The city hall of Rostov told about the methods of paying for parking - http://www.panram.ruThere are several

Parking in Rostov can be paid in several ways: through the parking meters installed on the streets, using the Rostov-on-Don Parking mobile application, SMS payments and through a personal account on the website, the city administration reported.

Parking meters accept not only bank cards with the possibility of contactless payment, but also allow you to pay for parking via a smartphone.

You can replenish your parking account through the Eleksnet terminal network.

The cost of parking on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00 is 35 rubles; on weekends and holidays, parking is free.

Prepayment for parking must be paid within 15 minutes after the car stops.

The process is controlled by specialists using photo and video recording.

Disabled people, WWII veterans and registered residents of local houses enjoy benefits (the latter are entitled to one free parking space per family).

We will remind, from March 12, amendments come into force, giving administrative commissions access to the traffic police bases and allowing drivers to be fined.

The paid zone is within the boundaries from Beregovaya to Tekuchev, from Teatralny to Dolomanovsky.

The parking lots are managed by a private investor - Rostov Parking Space. It also gets 85% of the profit from paid parking (15% remains for the city).

Paid parking in Rostov-on-Don began to be organized in 2016.

Paid parking in Rostov-on-Don began to be organized in 2016.

Photo: Olga GOPALO

Paid parking Rostov-on-Don 2020: addresses, how and how much to pay, fines, who is free. Now, in the Don capital, you will have to fork out for paid parking lots. And "letters of happiness" will come to all those who left a car on them for the last two months and did not pay. This and many other things were reported in the city hall.


Paid parking lots in Rostov-on-Don began to appear in 2016. At the moment, in the center of the Don capital, there are about 6.5 thousand such places in the perimeter: Tekuchev Street - Teatralny Avenue - Socialist Street - Sokolov Avenue - Beregovaya Street - Dolomanovsky Lane.

At the same time, they hired employees who began, including walking with tablets and recording everyone who stopped at them. An hour of such a place was supposed to cost 35 rubles on weekdays from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. And on holidays and weekends - it's free.

The main goal is to relieve the streets of the city center from the many chaotically parked cars and reduce congestion in the center. The system of paid parking was already started then, and many even began to pay for parking when it turned out that it could not make full money. The reason is in the nuances of legislation. And now they were finally shaken.

And now, in the final version, the Federal Law has already been signed concerning changes aimed at improving the procedure for inquiries and the transfer of information about vehicle owners to municipal authorities. We are talking about amendments to Articles 26.10 and 28.1 of the Code of the Russian Federation "On Administrative Offenses".

The document was published on March 1st.

You have to pay.

You have to pay.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


The administration of Rostov-on-Don said that this law will come into force in ten days. That is, after its entry into force - after March 10, 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be able to legally transmit information about car owners who have not paid for parking. And the administrative commissions of Rostov-on-Don districts will also have the opportunity to bring violators of the city's improvement rules - for example, for parking on lawns, to account. The decision on administrative violation will be made by a special commission. If they act by analogy with fines for violation of traffic rules, then the letter must be expected within 14 days from the date of detection of the violation, and paid for 20 days. Further, the information will be passed on to bailiffs, who have their own mechanisms for paying off debts. But so far, no specific dates have been officially announced.

It is noteworthy that all those who have parked their car in paid parking lots for the last two months will have to fork out. The fact is that, although the system has existed in Rostov for more than three years, according to the law, the statute of limitations for violations is only two months. This means that all car owners who bet and did not pay, and violations were recorded within about 60 days preceding the entry of changes to this law, will be issued protocols.

So, according to regional legislation, the fine for non-payment of parking is 1.5 thousand rubles, and the collected funds go to the city budget.


So, the cost of an hour of parking in a paid parking lot remains the same - from 8 am to 8 pm it is 35 rubles per hour, weekends and holidays are free.

As the experts said , prepayment for a parking session must be made within 15 minutes from the beginning. And payment control is carried out by means of photo and video recording, which work in automatic mode, including those placed on cars.

