How to unzip an ISO file on a computer using WinRAR or 7-Zip - programs that open ISO

You can unpack an ISO file on your computer using the usual WinRAR or 7-Zip archivers, which will just as easily cope with this task, as well as special programs that open ISO files. One of these archivers, as a rule, is already installed on the computer, and further options for unpacking the ISO file with each of them will be discussed in detail.

You can unpack an ISO disk image in many ways and even without additional programs, you can learn more about this in the article at the link Archivers allow you to work with an ISO disk image as with a regular archive, and the whole task will be reduced only to selecting the image file through the explorer and searching for the "Extract" menu item.

How to unzip an ISO file on a computer using WinRAR or 7-Zip - programs that open ISO

How to unzip an ISO file using WinRAR?

WinRAR is one of the most popular paid data archivers, capable of unpacking many archive formats. Despite the license required for the work, it works great and for free without any restrictions in functionality, periodically giving a message about the need to purchase the product.

Its menu is integrated into the Windows shell, which allows you to work with archives directly in Explorer without first launching the archiver application itself. The fastest way to unpack an ISO to a hard drive using WinRAR is to right-click on the file in Explorer and select the appropriate extraction item from the context menu.

When you open an ISO file directly through the WinRAR program, you can immediately view the contents of this disk image and extract either any individual file or all files through the standard program menu.

How to unzip an ISO file using 7-Zip?

7-Zip is a freeware open source archiver with high compression ratio, support for many archive formats and has its own file compression format.

This archiver also integrates into the Windows shell, and allows you to unpack the archive through the context menu of the operating system, without going into the program itself. Unlike WinRAR, 7-Zip does not offer Windows shell integration options during installation and has a nested menu structure. To unpack an ISO disk image using 7-Zip, you need to right-click on this file in Explorer, select "7-Zip" and then select the desired item in the menu that appears.

When you launch the 7-Zip File Manager application itself, you can immediately view the contents of the ISO file, and use the program menu to extract the selected selected file or the entire contents at once.

Instead of an afterword

We hope the information presented in the article will be useful, and the next ISO disk image will be fully prepared. What program for ISO files is installed on your computer?

In this article, we will talk about how to open ISO. Windows allows you to interact with files of this format using built-in capabilities, but if they are not enough, this overview will help you choose the optimal third-party program for interacting with disk images. In this format, both the most common CD and DVD images are created, as well as the more rare Blu-Ray.

The format we are interested in is so in demand that Microsoft uses it to release assemblies of the Windows operating system. The program that opens the ISO is useful even for those who want to create a bootable USB flash drive. Some of the applications presented below can not only recognize images, but also edit them or run with the functions of a real disk, using a virtual drive for this.

What is ISO

We are talking about a disk image, which is an electronic copy of a medium, placed as a separate file on the hard disk of a computer. Such a copy can be saved not only in ISO format, for the described purpose the following formats are also used:

In the image, you can place both all the information that is stored on the source disk and part of it. In addition, if necessary, ISO can be generated from self-selected files. People who develop unique game variations or operating system builds often distribute them in ISO format as well. An ISO copy can be burned to an optical disc at any time.

Some discs are manufactured with special copy protection, but some of the applications below may, among other things, save the information on them in ISO format.

How to open ISO and mount or burn using Windows Explorer

how and how to open an ISO file in Windows

In Windows 10, the question of how to open an ISO file can be solved without additional programs, using the standard "Explorer".

You can enter the explorer in the following ways:

  • select the corresponding icon in the taskbar;
  • run it from the Start menu;
  • use the keyboard shortcut "Windows + E".

To run a disk image in Windows 10, just double-click on it with the left mouse button, and it will open like a regular folder. Or you can click on the file with the right mouse button and select from two items in the drop-down menu - open the ISO or burn the image to a CD-blank.

Is that not enough for you? Read on for what else you can open ISO files and how to make fun of them.

