Step-by-step instructions How to disassemble iPhone 5. Disassembly at home

Self-disassembly iphone 5

This instruction will tell you how to disassemble the iPhone 5 at home. Do everything as careful. The iPhone 5 has glued parts and the mounting screws are not visible on many. If the analysis occurs with the effort, it means that it is incorrect.

  1. To begin with, look at the iPhone 5!

    iPhone 5.

    iPhone 5.
  2. Lightning connector is used in each new iPhone 5

    Lightning connector in new iPhone 5

  3. To start the procedure for disassembling iPhone 5, two pentalobe screws, unscrew

    unscrew 2 Pentalobe screws in iPhone 5

  4. Glass with LCD display to remove, you can use the sucker.

    Remove the glass with an iPhone 5 display

  5. The bottom edge gently lifted.

    We raise the bottom edge of the iPhone 5

  6. The sealing covers of the loops have fastening screws. Unscut them to learn how to disassemble the iPhone 5, more.

    Unscrew the fastening screws iPhone 5

  7. Plastic instrument neatly disconnect the loops.

    Disconnect the iPhone 5 loops

  8. Light movement remove the glass with the LCD display

    Remove the glass with an IPhone 5 LCD display

    Remove the glass with an IPhone 5 LCD display
  9. Plastic tool disconnect connector.

    Disconnect the iPhone 5 plastic tool connector

    Disconnect the iPhone 5 plastic tool connector
  10. IPhone 5 battery is used 3.7 V.

    Battery 3.7 V in iPhone 5

  11. By plastic tool, disconnect the lower loop, as well as the back chamber.

    Disconnecting the bottom loop and the rear camera iPhone 5


  12. Now unscrew the screws.

    unscrew the screws iPhone 5
  13. Gently take out the motherboard.

    We take out the iPhone 5 motherboard

    We take out the iPhone 5 motherboard

  14. The back of the camera also disconnect

    Disconnect the back chamber iPhone 5

  15. We take out the bottom loop. Containing components: microphone, connector with DATA cable, speaker, headphone connector, Wi-Fi and 3G antennas.

    We take out the lower loop iPhone 5

    We take out the lower loop iPhone 5

    We take out the lower loop iPhone 5

  16. Microphone.

    Microphone iPhone 5.

  17. Different Dock and Lightning connectors.

    Dock and Lightning iPhone 5 connectors

  18. Disconnect the vibromotor.

    Disconnect the vibromotor iPhone 5

  19. Here is a dynamic.

    Speaker iPhone 5.

  20. The HOME button is also disconnected.

    Disconnect the Home button

  21. Here is the glass without the HOME button

    Glass iPhone 5 without the Home button

  22. Display protective frame.

    Remove the protective frame of the display iPhone 5

  23. The outbreak of the rear camera also disconnect.

    Disconnect the rear camera outbreak

  24. The front chamber is removed.

    Removing the anterior camera iPhone 5

    Removing the anterior camera iPhone 5

    Removing the anterior camera iPhone 5

    Removing the anterior camera iPhone 5

  25. Here are all the components of the IPhone details 5. The analysis of the iPhone 5 is the easiest compared to all other models and now you know how to disassemble it at home.

    iPhone 5 disassembled

Repair of the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone, may be simple and inexpensive if you exactly follow the steps that demonstrates this guide. Step-by-step instructions for disassembling iPhone 5 will help you quickly and safely repair your iPhone at home. (Replace the modular display, as well as other damaged parts (spare parts) iPhone 5)

  1. Collectivity display (LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer) Unscrew the two screws with Pentalobe Slots located on both sides of the Lighting power connector, which is located at the bottom of the iPhone 5.

  2. Secure the suction cup on the module (display + touchscreen iPhone) not far from the button HOME. . Pull up the suction cup while holding the iphone 5 iphone 5 frame to slightly separate the module from the case. Next to the button HOME. In the left corner of the iPhone 5, there will be an area that will have enough space to cover the plastic tool for disassembling the housings.

  3. After you have just been a module, carefully go around the plastic tool for opening to disconnect the latches until the display is completely from the housing, and pull the sucker gently.

  4. Carefully remove the module at an angle of 90 ° to get to the metal cover that protects the display loop. Unscrew three small screws Phillips. (marked with orange), which attached a metal cover. Remove the protective cover from the iPhone 5 housing.

  5. Plastic tool for opening the enclosures Disconnect the front chamber loop with an iPhone 5 approximation sensor.

  6. Carefully disconnect the display connector of the display module from the motherboard.

  7. The last loop of the digital converter. After disconnected it, remove the modular display.

  8. Speaker iPhone 5 conversational Unscrew the two small phillips screws (marked with orange) which fasten the conversational speaker holder to the display module. Remove the metal holder. After removed the holder, remove the speaker up and separate from the iPhone 5 module.

  9. Front camera and approximation sensor - Using a flat end of the blade, separate the front chamber and the approximation sensor from the module, starting from the contacts of the spoken speaker.

