How to make chips at home: Potato chips recipes

How to cook chips at home: fast and tasty recipes

Potato chips

One of the most popular snacks, which children prefer and the children during any walks, and adults to beer are chips. Everyone loves them, and some even prepare them at home. It does not have much money and time to do this, but the delicacy is more useful and tastier. Chips are preparing quickly, and special devices for this are not necessary: ​​it is enough to have a frying pan, oven or microwave. In addition, there are many cooking methods that will be described below.

Preparing chips at home

The delicacy is very easy to prepare at home. And it turns out the product is cheaper, tastier and more useful. This is due to the fact that the chips from the store have a large number of preservatives and food additives bringing harm. Home delicacy is completely safe, as it contains only natural components: potatoes, oil and salt.

Potatoes for chips in the oven

In order for the finished product to remain crispy and golden, as purchased, you should choose high-quality potatoes, without flaws. You can also safely use various spices and spices at the end of cooking.

Cooking in the oven

This method is one of the most common. This is a classic cooking method that allows you to create quite a lot of delicious and crispy chips.

For cooking snacks in the oven you will need:

  • potatoes;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • dill;
  • garlic.

Carefully clean potatoes. You can leave a crude young, it will give piquancy to the dish. After cleansing, potatoes are given to dry.

Clear potatoes

Take two slices of garlic and chop them finely in pieces.

Garlic for potato chips

Dill should be washed and cut into small parts.

Greens for potato chips

An oil is poured into a shallow container, after which they add chopped ingredients.

Greens for potato chips

Next, proceed to the potato yourself. It is necessary to cut it with thin circles. You can do it manually or with the help of a special combine.

Cut potatoes for chips

The chopped potatoes are placed in the container with oil and spices, closed it and shake it well. This is done so that the potatoes are soaked in the contents of the container. After that, open the lid and leave the mixture for 30 minutes.

On a baking sheet with paper, potato slices in order and evenly.

Potatoes for chips

Exhibit the temperature of 200 degrees and put potatoes there.

Approximate cooking time - 20 minutes. So that the chips are crispy and more fabriced, you can leave them longer in the oven.

Finished chips are getting out of the oven and served on the table with sauce, ketchup or sour cream.

Chips in the oven

So simple and quick way you can cook a snack at home without the use of preservatives and taste amplifiers. Cash investments are minimal.

Cooking recipe

This method is the easiest and fastest. The finished product is obtained natural, which is very suitable for children, because they all adore this delicacy.

For cooking in a frying, the following ingredients will be required:

Cooking method:

  1. Carefully clean potatoes, get rid of spoiled products, cut all flaws. Next wash potatoes and cut it with thin circles.
  2. Pure chopped potatoes are set aside. Take a frying pan, pouring vegetable oil with a thickness of 3 cm, and also add spices to taste. Conduct to boil, after which the fire is reduced.
  3. Potatoes are carefully laid out in a frying pan. Too many lobes do not need to fry at once, since between them should remain a distance so that they do not stick together and prepared separately.
  4. Mark readiness can be in color. When the potatoes become bright golden, it can be removed from the fire. In order for glass oil, it is first lay out on the napkin and then put into a clean plate.

Chips in a frying pan

For this recipe, it will take a lot of oil, but compared with shopping, home chips are much more useful.

Cooking in fryer

The next recipe implies the presence of a fryer. If it is, then you need to try a snack prepared by this method.

Chips in Fryernice

The following ingredients will be needed for cooking:

Cooking method:

  1. Potatoes are purified, washed and cut into circles. Next, it is put on paper so that the excess moisture has come.
  2. Fryer filled with oil. The volume of filling depends on the instruction. Most often, it is 2 liters, but sometimes you can use less.
  3. Next include fryer and places potatoes there.
  4. After cooking, ready-made slices are neatly getting and placed on paper to make oil oil. Ready potatoes are placed in a clean plate, add seasonings to taste.