For those who need to leave their car in a paid parking lot for a long time, season tickets are provided. They will apply to the entire paid parking area. You can take it for a month, quarter, six months and a year. On the other hand, the savings in money when using the subscription will be over 40 percent.


There are also those who can park for free and at any time. These are participants in the Great Patriotic War, as well as residents. The latter are registered residents of houses included in the paid parking zone within the same cadastral quarter. However, the privilege is granted to them only after obtaining a residence permit.

At the moment, in the center of the Don capital, there are about 6.5 thousand paid parking spaces.

At the moment, in the center of the Don capital, there are about 6.5 thousand paid parking spaces.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


How to pay for parking

- Through parking meters - they accept not only bank cards with the possibility of contactless payment, but also allow you to pay for parking with a smartphone with near-field contactless communication (NFC).

- Using the mobile application "Parking Rostov-on-Don",

- SMS payments and through your personal account.

- You can also replenish your parking account in cash through the terminal network.

For the convenience of Rostovites, many payment methods have been created for parking.

For the convenience of Rostovites, many payment methods have been created for parking.

Photo: Olga GOPALO


All questions can be asked by calling 285-10-01.


The first day of paid parking in Rostov: pockets are empty, the mobile application does not work, neighboring yards are packed to capacity

Friday, September 23, became the black day of the calendar for Rostov motorists. On this day, the system of paid parking was launched. The first thousand places were arranged exactly on the central streets: where car owners used to get free. And on a normal weekday, parking was simply unrealistic. (details)


You can stand for nothing only 15 minutes, and then the cost will be 35 rubles per hour

It will not be difficult for those who wish to find paid parking lots in Rostov - all of them are located on the site of the familiar to the eye of the former packing pockets, only now instead of free parking they will become "golden". That is, for example, an eight-hour working day will cost 280 rubles, and four working weeks a month - 5,600 rubles. (details)

Paid parking appeared in Rostov-on-Don several years ago in order to reduce the number of congestion in the city center.

Residents can pay for parking using parking meters, credit card, through an application or terminal.

Fighting chaos

Paid parking lots in Rostov-on-Don appeared several years ago. The main purpose of their introduction was to get rid of chaotically parked cars in the city center and to reduce congestion and "traffic jams".

Residents can pay for car parking through special parking meters. The devices accept not only bank cards with the possibility of contactless payment, but also allow you to pay for parking with a smartphone with near-field communication (NFC).

You can also make a payment using the Rostov-on-Don Parking mobile application, SMS payments and through your personal account, and you can also replenish your parking account in cash through a network of terminals.

Nice bonus

It is important to note that when paying for parking, you can save up to 20%. From September 1 to December 31, 2020, when replenishing a parking account on the website or in the Rostov Parking mobile application for any amount, Mir card holders of any banks will receive a cashback of 20% of the credited amount. After replenishment, additional funds will be credited to the user's parking account within 30 minutes. For example, if you top up with 1000 rubles, another 200 rubles will be credited to the parking account. The maximum amount of cashback received from one Mir card during the entire duration of the promotion cannot exceed 4000 rubles.

This action is aimed at supporting drivers who comply with parking rules, which actively contributes to the formation of a comfortable urban environment.

On March 12, Rostov began to fine drivers for unpaid parking. This became possible after the signing of a federal law on March 1 allowing the police to transfer personal data of defaulters to municipalities. The journalist, together with a representative of the Rostov Parking Space company, drove through the city streets and learned how the paid parking lots were restarted in the city.

Recall that a paid parking system appeared in Rostov back in 2016, but all this time the equipment was idle. In the city center there are 888 parking lots for 6500 spaces, they are located in the square of Beregovaya, Tecuchev streets, Dolomanovsky lane and Teatralny prospect. Paid parking zones are marked with special road signs on both main and secondary highways. You need to pay for parking within 15 minutes after the car stops.

How it works?