  10. Home button (home) - Unscrew two small screws Phillips. (Announced Orange) Holding Button HOME. (Home). Remove the button HOME. .

  11. Button itself HOME. Fixed using a small amount of glue. Use the shovel to separate the button HOME. From the iPhone 5 module.

  12. Unscrew the six small Phillips screws (marked with orange) which secure the display shield on the module.

  13. Battery iPhone. - Unscrew three small screws Phillips. (Announced orange), fixing the protective plate of the battery connector. After the screws are removed, remove the protective metal cover.

  14. Use the shovel to lift and disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.

  15. Using the plastic tongue and shovel disconnect the iPhone battery.

  16. Unscrew two small screws Phillips. (marked orange) that the motherboard bracket is fixed. After the screws were deleted, lift the bracket.

  17. IPhone 5 motherboard - Over the next few steps, the blade will be used to disable multiple connections. This will allow you to remove the iPhone motherboard. Disconnect the LED flash from the smartphone motherboard.

  18. The next loop of the volume control buttons. Lift and pull it out of the connector.

  19. Connecting cable which is near must be disconnected. Raise and pull it out of the connector to disconnect the cable.

  20. There is another loop that also needs to be disconnected.

  21. Last connector is a connector Lightning. . It is located at the bottom of the motherboard.

  22. One of the two antenna connections on the front panel of the part. Lift and disconnect the wire from the socket. The next step disconnecting the headphone jack from the case and prepare for it to remove it in the following steps.

  23. SIM Card - Before removing the motherboard, using a tool for extracting a SIM card, or a conventional clip, remove the tray for the SIM card.

  24. Unscrew two small screws Phillips. (Announced orange) inside the top of the iPhone 5 housing.

  25. Then unscrew two small screws Phillips. and three Standoff Screw. To remove three Standoff Screws fastening the motherboard in iPhone 5 - you will need a small flat screwdriver.

  26. Remove the second antenna connector located on the bottom of the motherboard. Now you can carefully raise your motherboard from the iPhone 5 housing.

  27. Rear-Facing Camera - Unscrew two small phillips screws (marked with orange) To disconnect the back chamber from the motherboard.

  28. Using the shovel, gently lift the connector and disconnect the rear chamber from the motherboard.

  29. Connector Lightning. Lightning Connector) - Unscrew seven small screws Phillips. (marked orange), which attached the connector Lightning. And the microphone iPhone.

  30. Use the flat end of the blade to tear the glue to which the connector loop is glued. Lightning. And the microphone inside the housing on the iPhone 5. Remove these two parts from the iPhone 5 housing.

  31. Microphone (Loudspeaker) - Use the shovel to separate the connector Lightning. and microphone. They are connected by a small amount of glue.

  32. Top cable buttons volume and POWER buttons in iPhone 5 (Volume & Power Button Flex Cable Assembly) - Unscrew three small screws Phillips. (Announced orange), which is attached to the vibration in the corner of the iPhone 5. Disconnect the vibration from the iPhone 5 case.

  33. Unscrew three small screws Phillips. (marked orange) which hold the volume buttons and the silent mode switch on the iPhone 5 housing.

  34. Using a shovel to disconnect the Bluetooth cable and Wi-Fi antenna iPhone 5 from the housing.

  35. Unscrew the last little screw Phillips. (marked orange), which keeps the POWER button and the volume buttons.

  36. Use the flat end of the blade to open the volume of the volume buttons, the silent mode buttons, and the power button on the iPhone 5 enclosure.

How to analyze iPhone 5 and 5s yourself

The owners of the iPhone 5 and 5S are wondering how to disassemble the phone. Time does not show even the best devices: the panel can be treated (especially on black models), the sensor fails, the lovers of "swim" have problems with the hardware. To replace the parts of the iPhone, you need to know the internal device and be able to disassemble the device.

What do we need?

Before starting disassembly, select a sufficient amount of time to this and stock all the necessary tools. Such a set for disassembling iPhone can be bought in any specialized online store:

  • Pentalob five-pilfer pumping (without her bolts, you can hardly succumb to you);
  • Cross-shaped screwdriver;
  • Vacuum sucker;
  • Plastic blade for disassembling the case (or something similar).

Professional setProfessional set

Step-by-step instruction

1. The first thing we need to do is unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the housing, on the sides of the lightning connector. In iPhone 4, cross screws were used, in later versions of Apple to prevent self-disassembly of phones, developers began to use special five-point Pentalob bolts.

Unscrew the first two screws at the bottom of the panelUnscrew the first two screws at the bottom of the panel

If you do not have a special dump for them, you can try to use a five-pointed star or take a flat and apply it to the side of the sides. But be careful when using non-standard tools you can run the heads of the bolts. Just in case it is better to stock up the bolts of the same size, but with a cross-shaped hat.