ISO interoperability applications

WinRAR opens ISO as archive
how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using WinRAR

In order to answer the question of how to open the ISO format, you can use the WinRAR archiver. This tool allows you to look at the contents of an image, extract individual elements from it, or unpack it completely, like an archive. Since the main task of this program is to work with archives, it does not allow you to create virtual drives for playing ISO, like ordinary discs. It should be said that by opening an image as an archive, it can be extracted, but adding new elements in this way is not provided in WinRAR.

To interact with a file using an archive, two steps are enough:

  • click on the file with the right mouse button;
  • select the required function from the menu that appears.
UltraISO - virtual disk mounting and content editing
how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using UltraISO

Download UltraISO

An application called UltraISO will help solve the problem of how to open an ISO file on Windows 10. If for the archive described above, working with images is an additional option, in the case of UltraISO this is the main task.

Main features of the application:

  • Editing the content of images;
  • Launching virtual drives;
  • Create your own unique looks.

In order to be able to use the virtual drive, at the stage of UltraISO installation, be sure to check the ISODrive item. In the Russified version, a check mark should be put in front of the inscription "Install ISO CD / DVD emulator". To start working with the image in this program, use the "File" button in the upper UltraISO menu.

From the menu that appears, select the "Open" function. After that, an explorer window will appear, in which you have to point to the required file in ISO format. As a result, the name of the virtual disk will appear in the first column, and the files that it contains will appear in the second. You can add and exclude files from the image by simple drag and drop using the mouse.

You can work with each file in the image separately by right-clicking on it and pointing to the corresponding function. To mount the ISO image, you must use the "Tools" function from the top menu. After that we use the function "Mount in a virtual drive". As a result, a window with drives will appear.

It remains to click on the rectangle shape. When the explorer window appears on the screen, we indicate the file of interest to us. Next, we use the "Mount" function.

You can unmount the image here by selecting the menu item of the same name. In the settings, you can make changes to various parameters of the application, in particular, select the drive letter and the number of drives.

To change the parameters, in the top menu, click on the "Options" button, then select the "Settings" function in the drop-down list. In a new window, go to "Virtual Drive". UltraISO is a handy application that can be used by users who regularly work with disk images and do not require special functions.

Daemon Tools Lite - The King Of Opening ISO
how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using Daemon Tools Lite

Download Daemon Tools Lite

Perhaps, most often, users decide the question of how to open an ISO using the Daemon Tools program or its free Lite version. It should be noted that although the application is distributed free of charge for additional money, it will allow you to get various features that are not related to the basic set.

Installation features:

  • run the installer;
  • choose the option "Free license";
  • in the final dialog box, uncheck additional applications.

To mount the image, go to the application and use the "Quick Mount" function. The corresponding designation is located at the bottom of the window on the left side. An explorer window will appear, in which we need to select an ISO disk image.

As a result, a new virtual disk with the contents of the selected image will appear in the system. You can see it in the "Computer" folder. We use the function "Unmount all drives" in the left column of the application window to eject the virtual disk.

For an additional fee, the program can:

  • create virtual hard disks;
  • burn DVDs and CDs;
  • allow you to create your own, unique image.
Alcohol 120% - a proven old man who opens ISO files for money

how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using Alcohol 120%

When discussing various options for resolving the issue of how to open an ISO disc image, it should also be said about the Alcohol 120% application. This tool has a unique set of functions and is designed specifically for working with optical discs and their images. The program is distributed in both paid and free versions. The capabilities of these editions differ significantly.


  • Installing Alcohol 120%;
  • We launch the application;
  • Go to the "File" section in the main menu of the program;
  • From the list that has arisen, we use the "Open" function;
  • In the explorer window that appears, select the appropriate ISO file.

The algorithm for switching to the Explorer window for selecting a disk image can be significantly reduced using the combination "CTRL + O". The "Mount to Device" function will play the virtual disk. It is enough to right-click on the image and select it from the menu that appears. Alcohol 120% has a wide range of settings and copes well with copying discs.

