Why a Christmas tree symbol of the new year is the history of tradition, description and video - "how and why"

Nowadays, absolutely in every home under the New Year or Christmas is made to put the Christmas tree. And no one can imagine these holidays without this dressed forest beauty. But few people ever thought, why it was Spruce, and not, for example, some shrub or birch is a symbol of the coming year.

There are many versions about this issue, including the most absurd. But the most correct way to disclose this mystery is immersion in history.

Germany as ancestor tradition

All innovations and even some holidays come and came to us from Europe. And the tree as a symbol of Christmas and New Year's celebration came to us from there, namely from the territory of this Germany. In distant times, when the population of the Earth lived by communities and tribes, the locals worshiped this sacred tree for them. It was a symbol of well-being, eternal youth and housing protection from evil spirits.

First, the ancients were looking for the biggest Christmas tree (at the end of the year), and then decorated it with various objects, mostly food. It could be eggs, apples or nuts. The toys made with their own hands also mowed on a tree. All this was considered a kind of rite, which is capable of attracting the power of good spirits.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

How was the custom been adopted in other countries?

From Germany, this custom swollen other states. For example, at the time of the existence of great pharaohs, in Egypt, it was customary to dress trees for the new year. Yes, they have never been growing in them and do not grow and at today's time, so the Egyptians decorated with palm trees in the country and also considered their duty to task their gods with various fruits of their lands.

In some cities in Europe Christmas tree was installed not for the purpose of celebrating New Year, and for other celebrations. For example, in Vienna (the capital of Austria), spruce was considered a traditional tree for St. Nicholas Day. In the Czech Republic, this symbol came at the beginning of the XIX century, to be more accurate, then in 1820.

For the Eastern countries, the Christmas tree became a symbol of the new year's occurrence only in the XX century. For Turkey, however, this event lastwhelled, since already in 1936 decided to ban the Christmas tree due to the depletion of forest resources. In Tehran and Morocco, this tradition came in 1960.

History of the penetration of the Christmas tree in the houses of Russians

Many Russian citizens are probably thinking that EL for the New Year was always present. But it was not there. Everyone has long known that none, not even a significant event in the country, can not go calmly. Therefore, you can select several steps when the Christmas tree took place on the New Year holidays, and when not.

Stages of the appearance of the Christmas tree in Russia:

1. The main part of European innovations brought Peter I to our country. Following his decree, in 1700 they became not only to dress up the Christmas tree for the new year, but also to celebrate Christmas. True, in those days, the Christmas tree decorated to the celebration was considered luxury, and it was installed only in rich families and at the Tsarskoye Yard. In the period of hostilities, from 1914 to 1918, the Christmas tree was banned. It was the First World War, and the Russian government categorically forbidden to use the Christmas tree for the holidays, since its origin was associated with enemy countries3. Then, after the formation of the Soviet Union, in the 20s of the 20th century it was forbidden on religious considerations. Can be said that the full start "Reigns" of the Christmas tree as the symbol of New Year's celebrations was only the end of 1935 And this tradition is unchanged in our country for almost eighty years.

It's not easy to fate in our Christmas tree. Nowadays, we can no longer be able to submit a new year without this decorated forest beauty that admires with its charm not only adults, but also small kids. After all, they are constantly looking forward to the moment when they can get their long-awaited gifts brought by Santa Claus and put under the Christmas tree.

Why a Christmas tree symbol of the new year is an interesting video

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Decorate at home by branches of plants that never reset their "robe" began before the spread of Christianity in Northern Europe. It was believed that in the branches of trees there are spirits, and, decorating a tree, they tried to drop them. Perhaps, for ancient people, the branches of coniferous trees symbolized eternal life. In addition, it was believed that the sun was especially favor of evergreen trees. Therefore, meeting the Day of the Winter Solstice, the ancient Germans decorated the housing branches of ate.