2. With a vacuum suction cup, slightly raise the screen, helping the plastic blade. Why is a shovel, not scolding? Thus, we reduce the likelihood of damage to the case or an iPhone screen. This can be done without the help of a suction cup, picing into something (some use needle) the upper panel, but at the same time you need to observe extreme caution.

Rimming the iPhone screenRimming the iPhone screen

3. Gently raise the screen from the "Home" button. At this step, the first difference between models 5 and 5s appear. The iPhone 5 front panel is simply raised before the formation of almost direct angle with the case.

Raise the top panel on the iPhone 5Raise the top panel on the iPhone 5

On the iPhone 5S the situation is more difficult. The screen is attached to the motherboard with the loop, so it is not necessary to raise it sharply. It is necessary to turn off the loop before further work with a plastic blade. And then raise the screen as in the 5 version.

Disconnect the loop on the iPhone 5SDisconnect the loop on the iPhone 5S

4. To finally disconnect the screen, the cross-shaped hole is getting rid of the two screws on which it holds.

Unscrew the top panel boltsUnscrew the top panel bolts

After neatly adhering the blade.

Plastic spatula helps get rid of the top panelPlastic spatula helps get rid of the top panel

The iPhone was divided into two parts, each of which can be disassembled another of several components.

iPhone is divided into two partsiPhone is divided into two parts

5. We will pay attention to the display panel. We unscrew the "Home" button. In both models it is the same.

We remove the & amp button; laquo; home & amp; raquo;Remove the "Home" button

6. At the top of the front panel, the 5 and 5S models again appeared differences. 5S has a camera, an approximation sensor and speaker, which are removed after removing the fastener plate.

Top Panel iPhone 5STop Panel iPhone 5S

In the 5 version of the iPhone, the fastening has a hearing speaker that keeps on two screws and spring contacts. The front camera can simply be removed if necessary, it holds on the loop.

The speaker from the iPhone 5 is fixed fastenedThe speaker from the iPhone 5 is fixed fastened

7. The last action with the front panel is to get rid of metallic protection.

Front panel deprived of its protectionFront panel deprived of its protection

8. Let us turn to the device case. First of all, you need to get rid of the battery so as not to get a shock. Disconnect the plume from the board with a plastic blade.

Disconnect the battery from the motherboardDisconnect the battery from the motherboard

By the same tool, we seem to the battery and dragging the label (in 5s it is missing, so we use only the blade). If the battery is not amenable to the first time, it is not necessary to scare, it is glued. The glue is not too strong, so the battery will easily succumb to with a little big effort.

Get rid of the source of energyGet rid of the source of energy

9. Disconnect the main chamber in the 5 version. It holds on two screws, after their extraction, the camera is free. In 5s it is in such a state initially.

IPhone 5 cameras (left) and 5s (right)IPhone 5 cameras (left) and 5s (right)

10. The next step will remove the motherboard. There is no difference between iPhone 5 and 5S. Disconnect the antenna connector module from the motherboard. We unscrew the mounting screws to the housing and contacts in the inner wall. Gently take out the motherboard.

Motherboard is securely attachedMotherboard is securely attached

11. On the motherboard there is a processor: A6 in 5 and a7 in 5s. With the first disassembly, it will be necessary to remove the protective film.

Remove the protective film, and then the processorRemove the protective film, and then the processor

12. We will continue to disassemble the case. In its lower part there is a headphone connector, a conversational speaker, Wi-Fi antenna (in version 5) and a lower microphone - all this is attached to the Lightning connector. We get rid of the mass of glue by plastic blade.

Remove the Lightning connector and everything that is attached to itRemove the Lightning connector and everything that is attached to it

All components of this connectivity are subject to replacement only in the paved state, so its breakdown can cost much.

Lightning separately from the iPhoneLightning separately from the iPhone

13. At the top of the smartphone there is a vibromotor for a call, Wi-Fi and GPS antennas.

The remaining parts on the top of the caseThe remaining parts on the top of the case

14. As a result, we get a disassembled phone. Collect your device back can be followed by the same instructions in the reverse order.

Fully disassembled iPhone 5Fully disassembled iPhone 5

5S version looks like:

Fully disassembled iPhone 5SFully disassembled iPhone 5S

Possible mistakes

  • You yourself are fully responsible for the collection and analysis of the device. If you doubt that you will succeed, take to the service center - the wizards will help.
  • With self-disassembly, remember the warranty period. After you independently open the case, the warranty is automatically lost, the subsequent repair will occur at your account.
  • Do not comprehend funds for special tools: they will cost cheaper than repairs or buying a new phone.
  • Do not make any sharp movements, you can tear the loop with your inaccurate actions or break the particularly fragile parts of the iPhone.

Video: Hearing iPhone 5

Video: How to disassemble iPhone 5S

When creating iPhone 5 and 5S Apple worked out so that they cannot be easily disassembled. This process will take a long time, but it is under the usual man. If you are confident - you can try to disassemble the iPhone at home yourself, in the opposite case - take the device to a literate master, he knows exactly what to do.

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