7-Zip is a free opener and just a good program
how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using 7-Zip

We have already said that archivers are able to interact with the ISO format, and a free open source tool called 7-Zip can do this.

Application features:

  • development since 1999;
  • ease of management;
  • support for many languages, among which there is Russian;
  • integration into the explorer menu;
  • availability of a portable version for other OS.

The application can be used as a file manager.

ISO Master is a monster for creating ISO, and also knows how to open

how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using ISO Master

Just by the name of the ISO Master program, you can understand that it knows how to interact with the ISO format of interest to us. It should be noted that the application is not intended to create disc images or burn them to optical media. The application is designed to create your own ISO images from files and folders available on your computer.

In addition, ISO Master recognizes files in ISO format, allows you to supplement their content, or extract it if necessary. The application uses the bkisofs libraries to reproduce and create images.

Key features of ISO Master:

  • Adding files and folders to the image, as well as deleting or extracting them;
  • Renaming the elements contained in the image;
  • User access to the attributes of files and folders with the ability to change them.
  • The program is capable of recognizing various image formats;
  • You can save the created image only in ISO.

When creating an image, the user can independently set the name of the future disk.

WinCDEmu is another free program

how and how to open an ISO file in Windows using WinCDEmu

Download WinCDEmu

ISO images are also supported by an open source application called WinCDEmu. It was created specifically for mounting virtual disks in the Windows operating system.

In addition to ISO, the application can also work with the following image formats:

The application installs the optical drive driver. This allows the user to run disc images and interact with virtual DVDs and CDs as well as with real ones. The program can also save the contents of optical discs in ISO format. Although the application has a graphical interface, it can be used from the command line.

So we have described the most common applications for working with the ISO format. If you know a program that we have not mentioned or you have encountered a problem when working with images, write about it in the comments. And don't forget to tell your friends about this material if they are actively using the ISO format.

An ISO file is an image of a CD or DVD disc. These files are used to create an exact copy of the data on the disk. In this article, we will talk about how to unpack an ISO file and access its contents.

Unpack the ISO file using the archiver

If you need to unpack an ISO file, then the easiest way is to use any archiver. For example, we will demonstrate how this is done using the free 7-Zip archiver as an example. You can use any other archiver you like. For example, you can use WinRAR.

So, in order to unpack the ISO file you need to right-click on the ISO file and select the menu item "7-Zip - Open archive".

select the menu item Open archive

As a result, you will see a 7-Zip archiver window with the contents of your ISO file. From this window, you can drag files to the folder you need. But, this way of unpacking will take longer. In order to unpack as quickly as possible, click on the "Extract" button.

click on the Extract button

Next, specify the folder where you want to unpack your ISO file and click on the "Ok" button.

specify the folder for unpacking the iso file

After that, the process of unpacking the ISO file will begin. The time required to decompress depends on the size of the ISO file and the performance of your computer.

the process of unpacking the ISO file

After unpacking is complete, all files from the ISO file will be in the folder of your choice.

Unpacking an ISO file with UltraISO

UltraISO is a professional tool for working with ISO files. With this program you can create, mount, unpack, and perform many other actions with ISO files. UltraISO is a paid program, but you can use the Trial version.

In order to decompress an ISO file using UltraISO, you need to launch UltraISO and open the desired ISO file. This can be done using the button on the toolbar or the "File - Open" menu. The shortcut CTRL + O also works.

open the menu File - Open

After you have opened the ISO file, the UltraISO program window will display all the files inside this disc image. In order to unpack them you need to select all and right-click on them. In the window that appears, select the "Extract to" item.

select Extract to

Then you need to select a folder and wait until the UltraISO program finishes unpacking.

Unpacking ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite

You can also mount the ISO file as a virtual disk and then copy the files from it. To do this, you can use Daemon Tools Lite or any other disk mounting program.

To mount an ISO file, just open it. If you have the latest version of Daemon Tools Lite installed, the virtual disk will be mounted automatically.

open the ISO file

After that, open the "My Computer" window, find the virtual disk there and also open it.

open the virtual disk

After that, you will see the files from the ISO image, and you can copy them to the folder you need.