Employees of the operator company drive along a certain route by car and, with the help of the Parkwright complex, record the license plate numbers of cars in the paid parking lot. All license plates within the surveillance area of ​​the recognizing camera are identified and displayed on the screen. The complex of photo-video fixation at a speed of 40-50 km / h recognizes all license plates and determines the amount of payment for parking, a residence permit or a subscription. More than 15 minutes must pass between the two fixations, after which the data on the violation of payment - the car number, photos of the place and time - are sent electronically to the administrative commission, which will then request the data from the traffic police.

Complex of photo and video fixation "Parkwright". Photo

Also in Rostov, there are pedestrian inspectors who walk the streets with special tablets and take pictures of the license plates of cars parked in the paid parking zone. The company has already noted that with the introduction of fines for parked cars on the streets it has become noticeably less.

How to pay?

You can pay for parking through the parking meter, where you need to enter the number of the paid parking lot, the number of your car, the parking time, and then pay.

The second and most convenient way is a mobile application that immediately determines the number of the parking lot where the car is parked. In this case, the driver creates a parking account, which he refills, and the money is debited from him. With the help of the application, you can prolong the parking or end it earlier, and then all unspent money is returned back to the account with a tariff rate of up to a minute.

Other payment methods - by means of SMS-messages, through the personal account of the site or replenish the parking account in cash through the Eleksnet terminals.

Per year - 80 thousand for parking

The parking fee is 35 rubles per hour. If we take the average office employee who spends 9 hours a day and 5 days a week at work, then parking will cost him 280 rubles a day, 1,600 rubles a week, 6,500 rubles a month, and 80,000 rubles a year. But the operator of the parking space has subscriptions that can be purchased: for a month - 5 thousand rubles, for a year - 60 thousand rubles, while you can save up to 40%.

A sign denoting a paid parking zone. Photo

Two categories of motorists can not pay for parking - participants of the Great Patriotic War and registered residents of houses included in the paid parking zone within the same cadastral quarter. If the family has two cars, then you can not pay only for one.

Drivers who do not pay for the time spent in a paid parking lot will be fined 1,500 rubles. The most severe punishment awaits drivers who put the car in place for the disabled - from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.

But parking in the courtyards will continue to be free. Obviously, after the introduction of fines, the number of visiting motorists there will increase.

From March 12, a paid parking system will start operating in Rostov-on-Don. It was launched almost four years ago, but only in mid-March will Rostovites be motivated to pay for parking. decided to remind how the parking space of Rostov is arranged, who should pay and how much, and who should not pay.

Where is paid parking?

The paid parking zone in Rostov is marked with special road signs, but it is more convenient to navigate the space between Dolomanovsky - Tekuchev - Beregovoy - Teatralny. Here, paid parking spaces have been “drawn” on both the main and secondary highways.

In total, there are over 6100 parking spaces and 885 parking lots in the space.

How much and how to pay?

Paid parking space is open only on weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00. You don't have to pay anything on weekends, holidays and evenings.

During working hours, an hour of parking costs 35 rubles. You can pay for parking through:

- parking meter (blue posts that stand near most of the parking lots, but not everywhere, and they are not always intact);

- mobile app;

- by SMS to 7878 (MTC, BEELINE, MEGAFON and Tele2), 3443 (YOTA);

- personal account of the site;

- in cash through "Eleksnet" terminals.

In all cases, the user creates a parking account, which he refills. The money is debited from him.

An important detail: you need to pay for parking within 15 minutes after the car stops.

Can I pay less?

It will work if you pay via SMS or the "Parking Rostov-on-Don" mobile application. Here, billing is carried out by the minute, and if you left earlier, the money for the unused parking time will be saved on the parking account.

In addition, the parking space operator has subscriptions. The ability to park in the center without running to the parking meter or digging into applications will cost from 5,000 rubles per month to 60 thousand rubles per year. Savings, promised in the "Rostov parking space", will be up to 40%.

And not pay at all?

For the benefits of the operator of paid parking lots have already been trolled. Only veterans of the Great Patriotic War can park for free in the parking space. It is clear that few of them, unfortunately, use cars.

Also, disabled people can not pay if they park their cars in special places.