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The appearance of the custom put in the houses of spruce on the feast of the Nativity of Christ the tradition associates with the name of Holy Boniface (7-8 century). It is believed that preaching in Germany among the pagans and telling them about Christmas to Christ, he quit the oak dedicated to the God of Thor's thunder to show the geans as their gods were. Oak, falling, poured several trees, except fir. And the Holy Bonifami called Spruce Tree of the Baby of Christ. Apparently, the Christmas trees were installed at Christmas without jewelry. And the usually custom dressing fir established after the Reformation in Protestant countries. According to the most famous of the legends, the beginning of the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree Martin Luther in 1513. According to legend, it is the German reformer in the Christmas Christmas Eve decorated the top of the trees of the star in memory of the Bethlehem star.

In Russia, the custom of decorating a fir on Christmas brought Peter I. . On the eve of the 1700, Peter commanded the new year to celebrate January 1 (instead of September 1). Then by the decree of Peter I was ordered: "On the streets ... to put some jewelry from the trees and branches of pine, fir and juniper ... Standing the decoration of January on the first day."

However, at that time, the tradition was not accustomed to dress up - it is possible that this is due to the fact that in Russia, fir branches were made to put the path of the deceased to the graveyard, so the coniferous tree was not associated with the festive fun.

It is believed to revive the tradition Princess Alexander Fedorovna (German by birth), who became the wife of the Russian king Nicholas I. In 1818, on the Christmas Eve, she commanded in the premises of the royal court in Moscow ate, decorated with candy and fruit. After climbing Nikolai I, the tradition of installing a Christmas tree was spread outside the royal residence, and since the end of the 1840s in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Christmas tree bazers began to open every winter. At the same time, according to some sources, the tradition still survived quite difficult, and the widespread decoration of the Christmas tree in Russia was only at the end of the XIX century.

The girl on the New Year tree passing in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. 1967

In Soviet times, the church was initially not welcomed, since "reminded" about religion and christmas. So, with the beginning of persecutions of Orthodoxy, Christmas fir fell in disfavor: to put it in the house even dangerous. But on December 28, 1935, an article under the title "True" appeared in the newspaper "True", we will organize a good Christmas tree for the new year! " Stalin supported the initiative, and the green beauty came out of Opal and became a symbol of the upcoming New Year: Christmas decorations were organized in the shops. So the Christmas tree was transformed into the New Year's Eve (on her paincushk in the USSR instead of the Bethlehem - five-pointed star).

Today, the coniferous tree is an integral symbol of the new year for most families and is invariably associated with festive fun, Santa Claus and gifts. At the same time, within the framework of church symbols, green beauties are one of the attributes of the festive decoration of temples to Christmas.

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Why it is for the new year that the Christmas tree put, and not another tree.

Legend of the Christmas tree

Near the cave, where a little Jesus was born, Oliva, palm trees and spruce grew. Oliva and Palma presented the baby's baby, and the spruce stood on the sideline, fearing to ruin the holiday. Indeed, she could give. Spiny needles, sticky resin, solid cones? I cried the Christmas tree with a resin ... and then stars fell on the distressed tree from the sky.

And a miracle happened. Beautiful, like a fairy tale, spruce went to the baby, and he, struck by her magnificence, smiled happily. The fir rejoiced, but did not indifferent, and for the modesty angel awarded a good tree, making it from being the sign of a bright Christmas holiday.

So there was a green sparkling beauty for a holiday, symbolizing the inseparable connection of the earth with heaven, that is, people with God. But this is a beautiful legend.

Why it is for the new year that the Christmas tree put, and not another tree.

In ancient times, people deified nature and believed in the existence of spirits that lived in the forests on coniferous trees. It was believed that it was they who cause luxury frosts, saturate blizzards and confusing hunters. To protect yourself and your property from the tricks of forest creatures, people tried to drag them in every way: they were decorated with various fruits and treats. Evergreen Christmas tree has long since symbolized life itself.

Spruce is considered a symbol of eternity. Nature can dug and flourish, but fir, like life, eternal. At any time of the year, she remains green, personifies immortality, eternal youth, courage, loyalty, longevity and dignity. Even her cones were a symbol of fire and health restoration. It so happened that the custom of putting the Christmas tree for the new year we borrowed in Western Europe.

The New Year tree came to Russia from Germany at the beginning of the XIX century thanks to the Germans who lived in St. Petersburg.

The Germans were the first to show Russian nobles that the Christmas tree should be swallowed upside down (or root) to the ceiling. About when the symbol of the new year decided to pull the land from the ceiling, the story silent.