It should also be noted that in Windows 10 you can mount ISO files without using third-party programs like Daemon Tools Lite.

How to unzip an ISO file

How to unzip an ISO fileAn ISO image is a container containing all the necessary files for an image captured from a disk to work. If you need to access these files, then in the article below you will learn how to do this.

In fact, to unpack the ISO file, any archiver that can be found on the Internet will do: WinRAR, WinZIP, 7ZIP, and more. We will consider the process of unpacking the ISO using the WinRAR program as an example, the download link for which is located at the end of the article.

How to unzip an ISO?

  1. Click on the ISO file with the right mouse button and go to the item "Extract files". How to unzip an ISO file
  2. You will need to specify a folder on your PC, in which, in turn, the folder with the extracted files will be saved. How to unzip an ISO file

Done! The file folder is ready to be viewed.

Download WinZIP for free

Download the program from the official site

ISO file or in other words "image" is an emulation of an optical disc with support for the structure of the file system. Games, programs, operating systems are recorded on images. In other words, it is a way to collect a lot of data in one file. Let's look at ways to open an ISO file.


Open the ISO file using standard Windows tools

Operating systems starting from version 8.1 and 10 are able to open a file using standard means, so you don't need to use third-party utilities.

The procedure is as follows:
  1. Find an image in a folder;
  2. Open the context menu with the right button and select "Explorer". Calling up the menu

After that, the operating system will open the folder with the files that were placed in Iso when mounted.

Using archivers

Archivers are programs for packing and reading compressed files. They are usually used to reduce the size of data and to combine multiple files into one archive. But they can also open an image. We will look at two of the most popular and free archivers that are suitable for this task.


The program is easy to install and takes up almost no hard disk space. It may even be already installed on the computer, as Winrar is often included in the initial software package of the operating system, as one of the most essential. But if it is still not installed, you can download it from the official site.

After installation, you need to do the following:
  1. Expand the context menu and select "Open in Winrar". Go to the menu
  2. Find the installation file. Opening the file

After unpacking the image through the archiver, you can see many files. The file that will help you install a game or program is usually referred to as "Setup" or "Launcher". If this is not in the list, you need to find the file with the ".exe" extension. With it, you can already open the installation window.

Download from the softportal:


This program has a simpler installation algorithm and integration than Winrar. It is not built into the operating system, so it can be easily removed if necessary. Here's how to open an image using 7-zip:

  1. In the context menu, select "7-zip", and then "Open archive"; Sevenzipe procedure
  2. Find the installation file in the opened archive.

Download from the softportal:

We use drive emulators

To open an ISO file on windows, you can use emulators, programs that are specifically designed to create and read images. Let's take a look at the two most popular options with a free trial period that does not limit the necessary functionality for mounting.

Daemon tools lite

The program is one of the simplest but most functional emulators. We recommend using the "Lite" version, as it has a lightweight interface, but at the same time retains the necessary set of tools for work. The program can be downloaded for free from the developer's website.

During installation, a section with settings and installation of new equipment may appear. We advise you to leave the default settings and be sure to agree to the installation of drivers so that the program will work correctly in the future.

The algorithm is as follows:
  1. Open the program and find the "Disk images" section; Tools interface
  2. Select the item "Quick mount"; Selecting a section
  3. Add Iso; Selecting a component
  4. Install.


Some files have extensions other than ".iso" but are still images, such as ".mds" and ".isz". For mounting such images, the UltraIso utility is best suited. It has similar features to Daemon Tools, but works with many more extensions.

The procedure is as follows:
  1. Open "Tools" in the top menu and select "Mount virtual drive"; Go to the tab
  2. Click on the icon with three dots; Go to search
  3. Open the desired image; Choosing an image
  4. Select the "Mount" item;
  5. Click on the magnifying glass icon; Searching
  6. Find the installation file in the opened folder. Select

How to remove a virtual drive

Once the image is mounted, the installation will continue as usual, just like any other program. However, if the mounting was performed using emulators, after the installation is complete, the created virtual drive will remain, which will be displayed in the "Computer" folder. It can be removed through the emulator.