Interestingly, such a snack can be prepared not only from potatoes, but also from other products: meat, cheese, eggplant, fruit. You can prepare more dietary options. The classic product should not be taken into the food too often, as you can gain excess weight.

Chips in microwave

Prepare delicacy in the microwave is even easier than in a skillet. Therefore, if the house has this device, it is worth using them to prepare your beloved dishes.

When preparing, the ingredients will be needed:

Chips in microwave

Cooking method:

  1. Potatoes are purified, washed out, cut, and then placed in cold water for 15 minutes.
  2. The product is getting out of the water and dried. Next place potatoes into the microwave oven, processing the seasonings to taste.
  3. Slots are put in the microwave by portions. The cooking time on the standard furnace is about 5 minutes at the largest temperature. In the middle of cooking, turn the potatoes to roasted well from two sides.
  4. It is necessary to get the finished product after it acquires a brownish shade. Too long to keep slices in the microwave, as they become dry and tasteless.

The products obtained can be used as a separate dish, as well as a side dish or fish.

Bread chips recipe

As already mentioned, a snack can be made from many products, not only from potatoes. And the result will turn out to be delicious, unusual and piquant. One of these recipes is a gentleman's treat.

The following ingredients will be needed for cooking:

  • Thin fresh pita;
  • butter;
  • dill;
  • salt;
  • garlic.

Cooking method:

  1. First prepare a dill mix. It is necessary to wash and cut into small pieces of dill, add all the ingredients used to it: garlic, oil, salt.
  2. Lavash cut beautiful pieces, round or triangular. Next, foam each slice in the cooked mixture and put in the oven.
  3. The temperature in the oven should not exceed 200 degrees. Cooking time - 5-6 minutes.

Chips from Lavasha

Let's get slices out of the oven - and the dish is ready! Here is such a simple and interesting way to create snacks from bread. For a more saturated taste, you can add mayonnaise or sour cream to a dope mixture.

How to prepare dietary chips

Each chips amateur knows that they are very calories, and, it means, when using a large number of delicacy, extra weight is guaranteed. High energy value is explained by the fact that there is a lot of oil when cooking is used, especially if you cook in a frying pan or on a fryer. Many are interested in the question: Is it possible to prepare chips with a minimum calorie for those who do not want to recover? It turns out that it is possible to prepare deliciousness without oil in the oven. At the same time, they remain appetizing and crispy. Consider a recipe for such a dish.

Chips without oil

The following ingredients will be needed for the preparation of dietary chips:

Cooking method:

  1. Potatoes are purified, after which it is embarked for cutting. In this case, it is advisable to do vegetable cutter or cooled with a sharp knife so that slices turned out as thin as possible.
  2. The dietary version of the dish implies the absence of starch, so potatoes should be delivered from this substance. They take already sliced ​​potatoes and put it for 10-15 minutes in cold water.
  3. Slices get out of the water and dried them.
  4. Next prepare a baking sheet, put paper on it and spread slices from above so that they do not come into contact with each other. You can anoint paper slightly butter so that they definitely do not stick together.
  5. Slices sprinkled with spices to taste. If there is a desire to try to cook a sharp snack, then you can not regret spices and black ground peppers.
  6. The oven should be heated to 200 degrees and can be sent to her potatoes. Cooking time - 10 minutes. It is possible to determine the readiness in bright golden color dishes.

Useful tips on cooking chips at home

In order for chips to be delicious, useful and attractive externally, attention should be paid to the following tips:

  1. Try to cut the plates evenly. Thicker slices will prepare longer. So that they look beautiful and quickly prepared, you should chop them in thickness not more than 4 mm.
  2. Do not overdo it with oil, otherwise the product will get too fat.
  3. Too many slices should not be on the contrary, it is better to decompose smaller and then repeat the procedure.
  4. Do not be afraid of various seasonings and spices. They will taste saturated, and taste chips will be difficult to distinguish from shop.
  5. While the chips are prepared, it is necessary to periodically watch the cooking process. Determine when the product is ready for use, it is possible for curved edges, as well as golden color. If you want more roasted slices, you can wait a little more.
  6. After getting chips from an oven or pan, they must be dried on paper, giving all the excess fat to pour.