Finally, the most controversial and difficult category is residents. These are residents of houses located in the paid parking zone. But To get a free seat, you need to fulfill several conditions:

- register at the office of "Rostov parking space" and get a certificate from a resident;

- be registered at the address of residence (if you rent an apartment in the center, free parking is not your option);

- park the car within one cadastral block from the place of registration (all places are occupied - park for a fee).

And the most unpleasant thing is that there can be only one resident in a family. If your family has several cars, you can not pay for just one.

Update: in mid-May, the Rostov authorities expanded the list of citizens who may not pay for parking.

Will they be fined now?

It looks like the Rostov-on-Don authorities have already issued an official statement that violators will be punished from March 12.

The RPP stressed that the Rostovites are not threatened with fines for "sins" in January and February: the normative act will be in effect only from March 12.

The line beyond which the violation begins is the above 15 minutes of parking. If the car costs longer and the payment has not been received, the car owner faces a fine.

The mechanism is as follows. First, the operating company records the violation, then the data is transferred to the administrative commission. After the case is opened, officials request the necessary data from the traffic police and, on the basis of this data, punish the violators.

By the way, fines are just starting from 1,500 rubles. If the car has become a place for the disabled, the driver will have to pay from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Do you still have questions or new ones?

The operator of the paid parking space in Rostov writes that he has a hotline. Her phone number is +7 (863) 285 10 01 (multichannel). The company also has an Instagram and VKontakte public, where you can find answers to questions or ask them.

How to use paid parking in Rostov-on-Don

DETAILS | September 23, 13:38

How to use paid parking in Rostov-on-Don

Paid parking lots began to work normally in Rostov-on-Don on September 23, 2016


Essence of the question

From September 23, 2016 in Rostov-on-Don, paid parking began operating as usual. Now for the opportunity to leave your car on the street you will have to pay 35 rubles per hour.

# 2

Will you have to pay for parking on any street?

Not. The first stage of the launch of paid parking will include only 1,041 parking spaces within the boundaries of Krasnoarmeyskaya, Maxim Gorky, Pushkinskaya, Teatralny prospect, as well as Gazetny and Dolomanovsky lanes, Chekhov and Sokolov avenues. In addition, paid parking in Rostov-on-Don will operate only on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. The rest of the time, parking here will be free.

# 3

Why is this done?

In almost all civilized countries, the centers of large cities are equipped with paid parking. This is done in order to free the streets from spontaneously parked cars, increase the speed of traffic and reduce the number of road accidents. However, the authorities are taking care of the equipment of underground or aboveground multi-level intercepting parking lots at the entrances to the city center, as well as similar parking lots in very center. And they also provide uninterrupted regular movement of public transport, which runs exactly on schedule. For example, if at the bus stop closest to you it is written that it will arrive at 10:15, be sure that it will arrive exactly at this time and not a minute later.


Are there any exceptions or benefits?

There are benefits for three categories of citizens: disabled people of groups I and II, participants in the Great Patriotic War and residents. All of them can obtain special parking permits and park in specially designated places for free. For example, disabled people of I and II groups, having a disabled parking permit in their hands, can park in special paid parking areas marked with the “Disabled” road sign. At the same time, their car must also have the identification mark "Disabled." Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, having a formalized veteran's permit, can park for free in any places, except for places for disabled people. Resident parking permits allow free parking in places located within the boundaries of one cadastral block from the place of the paid parking space. It should be noted that one resident permit is issued for the whole family. If you have a second car, you will have to park it for money.


What happens if you don't pay?

You will receive a fine of 1,500 rubles. Failure to pay for parking is an administrative offense under Article 5.3 of the Law of the Rostov Region N 273-ЗС "On Administrative Offenses."

# 7

Ok, and how do I pay for the parking?

You can pay for parking in several ways: by credit card through a parking meter, using a mobile application for




"Parking lots of Rostov-on-Don", SMS-messages, through a personal account on the website

Biznes-Gazeta recommends paying for parking via SMS or a mobile application, as in this case billing takes place every minute. Thus, if you finish parking ahead of schedule, the money for the unused parking time is saved in the parking account and can be used to pay for the next parking sessions.

Payment for parking through the parking meter is done with an accuracy of 15 minutes.

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