Why it is for the new year that the Christmas tree put, and not another tree.

Wherever the tradition is born to put a coniferous tree, it is unlikely that it is bad. Fir or fir, christmas or New Year's christmas - this is the most wonderful and indispensable attribute of the holiday, his mood and soul!

But I urge everyone to put natural spruce and pines in my homes.

The lugged beauties will delight you within a few days and will be thrown into the street as unnecessary things, garbage.

Do you know how many years you need to grow, so that it could be used to use it? 100-120 years old.

You can change them to artificial Christmas trees that will delight you for many years.

Why it is for the new year that the Christmas tree put, and not another tree.

New Year is one of the most beloved not only by children, but also adults holiday. Many customs are connected with it. We observe them without even thinking, based, for example, to the Slavic calendar. We learn your children that on the eve of the arrival of the new year you need to make a whole list of affairs.

For example, put and adjust the New Year tree. In most families, this is a spruce. Many reject pine, but it is not clear why. Yes, and time is chosen differently. Catholics, for example, are proceeded in the 20th of December.

Despite the greatest story, the origin of the tradition remains incomprehensible. Like divergence in the names of the festive tree. And then why do you even dress the forest beauty.

Why for the new year it is customary to dress up a Christmas tree - a legend for children

Festive spruce directly associated with Christmas. And the severity of traditional decorations itself is a tribute to the New Testament History of the Savior's arrival. It is not surprising that the legend for children is filled with biblical motifs. Here she is.

When in Bethlehem became aware of the birth of the future of the Savior, people, plants and animals hurried to the cave. Each of the guests brought gifts.

From the distant north hurried spruce. The road was not neighboring, so she came last. She had nothing to give, and she was still afraid to scare, hesitate the Savior. Therefore, Spruce stood on the sidelines. Other plants shared with it what they had - apples, nuts, green leaves, bright flowers. In this form, it appeared in front of Jesus. Seeing multicolored, beautiful fir smiled, and over the very top of the tree brighter than before the Bethlehem star caught fire.

Why christmas decorated with Christmas tree - Orthodox story

Representatives of the church say that the custom put in the houses of spruce is associated with the name of the apostle of Germany. Bonifacim. Talking to the pagans about Christmas, during the sermon, he quit the Oak dedicated to God Thoru's thunder. Falling, he threw several trees. Only spruce remained, which Bonifami called the Baby tree of Christ. So, the pagans were proven by the impotence of their gods.

Biblical information about why the coniferous tree became a symbol of Christmas, no. And it can not be, if you consider where Jesus Christ was born. It is still necessary to take into account that to this day for most Orthodox priests New Year's evergreen tree is closely connected with paganism.

For what we dress for the Christmas tree for the new year

Before joining our lives of Christianity, our ancestors deified nature. And also believed that in the forests, on coniferous trees, spirits live. They are responsible for frosts, blizzards and blizzards. Special courage of the spirits are gained by long December evenings and nights. Such pranks were especially dangerous for hunters, forester.

In order to somehow draw the forest creatures to our ancestors hung on the branch of all sorts of treats. And they read some conspiracies, made various rites. Helped or not, but tradition and mysticism have survived and reached our time.

Interesting! Ancient Slavs were convinced that evergreen spruce is a symbol of life.

We explain why you dressed for the new year it is the Christmas tree, not another tree

Modern Christmas or New Year's ritual formed in the German tradition in the late Middle Ages and the beginning of the new time. The roots of the image should be sought in the pre-Christmas mysteries. This theatrical formulation was dedicated to the History of Falls. And yet - December 24 (Christmas Eve) Christians of the Western denomination honor Adam and Eve's memory.

The setting was carried out in winter. The only tree that could be used for scenery was fir. It was decorated with apples as a symbol of the most forbidden fetus, biscuits - an image of atonement.

Later, this theatrical formulation became the basis of the Christmas Vertep. At first they were put on the streets of cities. And then the rite went into use every family.