Sauces for chips

It is worth remembering that the chips from the store do not bring any benefit to the body, but on the contrary, can lead to serious diseases: atherosclerosis, blood clots and others. They also contain many salts and nutritional supplements that can provoke allergies. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a delicacy of the house, especially those who often use this product.


Thin potato slices won popularity worldwide. Now all the counters are filled with chips, and children love them especially. But the delicacy in large quantities brings harm to the body, so it can be easily prepared at home. Chips create in various ways: in the oven, microwave, frying pan and not only.

Chips from apple

It does not take much time and is fundamentally profitable, and most importantly - home chips are much more useful, but they are just like purchased, high-calories. To avoid excess weight, you can prepare a dietary product without oil. In addition, it is possible to prepare delicacy not only from potatoes, but also from other products.

Chips (English Chips) - delicious delicacy, quite beloved by many. Crispy, lungs, fragrant, with various taste additives and seasonings - how can you resist?! Surely, many understand how far it's not harmless dish. But a couple of times per year can be caught. And I would like more often ... more often you can only have chips prepared at home from natural ingredients. It is about this that will be speaking today in this article.

Features of cooking home chips

It is not difficult to cook this dish. The main product, from which you want to make chips, and taste additives (seasonings, salt). You will also need a slice or vegetable cutter with a special nozzle. With it, you can cut the product on thin slices. Observe simple requirements and you get to cook delicious home chips, crispy and fragrant!

Photo: Grater for chips

Basic preparation principles:

  • It is not only important taste, but also an appearance. Therefore, only round vegetables are suitable for the dish, which can be cut into smooth and beautiful slices. All other products set aside.
  • To reduce the starch content, soak the chopped pieces of potatoes for several minutes in cold water. Then dry them on a towel or paper napkins. Due to this, during the frying, they will not stick together to each other.
  • Put ready mugs on a plate, pour them slightly flour.
  • To give slices of spicy qualities, sprinkled them with an aromatic salt with your favorite supplements - paprika, chicken, cheese, sour cream and greens, etc. Remember that such inclusions contain sodium glutamate. If you care about health, give up them and use only natural seasonings and salt.
  • Cooking chips can be made of various vegetables and even fruits. The underlying condition is that they are round, sufficiently dense consistency and for cooking formed a crunchy crust.

How to make houses potato chips

This delicious dish can be prepared by 4 different ways:

  1. Bake in the oven. When baking, almost all vitamins and minerals are preserved in untouched. This method of preparation makes a nourishing and useful treat. This is the most acceptable option in terms of healthy nutrition.
  2. Fruit in fryer or in a frying pan. This method is not very useful for the stomach and digestion, because during the roasting is used a huge amount of oil.
  3. Bake in a microwave oven. In this way, you can prepare a dish with almost no oil. Thanks to this it will be low-calorie and useful for the figure.
  4. Cook with alum and dry. A little-known indian cuisine recipe with which you can create crispy snacks with original taste.

How to make chips at home in the oven

Crispy, salty and fragrant - potato snacks are considered to be delicious delicious treats! And the cooking in the oven will make them also useful.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

Cooking time

  • Product preparation (cutting, soaking and dryness): 20 minutes
  • Preparation (thermal processing): 15-20 minutes
  • Total time: 35-40 minutes


  • 4 large potatoes;
  • ½ pack of melted creamy or ¼ cup of vegetable oil;
  • Coarse Sea Salt.

How to cook:

Heat the heat cabinet to 260 ° C.