For Daemon Tools:
  1. Open the program and go to "Disk Images";
  2. Right-click on the image and select "Delete". Removing drives
For UltraIso:
  1. Run the utility as administrator; Run as administrator
  2. Open the "Options" tab and go to "Settings"; Go to the program settings
  3. Select the "Virtual Drive" tab;
  4. Indicate "No" in the "Number of drives" section and click "OK". Finishing the removal

You don't always need to delete a virtual drive. Some games and programs require a disc inserted. The virtual drive just emulates its presence, so the program can work with such a requirement. If the program does not require a disc to run, the drive can be removed without consequences.

iso-raspakovkaGood health!

To use files from an ISO image, you do not always need to mount it special. programs - in some cases you can do with something handy: some kind of archiver like WinRAR 👌.

By the way, if you are using a modern version of Windows 10, then the function of viewing ISO files is already built into the explorer, and everything will take 2 clicks to complete!

In general, below are a few step-by-step screenshots with a detailed explanation of how to unpack and work with files from ISO.

I think that it will be useful for novice users to install games, software, etc. "good" from images.



What programs can you use to extract files from ISO

Option 1: WinRAR or 7-Zip

WinRAR and 7-ZIP are among the most popular archivers today. As a rule, at least one of them is 100% installed on the PC. Let's see how you can use them to "deal" with ISO ...


If we are talking about WinRAR

First you need to open customization programs (if you have it installed, the shortcut should be in the START menu).

Opening WinRAR

Opening WinRAR

In the settings you need to open the tab "Integration" and allow the program to associate ISO files with itself. See example below. 👇

Integration - associate ISO files with WinRAR

Integration - associate ISO files with WinRAR

Now, going into the folder with the ISO image, you will see that the WinRAR icon has appeared on it (as in a regular archive). Those. you can open it with a double click of the mouse and extract all its contents to the place you need 👍 ... Easy ?!

Extract ISO as archive!

Extract ISO as archive!

Talking about 7-ZIP

It is enough just to right-click on the ISO file, and in the explorer context menu select "7-ZIP / Unzip ..." ... For an example, see the screenshot below. 👇

Unpack ISO file using 7-ZIP archiver

Unpack ISO file using 7-ZIP archiver


Option 2: File Explorer (Windows 10)

If you have a modern version of Windows 10 installed, then it allows you to connect and open ISO images as "regular folders" (almost 👌) using standard Explorer tools.

What the whole process looks like:

  1. Find the ISO you want first;
  2. Then right-click on it and select "To plug" (if the "Connect" function does not appear for you - see other methods); Connect ... (Option available in Windows 10)

    Connect ... (Option available in Windows 10)

  3. After, it remains to go to "My Computer / This Computer" and copy all files from the virtual CD-Rom that appears. 👇 This computer

    This computer


Option 3: Daemon Tools (also for BIN, MDF, NRG and other images)

Daemon Tools is a small utility that can recreate a virtual disk drive on a PC and open a variety of images in it: ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG, etc.

The Daemon Tools installation is standard (therefore I am not considering it). After starting the program - just left-click on one of the drive (at the bottom of the window) and select the ISO you want to open. See example below. 👇

Daemon tools - open the ISO image

Daemon tools - open the ISO image

Then you can go to "My Computer", open the virtual drive and copy (extract) all the files that you need from it.

Open the explorer - find the CD-ROM and copy all the files we need

Open the explorer - find the CD-ROM and copy all the files we need

Insert - conductor

Insert - conductor


Option 4: special UltraISO utility

UltraISO is a program that allows you not only to open and extract something from an ISO image, but also to edit and compress it (which in many cases can be much more useful).