The history of the emergence - where did the tradition go from the Christmas tree for the New Year in Russia

Many traditions came to us from Europe. And customs belonging to your beloved holiday, no exception. The "window" into this part of the world was drunk Peter I. It was he who issued a decree that the Souluscript in Russia would not be conducted from the creation of the world, but from the Nativity of Christ. Since then, the year began to start from January 1. But that was only the beginning.

Until 1840, the Christmas tree could only be found in the houses of the Russified Germans. Even such great poets like Pushkin, Lermontov never seen an elegant evergreen tree in their lives. Only binding balls and mascaras, which has reflected in their works.

Interest in the traditions of Germans to dress a forest beauty arose only in the 1840s. He supported the fashion for the works of writers from Germany. The church rite described in them, which united the whole family, was very failed. In rich houses, decorations served jewels, sweets, fruits.

Starting from the second half of the XIX century. Cardboard toys began to hang on the Christmas trees. And from the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries, specialized decorations began to go on sale.

Why do Christmas tree put for the new year, and not for Christmas in Russia

To answer this question, you need to make a guarantee of history. Up until 1918 in the country, the Christmas tree, as well before the October Revolution, was put on Christmas. Moreover, on the eve of 1918, a book for children "Christmas tree" was published in the publishing house "Sail", on the cover that was conquered by an evergreen dressing tree with a Bethlehem star on Makushka and Santa Claus.

But all in the same 1918, the new government decided to introduce the Gregorian calendar. On January 24, decree was issued, according to which January 31 should not be 1, but on February 14. But the Orthodox Church remained in the Julian Saved, because of which it turned out that Christmas first goes, and then - the New Year.

For brevity, let's say that the next 11 years in the USSR tried to give Christmas Komsomolsk notes. But in April 1929, the next party conference decided to cancel the holiday at all. Under the ban and the tree itself both "Popovsky Custom".

Revival took place only in 1935. True, the symbol was deprived of his church roots. With the "light" hands of the leadership of the tree became a children's fun for the young builders of communism. Decorations also lost touch with Christmas.

Why the new year put a tree

Dressed with her daughter Christmas tree for the new year. And suddenly my daughter asked me why we decorate the Christmas tree, and not something else? She was able to answer this question only after studying special information.

In this article I will tell you why every new year we dress exactly this plant, I will describe the pros and disadvantages of a living and artificial Christmas tree.


Now it is impossible to submit a new year meeting without an elegant Christmas tree. Green beauty can be genuine or artificial depending on the preferences and capabilities of the owner. The beginning of this tradition takes from the times of the pagan faith, when the ancestors worshiped to different pagan deities.

Especially appreciated evergreen coniferous trees, the ancestors believed that they had spirits that were responsible for longevity, fertility and strength.

At the time when paganism was replaced by Christianity, the Christmas tree began to decorate with different toys. The first to do this in Germany, from there this tradition went to England, then in Holland, gradually spreading around the world. Later, all this tradition appeared in Russia, when Peter I, known for its innovative ideas, was on the throne.

To the Decree of Peter I in 1700, the new year in Russia was celebrated on April 1, as it was believed that a person simultaneously with the update of nature goes into a new stage of his life. Birch was used as a festive plant, around which dance drove and sang songs.

After that, Petra I by those who continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1, gave funny gifts. So a new holiday appeared - "Day of laughter."

And since in winter bare trees do not particularly decorate, as in Europe, the evergreen Christmas tree was chosen as decoration, which was put on both the room and at the entrance to the dwelling.

Who had no money for the purchase of a large tree, put a small Christmas tree. In the extreme case, a Christmas tree or pine was decorated with sprigs that smelled so nice.

After 1918, the Bolsheviks banned this custom as a relic of bourgeois past. Only in 1935, Soviet people again allowed to celebrate the New Year and decorate the Christmas tree. Fifteen years later, the first of January officially began to consider the day off day, which continues until today.


In the new year, it must be decorated, it is now on sale there are artificial Christmas trees with ready-made toys and built in her branch with garland. It remains only to get from the storage room, quickly collect and put.

And in ancient times, the living tree was decorated with homemade toys, gingerbread, dried fruits, nuts, sweets in bright wrappers. The wildests were installed on branches of burning wax candles so that the room was lighter.

Of course, the last, it was not always a safe thing, since dry twigs could flash from the fire.

