - 1 liter.
  • Oak bark - 1 tsp.
  • Honey - 1 tsp.
  • Carnation - 3 pcs.
  • Cinnamon - 1 g.
  • Vanillin - 1 g.

Cooking is easierless. We take a three-liter jar, we fall asleep into it all the components and pour a moonshine or vodka. We climb the bank and put it for a day.

After a day, the drink is profiled and bottled. All, brandy is ready to use.

And in conclusion I present a little video about how to cook brandy on oak chip.


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Photo of home hrenovuhi

The tincture of vodka at the root of shine with antiquity is known for excellent taste and useful properties. By the decree of Peter I, each house had to keep a certain stock of this alcohol, issuing it to people of heavy physical work and those who worked in the cold. I propose to revive the traditions of ancestors, cooking homemade hrenovuhu. The recipe is repeatedly tested in practice, it turns out very tasty.

Homemade tincture of black chock (black rowan)

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tincture of chokeflodch

Black-flow rowan (aronym) is one of the favorite plant of summer houses. It does not require special care, beautifully blooms, gives a good harvest, and the berries themselves are very useful. Fans of cooking alcoholic beverages I propose to make a tincture of black rowan rowan at home for the best recipes, repeatedly tested in practice. We will use only cheap and affordable ingredients.

Recipes of tinctures from black and red currant

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Homemade currant tinctures

Currant berries have long been known for their excellent taste. For lovers of homemade alcoholic beverages, this is a real find, as the availability and low cost of fruits allow you to make a tincture of currant at home. We will look at the three best recipes. All of them are checked in practice not one generation of culinary.

Kedrovka - moonshine tincture (vodka, alcohol) on cedar nuts

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Homemade Kedrovka

The insisting of vodka or moonshine on cedar nuts turns the ordinary, boring alcohol in a completely different drink, which is easily drinking and in moderate quantities does not cause a hangover. In the people, these tinctures are called "cedrops" and used to be used for therapeutic purposes. We will look at the best recipes, allowing to make cedar moonshine or vodka at home. This simple cooking technology [...]

Moonshine insteading technology on the core and oak wood

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Right moonshine on oak chip

Not all moonshoes have the opportunity to buy or store an oak barrel for extracting alcoholic beverages. This problem is solved by insisting of distillate on the pharmacy cortex of oak or specially made chips, imitating soaking and burning barrels. We will look at both options.

Home Cleaning - Tincture Vodka on Cranberry

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Homemade cranberry tincture

For lovers of homemade alcoholic beverages, cranberry berries are valuable and at the same time easily accessible raw materials from which they make liqueurs, tinctures and emphasis that called "Cleavings". I propose to get acquainted with the best recipes of cranberries on vodka, alcohol and moonshine. With a sufficient amount of raw materials, even beginner cooks will be copper.

Ginger vodka - two proven prescription tincture on ginger

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Stock Foto Ginger tinctures on vodka

The burning taste of ginger resembles sharp peppers, but it is tastier and fragrant, especially if you add other ingredients, for example, honey and lemon. We will consider two recipes of tincture from ginger at home. These cooking technologies have repeatedly tested by practice and have deserved recognition in the circle of lovers of self-made alcohol.

Alcohol tincture of propolis for treatment and prevention

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photo of the tincture of propolis on alcohol

From a long time, propolis is used to prevent and treat a set of diseases, and if this life product is bees mix with alcohol, the healing effect will increase several times. Further, we will look at how to properly make the tinctura on alcohol at home so that the tool is as useful as possible. Separately, we will talk about the use of the prepared medicine in folk medicine.

Fluid tincture on rapid recipe

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Photo of homemade plum tincture

You can make a tincture on plums from any varieties (yellow, red or blue), the main thing that the fruits themselves are ripe. Most often used varieties "Hungarian", "egg", "Canadian", "Rencle" and "Mirabel". Before preparing plums you need to go through, removing unhealthy, thowned and fired.

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