Cut the tubers through a slice or kitchen combine on thin slices. These items will help you create perfect slices. If you do not have them, the usual cutting with a knife is allowed.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

After cutting, dry the circles between the towels to remove the excessive moisture.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

Lubricate the baking sheet and decompose the vegetables in one layer.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

Silicone brush Loading future chips on top of oil.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

Place the baking sheet in the heat wardrobe in the central office and bake 15-20 minutes before the formation of a golden crust.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

Finished snacks remove out of the oven and suprate the sea salt slightly.

Photo: Homemade chips in the oven

How to make chips at home in a pan

What do you need:

  • Large potato tubers - 4 pieces;
  • Vegetable oil - 1000 ml;
  • Sea salt - 3 tbsp.;
  • Aromatic salt, curry, chili powder - to taste.
Photo: Home chips in a pan

Step 1 Through a slide or vegetable cutter (in the extreme version - manually), cut potatoes on thin slices.

In a deep bowl with water, pumped 3 tbsp. Salt. Soak sliced ​​pieces in this water half an hour. After the time of time, rinse the potatoes by laying on a colander 2 times and dry on paper towels.

Photo: Home chips in a pan

Step 2.

Pick the oil for frying. Sunflower, palm, corn, olive or peanuts are suitable. Now many are more inclined towards olive, since it does not contain transductions.

Photo: Oil for frying

Heat the oil in the fryer or deep frying pan to 180 ° C-190 ° C. Optimally use about 1000 ml of oil. In extreme cases, fill the bottom of the dishes approximately 2-3 cm.

Use the thermometer to check the degraderer temperature. If you do not have a thermometer, put a wooden spoon in a frying pan and wait for the bubbles around it around it.

Photo: Home chips in a pan

Step 3.

Fry slices with small portions before the formation of golden brown. If you decide to cook everything at once, the oil temperature will fall sharply. Because of what potatoes slip and splashed.

Photo: Home chips in a pan

Hot snacks lay out on a dish covered with paper towels. This will make rid of excess oil.

If desired, sprinkle their curry, chili pepper, aromatic salt, etc.

How to make chips at home in the microwave

What will take:

  • several potatoes of the correct form;
  • Aromatic salt, chili powder, curry, and so on. (taste);
  • Olive oil (if desired).
Photo: Home chips in the microwave

Stage 1.

By means of a slice or kitchen processor, cut the potatoes on slices with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 cm.

Photo: Home chips in the microwave

Soak the slices in cold water to remove the surplus starch. After that, rinse them 2-3 times. If you taste salty chips, enter 3 tbsp. Salt. So the potatoes will appreciate salt and the finished chips will not need to be salted.

Photo: Home chips in the microwave

Stage 2.

Remove the excessive moisture, placing potatoes on a clean towel or paper napkins. Try to dry them as much as possible. The more you remove moisture, the more crispy it will turn out to be a ready-made dish.

Photo: Home chips in the microwave

Stage 3.

Bake future chips in the microwave oven for 3 minutes by setting full force technique.

Photo: Home chips in the microwave

Pull out the dish, turn the slices and place it again into the microwave for 3 minutes by setting the power by 50%.

Remove, turn over and then bake with an interval of 1 minute with a power of 50% before obtaining a delightful golden shade.

Photo: Home chips in the microwave

If desired, sprinkle the finished product with seasonings and flavors.

Corn Flour Chips (Home Tortils)

If you use ready-made corn tortillas, skip a couple of first steps. Just keep in mind that homemade Tortylians are a hearty and useful product that is preparing easier than you think. Be sure to try!

Photo: Corn flour chips

Ingredients will be needed:

  • 2 cup of corn flour fine grinding;
  • 1.5-2 glasses of hot water;
  • Half of the teaspoon of salt;
  • Parchment paper and rolling pin;
  • Round plate

Step 1: Prepare the dough

Mix corn flour and salt in a bowl.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Add 1.5 glasses of hot water. First, interfere with the dough with a spoon, and when it becomes too thick, continue the place manually about 2-3 minutes. Finish to interfere when you can form a smooth ball from the mass, which will not stick and does not scatter.