Over time, these unpaired toys changed to fragile and very beautiful glass toys in the form of angels, bells, people. And the top of evergreen beauties necessarily decorated the Bethlehem star. With the distribution of electricity in homes, a safe multicolored garland replaced wax candles.

In the Soviet Union, the Bethlehem star replaced the usual five-pointed red star, and angels replaced soldiers, astronauts, pilots.

Schoolchildren from multi-colored paper did a long garland, which you can decorate the whole Christmas tree, and the foil did a variety of figures. After the holiday, every year, these toys carefully retired into a suitcase or a box and got it again in a year.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of decorations for evergreen beauties. You can decorate both rare toys and self-made. And you can decorate the interior of the room. You can simply be omitted with garland or tinsel. In this lesson, everyone can realize their creative ability to fully.

Live tree

Nowadays it is not very popular, as the stores sell a huge number of various artificial Christmas trees, both expensive and budget.

But no artificial compared with the present in the plan of its incredible aroma and the sensation of this holiday. Therefore, some people continue to acquire a living evergreen beauty every year. Initially, consider its disadvantages, which, unfortunately, more than the advantages:


  • The smell from the living tree is kept no longer than two days. But it depends on the variety of plants, there are those that can be bolted as a whole week. But they cost more than ordinary.
  • She is on the second day, and then on the first day, if it was cut for a long time, it begins to crumble. Therefore, cleaning has to do daily, especially if animals or small children live at home. If you don't care about the Christmas tree after purchase, then after three days it can completely turn.
  • In a small apartment with a dense setting, it is very difficult to highlight a place for evergreen trees. So, it will be harder to care for her.
  • The bought in the tree is difficult to move home, as it is unrealistic to be impaired as an artificial one. It is especially difficult to carry it in public transport.
  • After buying and transferring to the room, she may not look so gorgeous and magnificent, like on the street, because on the street it is often sold in a packaged form.
  • After the holiday, it is quite difficult to shoot toys. Abundant rain from the needles is inevitable.
  • It is quite difficult to bring out of the apartment to throw out. After this procedure, not only the apartment, but also the entrance is covered with needles.


  • With the help of a living tree, it is much easier to create a festive atmosphere than with the help of artificial. Especially when children live in the house for whom the Christmas tree can be the main memory of the new year from childhood.
  • Decorating a living Christmas tree much more pleasant and more fun than artificial.
  • The smell of living is capable not only to help cure from a cold, kill some microbes, but also to calm a person.
  • Fans of natural cosmetics from needles can make useful cosmetics.

It's not difficult to care for this beauty. To do this, it is enough to pour sand in a bucket, pour it with sweetened water and plug in the very center of the plant barrel. Sweetened water will prolong the integrity of the plant.


Nowadays, thanks to a huge variety and low cost, many people prefer to choose an artificial tree that every year is not spending true and not to suffer with its transportation and disposal. Artificial, like alive, has its drawbacks and pros.


  • It is difficult to achieve a characteristic magic aroma, which proceeds from the present. Modern flavors cannot always solve this problem. Therefore, some to create a full festive atmosphere indoors are buying several twigs of the real Christmas tree and put them in a jar with water.
  • If one or more details are lost during the next assembly or disassembly, then the next time the construction will look defective. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble and collect very carefully, checking whether all the details are in place.
  • Cheap Christmas trees can highlight harmful substances if you decorate it with garland. Therefore, if there are small children in the family, it is better to buy a thing for more expensive, which will be completely safe. Fortunately, they are usually stored in a family at least ten years.


  • The most important advantage is its durability. In some families, Soviet Christmas trees have been preserved, which every year carefully come out of the boxes and are decorated with a variety of toys.
  • A huge variety of different types, sizes and flowers Christmas trees. It can be purchased as with ready-made toys and built-in garland, and without them.
  • Easy installation of this fluffy beauty, no special care for her.
  • Increased fire safety, especially if it is made of high quality plastic, which does not smooth from the heating garlands and does not light up from a random spark.


Thanks to the decree of Peter I, the celebration of the New Year with a Christmas tree in Russia was widespread. Now it is impossible to present this holiday without this evergreen symbol. It can be used as this symbol:

And the decorations for them can be found at the Christmas market, and make it yourself. And it is at all just beautifully emplemented by tinsel and garland.