As for our task: after installing and running the program, go to the menu "File / Open ..." and specify the ISO image (shortcut Ctrl + O).

UltraISO - Open ISO File

UltraISO - Open ISO File

Next, you will see all the files and directories that are in this image. You just have to select the ones you need, press RMB and select "Checkout ..." (screenshot below 👇).

Extract to ...

Extract to ...


Additions on the topic - will come in handy!

That's all for now, good luck!



Useful software:

  • video editing
  • Video Editing
  • Great software to start creating your own videos (all steps follow!). Even a beginner will make a video!
  • optimization utility
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, removes garbage, optimizes the registry).
How to quickly open an ISO file without burning a disc

It happens that the desired program or game is available on the network for download only in the form of a disk image, ISO format. But you don't always want to bother with recording a disc, there is no time or opportunity, and the program is needed urgently.

It is clear that this problem has many solutions in the form of special programs, such as UltraISO, MagicISO or Daemon Tools. But again, not all of them are used and installed on your computer, which means you have to search and download again.

I will share a more accessible, and most importantly, a quick way to access the contents of an ISO file and install the necessary software without burning discs, directly from the Windows folder.

You just need a regular archiver, which is now installed on almost every computer. WinRAR, 7-zip, or whatever you use will do. The built-in archiver in TotalCommander, for example, is also suitable for these purposes.

With an ISO file, you do exactly the same as with any other archive.

Run the archiver (in my case, it's WinRAR), open the required ISO file in it:

How to quickly open an ISO file without burning a disc

And choose any folder convenient for you where the unpacked files will be placed:

Click OK and wait for the files to be unpacked.
Click OK and wait for the files to be unpacked.

As a result, you will get a folder with the contents, as if you had opened a CD or DVD disc with the same files. And then start installing the software - as a rule, this is an application autoplay or other exe -shnik.

If something did not work out or if you have questions about this topic - write in the comments. I try to help.

This and other articles can also be read on my website:

how to unzip iso files

It is not always and not always possible to mount ISO-images of discs. To access the files stored inside, the image can be unpacked using certain programs.

ISO unpacking options

Technically, an ISO image is an archive with files of a certain structure and, therefore, an archiver program will cope with the task of unpacking.

Method 1: WinRAR

The most popular archiver for Windows can open and decompress ISO files effortlessly.

Download WinRAR

  1. Open the program and use the file manager built into WinRAR to navigate to the directory with the target file. Once in the desired folder, double-click Paintwork by ISO file.
  2. Open ISO in WinRAR to view content

  3. The image will be opened for viewing. Highlight ISO content using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + LMB , then press the button Checkout on the toolbar.
  4. Unpack ISO image to WinRAR

  5. Set the file extraction options and destination folder, then click "OK" to start unpacking.
  6. Configure and Unpack ISO Image in WinRAR

  7. At the end of the extraction process, the files unpacked from the ISO will appear in the selected folder.

WinRAR unpacked ISO image opened in Explorer

The WinRAR archiver is very convenient for everyday use, but it is distributed for a fee, which for some users may turn out to be a significant drawback.

Method 2: 7-Zip

A good alternative to the paid WinRAR is 7-Zip, which is released under a free license. 7-Zip also perfectly recognizes and decompresses ISO files.

Download 7-Zip

  1. Run 7-Zip and open the directory with the image you want to unpack in it. Once done, open the ISO with a double click.
  2. Select and open ISO for unpacking in 7-ZIP

  3. To unpack the contents of the image, select all the files inside and click on the button Checkout .
  4. Unpack ISO content via 7-ZIP

  5. Specify the target extraction directory and click "OK" to start the unpacking process.
  6. Close

  7. Check the result of the program.

Распакованное через 7-ZIP содержимое ISO

7-Zip's interface is more complex than most other archivers, but otherwise it is a great solution for unpacking ISOs.


Summing up, we want to note that almost any modern archiving application is capable of correctly opening and extracting content from ISO files.

See also: Archiving software for Windows

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