If the dough is dry and rough, pour some water and mix until the homogeneous mass is obtained. If the dough is too viscous, pour more flour.

The dough should look like this:

Photo: Corn flour chips

Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and give the test to relax an hour and a half. It softens the flour and in the subsequent pellets will not crack when they are pressed.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Step 2: Formulate the pellets

Now divide the dough. First, share it twice, then once again in half and for the third time the same. As a result, you will have 16 identical balls.

Photo: Corn flour chips

From the roll with parchment paper, cut 2 pieces of 25 cm x 25 cm plus 16 pieces of 18 cm x 18 cm. Large pieces You will need to roll, and smaller - to protect the cakes from sticking, when you are stacking them.

Also prepare the rolling pin and plate.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Place one ball between 2 large parchment sheets. Use the rolling pin to flatten it. It is necessary that you have a round pellet with a diameter of about 15 cm and a thickness of 2-3 mm.

Gently separate the rolled cake from a large piece of parchment and put on one of the small sheets.

Photo: Corn flour chips

If you want the perfect round edges, place the plate on top of the test and cut the knife along the contour.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Continue this process, laying the cakes on small parchment sheets so that they do not stick.

Step 3: Clear Pellet

Heat the dry cast-iron puzzle on medium heat.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Place the cakes on the hot frying pan and prepare them about 1 minute without oil. Then turn over and prepare another 1 minute. The crook must be slightly charred and lifted.

Step 4: Make chips

That's what you need to turn these pancakes into crispy snacks:

  • 16 cornpople;
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil;
  • 1 teaspoon shallow sea salt;
  • Fresh juice 2 limes (if you want to make them with the taste of lime!).
Photo: Corn flour chips

How to cook:

Cut each trigger for 4 segments. Melt each piece slightly oil on each side. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Spread triangles on two nozzles in one layer, sprinkle salt and send to the oven.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Bake at 200 ° C about 10 minutes before the formation of golden color and crisp.

Photo: Corn flour chips

Singing the juice of two limes in a small bowl. Slice slices of Lyme juice, when pulling them out of the oven. It will dry the slices even more. Ready!

Photo: Corn flour chips

How to make chips from zucchini

These delicious, nutritious and crispy chips will pacify your craving for salty without harm to the figure! Can be stored in a hermetically container up to 2-3 days. Your family will definitely love them!


  • 1 medium zucchini;
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
  • Salt and other seasonings to taste.
Photo: Chips from Zucchini

Cooking method

  1. With the help of a slide or knife, slightly cut the zucchini. The thinner slices, the better they will be dried in the oven.
  2. Lay out the pieces evenly on paper towels, then sprinkle them from above slightly salt.
  3. Leave slices to stand for about 10 minutes. This will help stretch the extra liquid from Zucchini. So they will prepare faster and will be very appetizing criste.
  4. After 10 minutes, heat the oven to 110 ° C.
  5. Lay out the mugs evenly on the tray. Previously, put on it for baking.
  6. Mix zucchini from above olive oil, then sprinkle with your favorite seasonings. Be careful not to use them too much, as the slices are already quarreled.
  7. Bake approximately half an hour, 40 minutes. While they have not achieved the desired shade and hardness.
  8. Remove out of the oven and let cool. Bon Appetit!
Photo: Chips from Zucchini

How to make banana chips

Prepare your own sweet snacks as light and healthy snacks!

Photo: Banana chips

Banana chips are rich in potassium, vitamin C, fiber and other useful elements. And their cooking guarantees them with their own hands that no fats, oils or sugar were not used when they were cooking. In addition, it is very tasty!

There are two simple ways of making snacks from bananas at home: drying and baking.

Tip: Wait until the bananas appear and brown closures will appear on them. So your banana chips will get as sweet as possible!

How to make banana chips in a dehydrator (dryer)

Photo: Banana chips

You will need:

  • Two ripe banana;
  • lemon juice.