New Year

Why is the new year put the Christmas tree?

Why is the new year put the Christmas tree?

The new year is one of the most favorite holidays adults and children. In addition to delicious dishes and gifts, the most iconic event is to install the Christmas tree. New Year's tree put not only on the central square of the city, but also in every home. Regardless of the appearance, the New Year's beauty love and respect everyone, dance around her dances and put gifts under it. Despite the fact that the New Year tree for us is the traditional and usual symbol, it was not always.

History of origin tradition

Modern people perceive the traditions of the ancestors as a givenness, and not everyone knows their roots and history. The new year began to count on the birth of the baby Jesus Christ, since this event was significant and great for people. All symbols and beliefs that have reached our days have a justification that you should know. Even so simple at first glance, the question of why for the new year people put the Christmas tree, many can cause surprise.

The history of the tradition of establishing houses New Year's tree came from the same time, as Jesus was born. There is a belief that not only people came to the holiday in honor of the birth of the baby, but all living things. Everyone wanted to congratulate the baby, but only one Christmas tree, who had a long way, was ashamed to enter and stayed at the cave, where there was a baby. The trees asked the reason for such behavior, and the Christmas tree explained that she had no beautiful leaves, no fragrant flowers, nor juicy fruits, she had nothing to hit the baby, and he had nothing to bring to the gift.

In addition, the fir feared to imagine the child with his needles - and decided not to enter with everyone.

Such care and modesty struck trees, grass and livestock, and they gave the Christmas tree with the most diverse gifts, decoring it and transforming, and only in this form she decided to go to Jesus Christ. The belief says that the baby, seeing such a beautiful tree, reached for him, and the Bethlehem star caught fire at that moment on the Mcushke. It is such an appearance of the Christmas tree and became a symbol of the New Year. On another belief, the cause of the transformation of the ate became angels who saw the herringbone's desire to greet the baby, but because of their modesty he had sent it. Angels gave an evergreen decoration and lights, which converted fir, and she gladly entered Christ on his birthday.

Another option where we have a tradition to put the New Year tree, can be considered a German holiday Sylvester which has become the progenitor of the New Year. The Germans were going to families, they prepared a large number of dishes, removed and decorated the house.

The Christmas tree in the houses was considered a symbol of the holiday and so loved to people, which became traditional even after changing the Sylvester New Year.

Another belief reads that during the time when paganism began to go to no, the monarch of Bonifami decided to fully say goodbye to him, having chucking the sacred for the Germans then a tree - oak. When this oak fell, he broke, crushed and damaged many trees around, and only one tree survived, because it became a symbol of a new Christian faith.

Some believe that thanks to the German reformer Martin Luther in the XVI century, a tradition appeared to bring fir on a new year to the house and decorate it. It was he who began to carry out such a ritual who later took note and others. Modern people dress up a Christmas tree in order to decorate the house, make it festive and beautiful to give happiness to children and create a New Year's atmosphere in the house.

Master of the Spirit Forest

In ancient Germany, people were very believers and worshiped the gods and spirits, because from time to time they chewed them with gifts. People believed that coniferous trees were conductors between the worlds, because most often the rituals were held in the forest. The Germans dressed up a tree with ribbons and beautiful things, hung sweets to feel the spirits of the forest and provide themselves with a happy and peaceful life for the next year. There were rites and traditions, according to which they decorated the Christmas tree. Now the New Year tree is associated exclusively with the holiday itself, and many are not even suspected of his sacral meaning. Previously, the meeting of the new year took place in the forest, now the Christmas tree is chosen and installed at home, collecting relatives and relatives for the holiday. Modern people celebrate the arrival of a new calendar year, make a desire, celebrate and having fun from the soul.

There is no time religious and in some way the mystical rite of worship of the spirits became the original source to the modern holiday, which is celebrated worldwide. Despite the fact that the tradition of installing Christmas tree originated in Germany, she very quickly gained popularity, and now in almost every home on the eve of the New Year, they put a spruce or pine tree, decorate it with lights, rains, toys and sweets, and the star is placed on the painshushka.

It is believed that the lush walking for the holiday and the fun meeting of the New Year will bring good luck and contribute to the execution of all the desires.

Where did the symbol in Russia come from?

The tradition of putting the Christmas tree for the new year from Russians since Peter I, who came up with celebrating the same holidays in Russia, which was then in Europe. It was thanks to this ruler that the celebration of the New Year was shocled and began to meet it on September 1, and on January 1. Peter I also tried to introduce the custom to put the Christmas tree as a decoration, but in those days people did not perceive this innovation, as coniferous trees were used in funeral rites.

New Year New Year's tradition gave Nikolai I wife: she began to decorate a house for Christmas and New Year toys and other beautiful things. It is during these times in the premises and a Christmas tree appeared, which now has already enacted as a New Year's symbol. Alexandra Fedorovna was a German by birth, because since childhood saw her fir in the house for the New Year, and after marriage suffered this tradition to Russia.

The appearance of a New Year's coniferous tree at the courtyard caused interest and excitement, and after a few years each simple person had a Christmas tree for the New Year. The symbol of the holiday was taken to decorate with glass toys and sweets. . Now they have been replaced by plastic toys, having the same beautiful appearance, but great practicality and durability.

In addition to toys, modern people decorate the New Year's beauty with garlands, which is especially painting it in the dark. The tradition of putting the Christmas tree for the new year came from Germany and, having done a rather long way, took root in all countries of the world, uniting them and simultaneously.

Let the reason for the occurrence of this tradition wore a religious nature and was supported by faith in the spirits, but in the end it resulted in a beautiful, noisy, cheerful holiday, which pleases and adults, and children, allowing a moment to forget about everything and plunge into a fairy tale. The spruce itself is a symbol of the holiday, and it doesn't matter, she is alive or artificial, the main thing is that the holiday atmosphere reigns in the house.

In the post-revolutionary era, the Soviet government tried to cancel the celebration of the New Year, but the love of the people to this celebration was so strong that in the 30s of the last century everyone returned to the place, and now nothing threatens him. Since the time of Peter I, during the meeting of the new year, the signal missiles and fireworks were launched, which is still doing. On New Year's Eve in every city after the 12th strike clock, the sky is lit by bright and wonderful lights of the salutes, and in the room you can see Bengal lights. These attributes are still unchanged and loved, making the new year a special holiday.

Fir as a talisman

Four a Christmas tree dressed up to be wilking the spirits, with the same purpose they were brought home, but now this tree serves as a talisman and harbinger of a wonderful New Year holiday. At different times, the Christmas tree was decorated with a variety of objects.

  • Nuts, fruits and everything that could be found at this time of year. To give the original and attractive appearance, the rebunny material was decorated with bright paper and wrappers, which looked spectacularly and festively.
  • Cut from cardboard features of animals and people, as well as delicacies and everything that came under the theme of the holiday. Paper toys were beautifully painted and decorated with ribbons. At the very top of the Christmas tree began to place the Bethlehem star.
  • Glass toys that began to be manufactured in glass oxides initially to order, and later as a commodity product. Traditional Christmas decorations were glass balls of different colors, sizes and with different patterns.
  • During the Soviet Union, it became fashionable to use as decorations of soldiers, astronauts, parachutists. Garlands with small light bulbs began to hang on the Christmas tree, which were painted in different colors or covered with multi-colored plastic figures. The Bethlehem Star was ousted by a red five-pointed top.
  • Now on sale you can find a wide variety of toys for every taste. - both handmade, and factory products manufactured by huge circulations. LED-garlands were used as a bright addition, in which there is a large number of tiny light bulbs capable of flashing in different modes, which looks very nice.

The traditions of change - alone arise, others disappear, but some are moving from generation to generation, only a little modified. The use of the Christmas tree as a symbol of the new year is an inexpensive, simple and effective solution that made it possible to create a sense of the holiday, the place for holding a festive program and the image with which the new year is practically associated with almost everyone.

The tradition that came to us from Germany, based on rituals and worship spirits, broke into a family holiday, when people forget about everything, walk and rest, and also exchange gifts to please each other.

About why for the New Year put the Christmas tree, see the next video.

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