Stage 1.

Clean and cut bananas on thin slices.

Dolk each slicker in fresh lemon juice. This will reduce the darkening and retain vitamin C. Shake the surplus of lemon juice before placing fruits in a dehydrator.

Photo: Banana chips

Stage 2.

Place the pieces on the rack, leaving enough space between them.

Fill in all the available trays with circles, then place them in the dryer.

Photo: Banana chips

Step 3.

Turn on the dehydrator for 2 hours, setting the temperature of 65 ° C. If your device does not have a temperature switcher, use the usual mode.

After the first two hours, we reduce temperatures up to 50 degrees and leave for another 3 hours.

Turn off the dryer, turn the slices and turn it on 50 ° C for another 3 hours.

When the timer turns off, check the bananas for hardness. If they are tough and crunchy - they are ready.

Photo: Banana chips

Leave the chips to cool in the dryer for several hours, after which they pack them into plastic bags for subsequent storage.

You can also dry bananas at room temperature. However, such a procedure can delay up to two weeks.

How to make banana chips in the oven

If you do not have a dryer, bake banana snacks in the oven ,.

Photo: Banana chips

What do you need:

  • Two ripe banana;
  • lemon juice;
  • Antiprigar spray.

Step 1

Heat the oven to 65 ° C.

Clean and cut the bananas on slices with a thickness of 2-3 mm. The thinner will be your slices, the more crispy the final product will be released.

Photo: Banana chips

Step 2.

Dry each circle in a sieve with lemon juice. Surplus liquid shake. This will prevent the fruit from the darkening during baking.

Apply a non-player spray on the tray, after which lay out bananas in one layer.

Photo: Banana chips

Step 3.

Bake pieces for 1-2 hours until they dry.

After time, the slices will still be flexible. Turn off the fire and leave the chips to cool in a heat closet. So they will become solid and crispy.

Ready snacks store no more than 2 weeks in a hermetic container.

Photo: Banana chips

How to make delicious chips - video

Below we offer you several video tutorials for the manufacture of chips at home.

Potato household chips
Potato household chips

Homemade, fragrant, natural potato chips in the microwave in 5 minutes. The recipe is so simple that even the child will prepare such chips. You will not compare with purchased! Leis "nervously smokes on the sidelines."

These chips can sometimes prepare their children. You know that they are 100% natural.

My husband loves them. He prepared once and now constantly asks to make chips again! The store no longer buys at all ...

For cooking you will need:

Potatoes - the desired amount. I have 5 major.

Spices (your favorite). I have a sweet paprika, dried garlic and salt.

Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.

I recommend to see also these recipes:

Flashing cake with minced arm
Cabbage, egg, manka, onions - and meat is not necessary!
Bunting cutlets like meat
Homemade sausages
Gently chicken breast in a frying pan "Instant"

Step-by-step preparation recipe:

To begin with, clean and wash potatoes. I'm not soaked it, just wiping dry.

You need to cut potatoes on the circles. I do it with a grater, here is:

House chips
House chips

Circles of potatoes are shifted on one half of the towel, and the second cover and press up with their hands - to dry potatoes from the sealed juice. We do not need it.

Potatoes are shifted into a deep bowl, add vegetable oil, spices, salt and mix.

I ask you very much, appreciate the recipe 👍, share it in the social. Networks and write a comment if you liked it. For me, this is the best motivation to create new recipes 😍
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Attention, a very important point: We take a plate (suitable for microwave) and lubricate it with vegetable oil. Top putting paper for baking. This must be done necessarily, if you do not want to handitate the chips from the plate.

In one layer lay out potatoes.

We send to the microwave with a power of 800 watts for 5 minutes.

Tip: I recommend that you turn on the first for 4 minutes, and then as needed to increase the cooking time for 30 seconds. So you will define the perfect time for making chips in your microwave oven.

Chips are obtained by ruddy, crispy, you can see my video recipe below and learn how these chips are crunchy:

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